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Obama Is In My House! Print E-mail
by James Reza    Fri, Dec 14, 2012, 09:34 AM

In 1960, I endured a terrible experience after my son was born and my wife nearly died due to complications of giving birth. I also found myself in a bad financial crisis. After paying rent, buying groceries, medications for my son and a sick wife, plus hospital and doctor’s bills I was left penniless after I cashed my check. Adding to my woes was the slow down of my job due to a slow down of the mobile home industry. Instead of working 5 days a week I worked 3. Things were tough for me. To proud to beg I resisted asking my parents if I could move in with them. And, I didn’t have the heart to ask my mother in law, Betty, a widow, for financial help. Back in those days there was no food stamps, rental assistance, etc. You either worked to earn money or you did without!

After struggling for several months I got a part time job in a packinghouse cleaning corrals. I remember getting $1.15 an hour, which earned me 30 to 35 dollars a week. That extra cash kept me financially solvent. It allowed me to buy groceries, put gas in my car, plus pay my medical bills and rent. Soon, my job as a mobile home builder picked up and things got financially better for my family. My wife used to beg me to quit my stinking part time corral-cleaning job but I was adamant to keep it to allow me to save enough money to buy a house instead of renting. After a year or so of saving my part-time job check I managed to save $1,400. It was at this time that I promised myself that I would never if possible, put my family through such a financial crisis by not saving part of my weekly check. Needless to say, that difficult time I experienced without any money taught me a lasting lesson to save part of my paycheck and never spend more than what I could afford.

At the young age of 24, I bought my first house for $6,600 on a 12-year loan. My down payment and closing cost totaled $800, which I had. After we bought our house I realized that we needed furniture. Luckily, Mundens, a furniture store, used to advertise, “Room Full of Furniture for $499.50!” With $600 still in the bank my wife and I quickly went to Mundens and bought a refrigerator, stove, bedroom set, dinette set, and living room furniture for $499.50! Though we were able to buy furniture and not get in debt, I was left with less than $100 in the bank. In time I invited my widowed mother in law to live with us, which she accepted and she offered to help me pay part of the utilities, which was a great help for my then young growing family and me.

Soon, I landed a part time job as a non-union typesetter, which paid me $2.00 an hour. With my day job and part time job I soon began to save money weekly. At the age of 30, after living 6 years in my house I withdrew money from my savings and paid the house note.

After I paid my house I focused on saving for the college education of my 3 kids. As most parents, I wanted a better future for them and college to me was their key to success if they wished to go. But, as most of you parents know, our kids sometimes don’t comply with parent’s wishes. My kids were no different. Though they all finished high school, only one, my youngest daughter, Cecilia, attended college and earned a Master’s Degree in Nursing. Having said that, my other two kids, Larry, my son, and Michele, my other daughter (who is single), are hardworking individuals I’m proud to say. Larry though he’s had issues with drinking and is now a recovering alcoholic is a license electrician and saves his money. My other daughter, Michele, is a Data Entry office worker and earns a good salary. However, Michele is a compulsive spender. This girl can’t keep a dollar in her purse without spending it! Michele spends money as the old saying goes like a “Drunken Sailor!” Usually on dining out, fast food goodies, clothes and more clothes! Her closet is packed with unused new clothes. To be honest, Michele’s bad spending habits are my wife’s fault and mine. During our working careers my wife and I made good money. Thus, we never asked her to help us with the utilities, groceries, taxes, or house repairs. And, we never asked Michele to pay us rent for living with us. Those bad decisions on our part as parents allowed Michele to spend her money like if there was no tomorrow. And to make matters worse, she never saved!

Two months ago, Michele’s wild spending spree came to a screeching halt! She was fired from her job due to some data entry mistakes she made at work. Getting fired made it difficult for her to get Unemployment Compensation. Devastated, without a job, no money coming in weekly and a mountain of credit card bills she came bawling to us for financial help. I then asked her if she had any savings and she replied, “no”. I then told her, “Michele, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have at least 10 to 20 thousand in the bank! You don’t pay rent, help us with the bills, nor help us buy groceries!” Feeling sorry for her, my wife got a loan to tie her over until she found a new job. I then reminded her that we’re getting old and after we’re gone she’ll probably end up homeless or living off the government in a shelter, if she didn’t start saving, which terrified her. Shortly, Michele found another job, plus a part time one. Rolling with cash again Michele sadly has resumed her bad and foolish spending habits.

As I reflect on Michele’s bad spending habits I come to realize that my wife and I are like working American taxpayers and Michele is like the U.S. Government and Obama Administration. These foolish government officials waste and spend out hard-earned tax dollars on untold useless government projects such as: bailing out unions, giving money to individuals who are here illegally, give money to countries who hate us, food stamps and money to those who won’t look for a job, fund useless and unproven workable energy companies many who have gone bankrupt and the list is endless! Our government takes our taxes like Michele takes from us and like her, never spends our taxes wisely. Like Michele, our government is in debt up to the tune of 16 trillion dollars and they still want more from us to keep on spending like fools! Folks, like Michele if she doesn’t change her bad spending habits, our country is heading towards a financial crisis that will eventually hurt all Americans!

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written by Jiveman1 , December 14, 2012

What a bunch of malarkey. I believe I care more about Michele than he does.
I believe Eugenio is to blame for not teaching Michele how to save when she was making all that money. Why doesn't he ask Romney for help?
He also believes that he's the only one that went through all that hard work to succeed.
American's have financial problems because of "SOME" well to do wanting to be tyrants.
Not everyone makes it by hard work. Some of the rich are born that way. Others work hard but still can't support themselves because Dubya gave the rich the right to keep more money.

Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:08 AM EST
"Employed but still homeless, working poor say 'Homelessness can happen to anybody'"

It boggles the mind how a poor Democrat, who his own family, is having some hard times still supports those who are causing the down fall of "OUR" country.
This is "NOT" the first time he puts down one of his children to try and make a point. He did that to Cecilia too.
I'm pulling and praying for you girls. And so is president "OBAMA".

written by Harold Anthony Vasquez , December 15, 2012

Bailing out unions?,,, the reasons that unions came about,, were because of working conditions such as yours,, with no regards to your safety or health,, plus not to mention protecting children from working in factories,, yes I admire your story about hard work,, & pulling yourself up through your own bootstraps,, but there are always others that had it tougher,, try being black and trying to join a union back in those days,,the best job for any Mexican back in those days was cleaning corrals,, washing dishes,, or cleaning homes for white folks,,unions are not the one asking for handout's, its the companies they work for,, and believe me we have already given concessions back to the company I work for,, in order to prevent bankruptcy,,,(but they still proclaimed bankruptcy even after all our concessions) we have taken paycuts,, given back most of our holidays,,sk time,, given up our part of our pensions,,given back our vacation time,,paying more for our medical,, No One in the union has seeing any improvement since 9-11,, but we keep telling ourselves,, it could always be worse,,so instead of bashing union folks ,, why don't u bash the company executives,, & billionaire shareholders,,bank executives,, with there fancy degrees,, who always take from us,,and Get There Yearly Bonuses,,while we see our jobs being shipped to China,, such what is now happening now at American Ailines,, they are closing down Alliance Airport ,, in order to send the Heavy C checks maintenance of Boeing 777,, in order to save more money,, and keep getting more bonuses,,it is Greed that perpetuates this country in every aspect,,sports, major corporations, religious institutions, pharmaceutical companys, banks, lobbyist,,government defense contracts,, the list goes on & on,, the union is a voice for the working-class citizen,,if it wasn't we still be cleaning corrals for $1.15,a hour,, but.. I wholeheartedly agree,, with u about education,, that is your protection,,, not unions,,, the more degrees you can get the better u will be financially,, of course depending what major you choose. Viva America!,, this is the only country in the world where u can arrive penny-less,, but through hard work,, u can always become wealthy,,no matter what color u r,, or what religion,ethnicity, sexual preference,,etc.,, etc.,, its up to u to succeed.

written by ElHombre , December 15, 2012

If I were to publicly trash any of my kids, my wife (and the grandparents) would publicly rip my genitals off with a dull knife. I feel sorry for Mr. Reza's family, because we all know James didn't utter a peep about this when Bush was in office blowing holes in the budget.

written by Pope1944 , December 24, 2012

Are you kidding me? Did Jiveman1 really say "Not everyone makes it by hard work. Some of the rich are born that way. Others work hard but still can't support themselves because Dubya gave the rich the right to keep more money."

He gave the rich the right to keep their money. No kidding. Are we in a communist state? Not yet but we sure as heck seem to be heading there. The vilification of the rich by the liberals is absolutely amazing to me. There have always been rich people in every society. Does it matter how they got their money? Through hard work, through investments, because daddy made it and left it to them. What difference does it make. The jealousy and entitlement attitude of people is unbelievable. Did you see the comments by the mayor of Detroit? Mayor Dave Bing complained about the attitude of the city workers (all union of course) and their "sense of entitlement" as being part of the problem that is putting Detroit into bankruptcy.
The automatic answer of every union member when a company goes into bankruptcy is "it's managements fault" they did not run the company well. And you know what? They are right. Management caved in to union demands for free health insurance, annuities, pensions, higher wages, less working hours and on and on. Now that they have to give some of these concessions back they cry foul. (For the best example see the American Airlines pilots.)
James, you are right. Your daughter is going to have to face reality some day. I know, I have a step daughter who is even worse. She absolutely belives that living off the state is OK. She does not need to work because they provide a house, utilities, WIC coupons, and all she has to do is say "I looked for a job" in order to keep getting support. She has not worked in 8 years.
We have a government that takes in 2.1 billion dollars and spends 3.8 billion dollars. How much longer can this continue? You can tax the rich all you want, in fact, you can take all their money, and it won't make a dent in our out of control spending.
If you want to make a change STOP voting in the same people who created the problem.

written by Jiveman1 , December 24, 2012

Hey "P." Where have you been? You finally used that name. Didn't you say "when Romney wins, he'll change everything"? "When Romney this, when Romney that." just a bunch of round lunch meat.

And no, I'm not kidding you or anyone. Millionaires have children and they don't send them out to beg. Stop your hateful rhetoric. It only proves your hate for America.
No, we're not "SUPPOSED" to be in a communist state. But we live in a tyranny country, where only (some) of the money powerful have a right to enjoy life.
Since you don't like the government to protect you, I'm going to ask the military, police, fire- fighters, and all who protect us to take you off their list.
Your hate for our president and your work against our government helps our enemies. The terrorists love you. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA or FBI visits you some day.
"A Great Nation if You’re Born Rich"
To all faithful Americas who believe in God:

written by Jiveman1 , December 24, 2012

By the way, you try to blame every problem on our government when all they want to do is help. Detroit, for instance. The real problem is education which no normal American can do by themselves.
"The motor city presents a dismal high school graduation rate of 38% according to America's Promise Alliance; it too is struggling with the same educational challenges as Atlanta, Baltimore, and Cleveland. According to the most recent executive summary of juvenile statistics published by the Michigan Department of Human Services, Detroit's Wayne County is at the top of the list of counties identified for targeted intervention due to a high juvenile crime arrest rate over a period of 5 years, and high prevalence of arrest in the most recent year of documented juvenile justice data."

Read more:

You people are pitiful and beyond believe.

written by Charlie Alvarado , December 25, 2012

"If you want to make a change STOP voting in the same people who created the problem."

I agree with you 100%. Stop voting for those who created, not only the problem, but "ALL" our problems. Get all those Republicans out of office who keep blocking our president's efforts to help "ALL" Americans.

written by Pope1944 , December 30, 2012

Jiveman, any time you want to talk about Detroit let me know. I was born there, went to school and University there and my children were born there. The problems in Detroit go much deeper than education, which by the way, was available to everyone in some very fine schools like Denby and Cass Tech, schools which were ultimately trashed by students who thought they should get passing grades for not showing up to class. But I digress.
You and your friend Charlie seem to think that everything the government does is good and "for the people". I am reminded of the saying "through rose colored glasses" but you two are looking through a magic mirror that disregards the foolish things our elected representatives do every day. Currently the Congress is spending the money that your great grand children are going to have to pay back.
and Charlie, your usual hate for the Republicans shines through as usual. Just remember that the increase in the deficit since 2007-2008 belongs to you and your Democratic friends.
When I said stop voting in the culprits I did not select a party. I am a strong supporter of term limits for every elected office in America. Not because all politicians are bad but because the majority of voters are like you and Jiveman where you want to keep your party in power no matter what. I have yet to see either of propose anything that is good for the people and not tied to your precious party.

written by Jiveman1 , January 02, 2013

This was sent December 31st. I'll try again....

There you go again "P". trying to hoodwink the public.
You were born in Detroit and yet you don't want to admit what the real problem is. I have/had many friends in Detroit, especially "MOTOWN."
I'm not an expert on Detroit, but it seems you try to blame it's problems on the wrong people.
Next; Our descendents will have to pay our government's debts because dubya gave the rich that huge tax break. You never want to admit that, among other things.

Next; my hate is "NOT" for "ALL" Republicans; just those who don't care about "ALL" Americans. If you don't try to hide the facts, you would acknowledge that the deficit increase since 2007-2008 was caused by the fact that dubya cut taxes for the super rich. Before then, under my boy Bill, we were projected to be out of debt by this year.
I don't support everything "MY" party does, but I will never support a party that the majority lie about the facts. "YOU DO.”
Have a “Happy New Year. And don’t forget your parachute. We’ll be falling off the cliff at midnight.

written by Jiveman1 , January 03, 2013

I thought about you yesterday; when a story came out on NBC evening news about Detroit. How can anyone blame "THIS" government on something that started in 1910 and grew worse for the last "TEN" years?
"The population of Detroit has dropped by 25 per cent in the last ten years and is now at its lowest since 1910.
A number of factors is blamed on this, the biggest of which is the struggling automotive industry in a place which was once known as the 'Motor City'.
The figures, released in the 2010 Census Data, also showed that the number of black people living in "OTHER" major cities has dropped considerably over the last ten years."

They also showed an old building where this lady runs a food line for the poor. How can you "NOT" want to help the poor and let those who will not miss $millions in taxes go on trampling our less fortunate American citizens?
Search NBC news and read the whole story

"Do not pervert justice; do not show partiality to the poor or favoritism to the great, but judge your neighbor fairly." Leviticus 19:15
"Do not take advantage of a hired man who is poor and needy, whether he is a brother Israelite or an alien living in one of your towns." Deuteronomy 24:14

written by Jiveman1 , January 03, 2013

I forgot to add this in my last post.

"Shame on you, Congress': Republicans in Sandy-hit areas blast House GOP for delay on relief"

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