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Obama Wins, Time to Invest Elsewhere Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Nov 6, 2012, 11:10 PM

Accept Shale.jpgBEIJING:  Now that President Barack Obama has secured his re-election bid to the White House, perhaps US oil & gas companies should think about investing elsewhere. Pretty soon, Obama will implement more stringent EPA regulations and good luck getting the Keystone XL Pipeline built.

Did you know that China holds the world’s largest shale gas reserves and the government is encouraging more foreign investments?

To learn more about shale gas in China, link here:

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written by Jonathan Green , November 07, 2012

To sick, misguided writers of this racist blog, we kicked ass! Now write your propaganda, to the uneducated haters who buy into your rhetoric, and lies, and racist views, we moving FORWARD!!!!

written by Jonathan Green , November 07, 2012

The work of President Obama does not start after the inauguration. It does not start in another week. It starts right away. This nation has gone through these four years and frquently seen the President back down in the face of attacks by the Right. We the people must demand a different course of action and that means that we need to be in the streets, social media, and our elected officials ear letting them know that we are preparing to run progressives in 2014 to change how Congress does business. There is jobs bill laying dormant, immigration legislation, gun control laws, and balancing the budget which sets the stage for 2016. In June of 2006 after winning the Democratic nomination then Senator Barack Obama proclaimed, "America, this is our moment," . This is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past." It is your moment Mr. President to show the people that you are "turning the page on the policies of the past".

written by Jonathan Green , November 08, 2012

To Belo and its Conservative Rich people who are still caught up in the old ways of doing business in this Country. What you witnessed in this past election was mass exodus of the rich running things with their money and power. The people that came out and supported President Barack Obama voted for equality. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc wants equality. This state is about to lose its "Red" political base, there is a new power shift transcending in this state. Hispanic leaders like Rafael Anchia who is well respected with strong ties in the business community, Dallas County Constable Beth Villarreal, quietly becoming a strong force within the democratic party, Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro who is Powerful enough to beat Rick Perry or any GOP candidate in the Run for Governor. These are just a few of the powerful up and coming Latino's within the Democratic Party that has the power, and a solid base behind them to turn Texas Blue. Dallas County is Strong with its Democratic support base, once the State Democrats coalescence it leadership the GOP will be in grave trouble for a long time. The GOP is and has always refused inclusion, the GOP has tried for years to use Token Hispanics and Blacks to try and show they are for all the people. The people see through this guise, the people see through the GOP guise of suppressing the vote, and have shown you they will stand united in the cold, rain, and snow for how ever long it takes to vote and fight against your money, your power to suppress their vote and your cheating ways. The people spoke on Nov. 6, they not only spoke to the GOP, they spoke to the Tea Party, voting out extremist who have stalled the economic prosperity, and equality of all people. The people you saw in those lines on Nov. 6, stood for marriage equality, economic equality, education, women equality, medical, etc. Today, you cannot shout "we want our Country back". the Country has changed the way it does business now. This election taught us that we have to work hard for democracy. Voting is not the most we can do, it is the least we can do. While we savor President Obama's victory and revel in the power of our vote on November 6, our task now is to ask what more we can do. There are two years until the 2014 Congressional race. We do not need to repeat 2010 when Democrats lost ground. There are state and local races. Is there someone you can support. Our jubilant moment must be tinged with practicality. The biggest threat to the GOP is itself, and Rush Limbaugh,. The GOP allowed Rush Limbaugh to attack women, disrespect them, and the Party buy into his rhetoric attacks. Bad! Rush Limbaugh became a powerful force for the People who oppose him, and the Democratic National base allowed him to keep on talking alienating women and other ethnic groups, they use him to turn the Nation into supporting ideology of President Barack Obama and move forward. Thank you Rush Limbaugh!. The Dallas Blog and Tom McGregor along with Belo has been served notice by the people, they want equality.

written by joshua , November 12, 2012 are a sad racist white hater who pretends to be a Christian. it is a sad day to read your junk. you and your buddies are sickos.

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