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Obama Hails Socialist Krugman Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sat, Oct 20, 2012, 12:05 AM
Abet Krugman.jpgNew York Times’ columnist, Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, can call President Barack Obama is his number one fan. This would explain why the White House couldn’t fix the economy in the last four years.

Paul Krugman praises tax-and-spend government policies and pushes for ‘bridges to nowhere’ stimulus schemes. He believes that lower taxes are the greatest menace to society and the solution for the EU debt crises is for American taxpayers to bailout bankrupt EU countries.

Apparently, Obama agrees with him too. He even talks about his support for Krugmanism on the campaign trail.

According to Politico, “President Obama cited liberal New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman as evidence that Mitt Romney’s jobs plan didn’t add up.”

Obama told a cheering crowd at George Mason University that, “an economist at the New York Times put it this morning, there’s no jobs plan, there’s just a snow job on the American people.”

If Obama is trying to win over moderate independent American voters, then the last thing he should be doing is endorsing Paul Krugman’s failed economic policies.

To read the entire article from Politico, link here:

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written by K. D. , October 21, 2012

The New York Times, "Nobel-prize winners", Harvard-educated leftists are destroying this country! The fore-fathers left Europe to get away from such nonsense & look @ us now! In a royal mess ...bailing out countries who want the productives to support the non-productives! ..& bgorrowing the money from China to do it! How America put a Leftist, community-organizer, who has never had a job, in as its leader is beyond me! A "number one fan" for what?...Destruction of the greatest country that ever existed!

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