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Obama Recession Painful for 'Green Companies' too Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Nov 9, 2012, 01:19 AM

Action Solyndra.jpgBEIJING:  Manufacturing solar panels are costly endeavors even in countries that enjoy low labor costs such as in China. Consequently, solar companies from all over the world appear to need help with either subsidies or special government loans. 

Meanwhile, eco-friendly companies tout a cleaner environment as good incentive to produce alternative energy resources that include windmills, hydroelectric dams and solar panels. Yet, environmentalists have already noticed a few flaws to the strategy.

To cite wind energy as an example, some critics have pointed out that windmills are noisy, obstruct the view of natural landscapes, its spinning rotors have killed birds in flight and its only effective on windy days.

These complaints would infer that there's no true unity with promoting "Green Energy" among eco activists. Even solar energy has ignited controversy over whether solar panels should be sold cheap to encourage more buyers or sold at higher costs to protect American jobs. 

US-based companies have taken sides on the topic. Oregon-based SolarWorld filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission and called for higher tariffs against Chinese solar companies claiming they are harming American solar companies by selling cheaper products.

The complaint has proven successful. "The US will soon impose tariffs on imported Chinese-made solar panels after decision by a US trade panel Wednesday, escalating a trade spat that until now was based on preliminary taxes on imports," according to the Wall Street Journal.

It added, "the US International Trade Commission found, in a 6-0 vote, that US solar-panel makers had been injured by illegal dumping from Chinese competitors, clearing the way for the Commerce Department to order tariffs."

To read the entire article from the China Daily, link here: 

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