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Major Ohio Newspaper Endorses Romney Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Oct 21, 2012, 09:01 PM
Action Dispatch.jpgOne of Ohio’s most influential newspapers had published an endorsement of GOP nominee Mitt Romney for president. The Columbus Dispatch is urging its readers to choose Mitt Romney for president in the November 6 election.

The Columbus Dispatch writes, “after nearly four years of economic stagnation, massive unemployment, record-setting debt and government intrusions into the economy that have paralyzed the private sector, the United States needs a new direction. For this reason, The Dispatch urges voters to choose Republican Mitt Romney for president in Nov. 6 election.”

Obama is responsible for the country’s worst economic recovery since the Great Depression.

According to The Dispatch, “the president’s first order of business was to ram through a massive, one-party overhaul of health care, thrusting the government into the driver’s seat for a sixth of the U.S. economy. This ham-fisted power play – accomplished with bald political bribery and backroom deals – was rebuked by voters just a few months later, when they fired dozens of Democratic members of Congress and handed the U.S. House back to the GOP. This put an end to further Democratic policy adventures.”

To read the entire article from the Columbus Dispatch, link here:

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written by Jonathan Green , October 23, 2012

Belo endorsed Dewhurst and he got his ass whipped.

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