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Chicago Trib Hopes Sandy Can Save Obama Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Oct 30, 2012, 09:31 PM
Action Sandy.jpgThe Chicago media had been fearful that President Barack Obama’s $1 billion re-election bid for the White House was washing away. However, the Chicago Tribune is welcoming the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast since it could make Obama look more presidential as he takes credit for recovery efforts.

The Chicago Tribune reports that, “Sandy swoops in to save Obama. Super storm coverage helps President, hurts Romney, shifts focus from Benghazi. What a difference a storm named Sandy makes, eh, Mr. Presidents?”

The Chicago media contends that Obama can look more Presidential by going on TV making phone calls to FEMA bureaucrats and saying it’s time for the White House to rescue victims of the storm.

But, according to the Chicago Tribune, “the most important thing super storm Sandy has done is rescue Obama from Benghazi, where four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador were killed by terrorists.”

Chicago is hailing Obama as the “luckiest politician in history.”

To read the entire article from the Chicago Tribune, link here:

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written by william , October 31, 2012

Chicago is hailing Obama as the “luckiest politician in history.

For not being beat by a pathological liar?

written by JOSHUA , October 31, 2012


written by Jonathan Green , October 31, 2012

smh! Suppose a GOP Super Pac paying your fees to keep existing while promoting false propaganda.

WASHINGTON -- With less than a week remaining before results are counted, the presidential race remains remarkably close, with President Barack Obama maintaining a very narrow lead in most polls over Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Ohio, the state whose outcome could well decide the election.

A new Ohio poll released on Wednesday morning by CBS News, The New York Times and The Quinnipiac University Polling Institute showed Obama maintaining a 5 percentage point advantage over Romney in Ohio, the same margin as on a previous CBS/Quinnipiac survey conducted in the state two weeks ago.


The Quinnipiac survey was among the more favorable for Obama in Ohio this week, with 8 of 11 new surveys giving the president nominal advantages of between 1 and 5 percentage points, one showing a tie and one giving Romney a slight edge.

The CBS/Times/Quinnipiac polls have typically been among the more positive for Obama in Ohio and other states, but the comparison to their previous Ohio polls shows the same flat-line trend as other surveys have shown in recent weeks. Romney narrowed the race significantly following the first presidential debate but has not gained ground since.

The HuffPost Pollster tracking model merges all of the statewide and national polls into combined estimates of the polling snapshot in Ohio and other states. The model's most recent run completed just before the new Quinnipiac survey was released shows Obama holding a lead in Ohio of just over 2 percentage points (48.4 to 46.1 percent).

The CBS/Times/Quinnipiac collaboration also released new surveys showing near ties in two more key states, with Obama getting nominal but statistically meaningless edges in Virginia (49 to 47 percent) and Florida (48 to 47 percent). These results were again on the high side of the range of recent polling in terms of Obama's standing, but roughly in line with what the Pollster polling snapshot indicates in both Virginia and Florida.

This story will be updated.

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