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Private Schools Open in China's Rural Countryside Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Feb 4, 2013, 08:15 PM
BEIJING:  Wealthy families in China enjoy numerous privileges, such as being able to buy luxurious homes, and work in high-salary jobs so they can purchase an abundance of material possessions. Rich parents can also provide better education opportunities for their children. They could transfer them to high-ranking schools, enroll them into prestigious international schools, or even take them abroad to the U.S. or Europe for their studies.

But what about middle- and lower-class families, and especially those who come from rural regions? Well, the appropriate solution would be to provide better education choices for all Chinese students, no matter what backgrounds they have originated from.

When a child grows up under impoverished circumstances, they could escape their plight with a good education with a drive to succeed. Historically in the U.S., the country has risen to economic superpower status by promoting the so-called ‘American Dream,’ in which everybody, rich and poor, has a chance to get a good job if the educate themselves properly and work hard.

So, China should inspire the ‘Chinese Dream’ too. Hence, a kid from a poverty-stricken area of the nation could still wake up each morning and strive for a better life as they walk to school. Through rigorous study habits, they could graduate from a university, find employment in a fulfilling career that they love doing, and if successful, they could help their family escape from the vicious poverty cycle.

Accordingly, China’s central government should encourage more private schools to open up nationwide, particularly in the rural countryside.

To read the entire article from SINA English News, link here:

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written by MaverickG , February 06, 2013

I always enjoy reading articles, like this one, that promote education, studying hard, and working hard to break certain poverty cycles. It really is the only way. Contrary to what the world is trying to tell us today, hard work really does pay off. It may take some time but showing determination to make it on your own is the only way to truly be free; no matter what country you are from.


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