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Chinese Women’s Federation Tells Women to Settle Down Print E-mail
by Publius X    Tue, Oct 23, 2012, 01:24 AM
Chinese Women’s Federation Tells Women to Settle Down;
New York Times Horrified, America’s Manosphere Applauds

by Publius X

Everywhere in the world you look, globalization is creating many contradictions. One of these is the spectacle of China, a civilization that for centuries defined itself by how little the Middle Kingdom needed foreigners, pulling tens of millions out of poverty in the past decade through massively expanding foreign trade. Another contradiction is that occasionally countries like China can become so successful in certain areas that the Eastern ‘student’ is said to surpass the ‘Western’ teacher in certain skills, like construction. Many American journalists ranging from Tom Friedman on the ‘Left’ to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on the ‘Right’ have noticed that China often has newer, more modern airports and skyscrapers than the U.S., and that these facilities were built in the past decade while the U.S. fought horrendously expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When American conservatives recently wanted to make a point about America’s out of control deficits and money printing after President Barack Obama was elected, they used a fictional Chinese professor lecturing to students in Beijing in the year 2030 to drive their point across. Critics who denounced the ad as racist against Chinese because the ‘evil’ professor and his students seemed to laugh at America’s downfall in the future missed the point. Sometimes it takes the pain of falling behind other great powers, as many Americans feared the U.S. was falling behind after the Soviet Union launched the first satellite in 1957, to motivate lasting social change in America. This past week an amusing story illustrated this principle in action.


The New York Times published a story titled ‘China’s Leftover Women’ or sheng nu on October 11, 2012. In the article, a horrified writer named Leta Hong Fincher discusses the All-China Women’s Federation, a state sponsored organization, and the advice it gives to young Chinese women about men and marriage. Naturally, the NYT is horrified that the organization’s website gives brutally frank advice to two groups of Chinese women -- those who put off marriage until their thirties to achieve higher degrees like doctorates, and those who chase older, and often married men instead of settling down. The most ‘hurtful’ advice Ms. Hong Fincher quotes:
The main reason many girls become “leftover women” is that their standards for a partner are too high … As girls are not too picky, finding a partner should be as easy as blowing away a speck of dust.
To suggest, as the Chinese organization does, that many young women have an excessively high opinion of their beauty and intelligence while undervaluing hardworking, ambitious young men is a kind of blasphemy in many politically correct Western societies. But it makes sense in China where the gender ratio is increasingly skewed towards males, and in theory young women should have their pick of Chinese young men in big cities like Beijing and Shenzhen. In reality of course, even a rapidly growing economy like China’s has not found a place yet for every recent university graduate, and many young men struggle to find anything in the job market that matches up with what they were educated to do at university.


This problem is even worse in the U.S. and European Union countries that have been growing even slower than China or in nations like Greece and Spain already at Depression levels of unemployment, and nearly half of all people under 30 unemployed. Whether a young woman happens to be Chinese or Greek, who wants to marry an underemployed or unemployed young man who still lives with his parents? Naturally when economies are struggling, the demand from young, beautiful women for older, more established men exceeds supply. Many men of course are unmarried while older and still being attractive with money precisely because they’ve divorced their first or second wives and are living without having to raise the children they had with those women. Or they are single because they have some psychological problems that they suppress by being workaholics. Naturally these older men if they’re just looking for a good time are likely to exert pressure on their younger lovers not to carry babies to term, which accelerates the baby bust normally seen during bad economic times (U.S. birth rates also plummeted during the Great Depression, which is why those men born during the 1930s are a smaller generational cohort than those born during the more prosperous 40s and 50s).

This dynamic is especially strong in Russia, a country known for exquisitely gorgeous women, but also with a centuries-long tradition of older men marrying much younger women (Russia unlike China has a gender ratio that in theory makes men more picky rather than women, and American media have lent a sympathetic ear to Russian feminists bemoaning this fact). Whether in China or Russia, many wives who married young often find themselves getting more suspicious of possible affairs once their man achieves financial success and social standing in his late 30s or even into his 50s. And now this dynamic has come to the U.S., where websites like and advertise their ratios of up to nine young women looking for a ‘daddy’ for every man who pays the fees to sign up. Not a few of the men signing up for such sites are either married, separated, or recently divorced and not interested in being tied down again but wanting the adulation of a much younger woman.


Ironically, there is one group in America that has by and large applauded the Chinese government for being brutally honest with China’s young women: the American Manosphere or ‘Pick up artist’ community. Consisting of many websites online but all sharing common themes, the Manosphere advocates unashamedly for male supremacy or at least a more patriarchal society like what existed prior to the Western ‘Sexual Revolution’ of the 1960s. Feminism, easy divorce laws that reward women who leave their husbands with alimony, and growing female obesity across the U.S. and UK are among the Manosphere’s greatest enemies.  And what adds to the irony of the situation is that many members of the Manosphere lean to the Right, if only because they notice a U.S. Democratic Party that’s increasingly behaving like a sugar daddy towards single women, promising them government-subsidized birth control, abortions, and low interest loans so they can stay in graduate school or government-subsidized non-profit jobs for years. So the fact that they say the Chinese Communist government is being more honest with its women than the U.S. government speaks volumes about their disgust with Washington D.C. and America’s increasingly degraded culture. Writing at the pro-male blog The Spearhead, W.F. Price says:

Imagine a state agency here saying anything resembling that. It’s unthinkable, yet this is what was published in China in the wake of International Women’s Day. Of course, it’s entirely true. One of the things I love about the Chinese is their ability to cut through the BS where these matters are concerned. Transparency in other areas is far from ideal, but they beat us hands down here.
Writing at his Twitter feed that has over 2,600 followers, the American lawyer known as ‘Roissy in D.C.’ tweeted in response to the ‘Leftover Women’ article:

China's "Leftover Women" = America's aging, over-credentialed spinsters.

China's ruling class has one hundred times the wisdom of America's ruling class at this point in history. Put your money on China.

So...does approval of China’s Communist Party messaging in this case make the Manosphere a collection of un-American subversives? Should their every pronouncement be accompanied by the 1970 anti-war song, “American Woman (Get Away From Me)” (which was actually performed by a Canadian rock band, The Guess Who).

The Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center recently labeled pick up artists and authors like Roissy as members of ‘hate groups’. Perhaps parts of the Establishment in Washington, eager to keep telling U.S. young women they can and must do better than the loser they’re with and big daddy Government will always be there with food stamps and subsidized housing if they fail to support themselves, knows a subversive force when it sees one. The SPLC however has often had its solemn pronouncements greeted with derision all over the Internet for many years, and like some Homeland Security internal report writers has taken to labeling anyone who may oppose President Barack Obama, illegal immigration or join a tea party group as a potential domestic terrorist/extremist.

Yet even if the SPLC has become a punchline, don’t think the Man is done trying to take down the ‘alphas’ an ‘PUAs’ of the Manosphere a notch yet. Expect to see the libertine but sincere advocates of patriarchy one day, God-willing, point a shotgun at younger versions of themselves if they ever have daughters. And before that happens, expect them to get denounced in increasingly hysterical and shrill terms, even by those who pretend to be thinking conservatives but are in fact slavish Establishmentarians. More than likely, especially as the Manosphere’s ‘man crush’ on Russia and China grows, the denunciations will come fast and furious from the ‘pro-Establishment Right’ elements previously discussed by this author at Dallas Blog (see “Russia Today and the U.S. Conservative Crack-up”).

Ultimately, conservative movement efforts to get young men to ‘man up’ will fail unless many things happen all together -- divorce laws are reformed, jobs become more plentiful again and education gets dramatically cheaper, and young women in their most attractive years turn away from promiscuity, reducing both the supply of eager women available to older ‘sugar daddies’ and the number of single parent families that fuel promiscuity in the first place.

Publius is a disillusioned former member of the U.S. conservative movement and a journalist who’s previously lived and worked in Washington D.C. The views expressed here are solely his own.
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written by Pj , October 23, 2012

There is a loss of marriage and conformity with expectation not due to gender, but due to the fall of the American Dream; Being to have wholesome needs of family, a high mortgage, lots of stuff, and only the kids playing video games with the parents dressed as the Romneys; Thats done! People are lacking anysight into how this is not about gender, this is about how people have an expansove percpective of how they want, as individuality has increased the belief, their lives to be. They are not stopping at a Stop sign anymore, they are yielding and merging onto their own highway. They have phones with information showing the red traffic jams upcoming (divorce rate, general lack of control over anybody byt their own self) and they are deciding to get off before encountering these jams. We are the Romans, and Im not just speaking about the whites, the hispanics are the Americans we were in the 50s, and we are exceedingly taken by our individuality increases due to technology lessening the need or group-think by face-to-face interaction, thus keeping our bonds, ONLINE, and decreasing the need of public-meets, which Increases our use of our privacy. No, this isnt about men being lazy and women being tense, this is about us all wanting different paths for our lives and not CARING about these societal ideals, consciously with men, and subconsciously for women. Once people recognize this, there will be less panic over these changes and less gender-mongering and outcry.

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