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CBS 60 Minutes Blasts Obama on Benghazi Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Nov 5, 2012, 08:18 PM
Afool Barack.jpgA leading GOP senator attacked President Barack Obama on Monday after newly released footage of an interview conducted a day after the Libya consulate attack revealed that the President refused to describe the attack as "terrorism."

Fox News reports that, "CBS News posted the full exchange from its Sept 12 '60 Minutes' interview on Sunday, with just two days to go before the presidential election. In it, Obama was asked directly if he thought the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans was terrorist attack."

Obama said, "well, it’s too early to tell exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on Americans. And we are going to be working with the Libyan government to make sure that we bring these folks to justice, one way or the other."

According to Fox News, "Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., in a statement released Monday, accused Obam of contradicting 'the narrative he tried to create in the second presidential debate,' in which Obama asserted that he had alluded to ‘acts of terror’ in speaking from the Rose Garden on the day of the Libya attack.”

Sen. Graham added, "this video from CBS News, which only came to light yesterday, would have played an important role in setting the record straight and put to rest the false narratives the Obama administration has tried to create."

To read the entire article from Fox News, link here:

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written by J Ragland , November 06, 2012

Both CBS News and 60 Minutes are an utter disgrace. I do not care what your politics are. When it comes to matters of national security, there should be no room for partisan tricks. American lives are literally on the line, and bad decisions cause unnecessary deaths. To intentionally hide this footage until days before the election, after they replayed the portions of the interview that somewhat backed-up the President's claims the day after the second debate, is unbelievable. The American people are suppose to cast their votes base on free and well-informed decisions. CBS's inaction has damaged this process. How would many Americans have reacted if CBS had put this out there for the public to see early on? Why are they now just posting it to their website with no fanfare or "gotcha" expose? CBS Broadcasting has irreparably damaged the American electoral process. And, I want to know why? I want to know who is getting fired over this? And, I want to know why the people who did the interview, the people who edited the interview, the people who produced the interview, and the people responsible for signing-off on what stories get posted at CBS sat on this information for as long as they have? I for one can say that CBS News and 60 Minutes have lost a viewer for life.

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