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OBAMIE, DON’T GET OUR GUNS (Don’t Let Annie or Obamie/Biden Get Our Guns) Print E-mail
by James Reza    Mon, Feb 4, 2013, 06:15 PM

My fellow Conservative Americans we’re slowly losing our freedoms with this Socialist almost Communist in the White House, along with his cronies and his lap dogs in the media.  Man, can you imagine the field day the media would be having if we had a Republican doing what this inept man in the White House is doing today?  They’d be reporting daily, “we are in a full fledge depression, why has not the President help the Sandy victims (like when President Bush was lambasted daily with the Katrina victims), he’d be facing impeachment for the screwed up mess in Benghazi after our ambassador and other government officials were killed all due to a lie about a stupid video and they’d be ranting about high gasoline prices and 8% (or higher for blacks & Hispanics) unemployment”.  I’ve never heard so many outright lies covered up by the media for this lying President in all my entire life.  And sadly folks, we have 4 more years to put up with this lying scoundrel. Hopefully American voters will come to their senses in the next Senate election cycle and kick the Democrat Senators out in the cold and put the brakes on the assault on our freedoms by this want to be tyrant in the White House.

Besides forcing Americans into buying Government Hospitalization Insurance (Obamacare), which will not be cheap as he lied to Americans, he now is infringing on our 2nd Amendment, which protects an individual, the right to possess and carry firearms!  Sure, I like so many of Americans was appalled and brokenhearted when a misguided disturbed 20-year-old. Adam Lanza, fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Before driving to the school, Lanza had shot and killed his own mother, Nancy, with her gun.  As first responders arrived, which is usually the case, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Liberals like Obama quickly blame assault guns with large clips as the culprit.  Yet, serial killers like Dennis Rader, the BTK (bind, torture & kill) strangler, an educated and church going man, used his hands and other blunt instruments to kill 10 innocent individuals.  Rader testified in court that after he killed Josephine Otero’s parents and brother, he took the 11-year-old girl to the basement where he hung the little girl and masturbated over her body.  Prior to her death he told Josephine that soon she’d be with her parents and brother in heaven.

Then there’s Theodore “Ted” Bundy, a serial killer who kidnapped, raped and murdered over 30 young women.  Bundy would overpower his victims, bludgeoned, shot, or stabbed his victims after he raped them.  Besides decapitating 12 of his victims he sometimes would revisit his crime scenes for hours at a time, grooming and performing sexual acts with the decomposing corpses.  He once called himself “ . . . the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.”  This piece of human trash died in the electric chair on January 24, 1989.  Bundy, by the way was a handsome and charismatic man.

Notice my 2nd Amendment loving friends neither of these two serial killers used an assault weapon or a gun with a large clip. They used bats, blunt instruments, knives and their hands, as have many other serial killers I could cite. Hitler, but the way used Hydrogen Cyanide to kill 6 million Jews!

I find it almost laughable how these anti gun liberals want not only to curb the selling of certain weapons but also to treat mental illness more aggressively to supposedly stop mass killers.  My friends, having grown up in a tight knit Hispanic community from the 40s to the 80s, I personally knew scores of men and women who were harden criminals and would kill you as to look at you.  One such killer and friend was Tony “Bolofas” Garcia.  Tony and I went to junior and high school where we became close friends.  Tony was a smart student, got along well with others and after graduating married a girl who lived in my block.  Tony and his wife had 3 lovely children and he was a hardworking provider for his family.  Later, Tony killed 2 men, both strangers in cold blood while fishing. Why?  No one knows.  After killing two unarmed men, Tony killed another man in a bar and later during a shootout; at another bar Tony was fatally wounded leaving behind his 3 kids and wife.  During his murdering rampage I often ran into Tony being that his in laws lived near my parents house.  We laughed, talk, joked, but he, nor did I, ask him what turned him into a vicious killer.

Another man who murdered several men in my old neighborhood was Luis “La Linea” (The Line) Arteaga.  Luis was about 7 years older than me, but his brother, Mario, and I were close friends and thus I met him through Mario.  What struck me of Luis was that he was a mild mannered, very respectful to others and to this day never heard him curse or swear. Attributes that you would not expect of a man who had a reputation of being a cold-hearted killer.

When I turned 21, I started to frequent the local Hispanic bars in my neighborhood.  It was at these bars that I met and was befriended by Luis.  Luis was a loner.  Usually he drank by himself and he didn’t bother anyone. Having a reputation of being a killer, other want to be macho Hispanics often would taunt Luis and curse him. He’d finish his beer and leave the bar.  One such taunting man and his buddy once followed Luis to another bar in the same block and again cursed Luis and hit him with his gun.  Luis quickly pulled out his revolver and killed both men. During the melee, Luis was shot in the throat.  My pastor and friend, Father Alvarado, asked me after Sunday mass after the much publicized shooting and killing of two men by Luis if I knew him.  I told him that I did and Father Alvarado told me, “James, Luis’ mother called me to give him his last rites and though he was shot and could talk he never said a bad thing about the two men he killed who were in the same emergency room at the hospital.”

Folks, no government, nor Biden or Obama can ever enter the mind of someone who kills and why they kill.  And get this, Dennis Rader the serial killer, used a rubber ball to strengthen his hand to ease strangling his victims.  I guess liberals will soon try to stop us from buying rubber balls!


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written by jiveman1 , February 05, 2013

"I guess liberals will soon try to stop us from buying rubber balls!"

I don't know what others will try to stop you from doing:
But I'd like to stop you "FROM LYING."

written by Pope1944 , February 08, 2013

This administration had made their position on guns clear long before the massacre of the school children but they have no problem shifting the focus to engender guilt on the part of the nation for “allowing this to happen”. Folks who want to argue for or against guns should try to get some facts straight. An understanding of definitions would help. Automatic weapons have been banned (or very highly restricted) in this country since the 30’s. A semi automatic gun is any gun (or rifle) that shoots one bullet every time you pull the trigger. It does not shoot three shot bursts, you cannot hold down the trigger and keep shooting, you have to pull the trigger each time. Assault rifles are primarily used in the military. They must have a selector switch (single, burst, full auto) and they must not be belt fed. (There are a few other considerations but they are minor.)
Now comes the inventiveness of politicians. In the 1994 ban on “Assault Weapons” Congress defined these guns based on cosmetic features (pistol grips, butt stocks, grenade launchers ?? (where the heck do you buy the grenades? Wal Mart?) No one knows where the term comes from but it sure sounded good when the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was enacted in 1994. It is clear from examing the record that the ban or its subsequent demise in 2004 had no effect on gun violence in this country.
So argue away folks but please be sure you have the definitions correct.
And if you don’t believe that government tyranny can happen in this country look up Athens, TN in 1946.

written by jiveman1 , February 12, 2013

"(where the heck do you buy the grenades? Wal Mart?)"

"Destructive grenades--frags, incendiaries, white phosphorus--are a totally different story. They are classed as Destructive Devices. To get one you need to file a form, get approval from the sheriff, get fingerprinted, go through a background check and pay a $200 tax for every grenade you want. It's not worth it."

Or, for $80 Mexican pesos, according to a report made public in ElNorte, with the right connections, I could buy myself a grenade from Guatemala.

"And if you don’t believe that government tyranny can happen in this country look up Athens, TN in 1946."

What do you mean If you don't believe?
That's what we have had in this country since some hoarders became rich. Some, not all, think they are "KINGS."

By the way, nobody wants to stop you from buying rubber balls. But be careful not to leave them laying around a baby or your dog. you could kill them.

written by manny s , February 13, 2013

put your tin hats on your head .. NUTTERS.. its a nut fest on this site.. with your quota lap dog james.. its so hard to see a beat down lap dog of a mexican like james but i know why he is here .. to add the one brown voice of nuttiness so that it can be said that a brown one agrees with the typical nutter positions ..sad .. sad.. sad..

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