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Romney Builds Momentum in Ohio Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Oct 14, 2012, 06:21 PM
Absolute Romney.jpgVice President Joe Biden’s smirking can’t stop the bleeding for the Obama campaign. Accordingly, Romney is building momentum in Ohio.

Columbus Dispatch quotes Romney as saying that, “’I’ve had the fun of going back and forth across Ohio, and this week, I was also in Florida and Iowa … in North Carolina and Virginia.’”

Romney spike to 8,500 people packed into the Lancaster Town Square in a recent evening for a rally that featured him and Paul Ryan his running mate.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, “Ryan debated Biden on Thursday night in Kentucky in their lone duel of the campaign; afterward, both sides were claiming victory.”

Romney said, “you know what? There’s a growing crescendo of enthusiasm. People recognize that this is not an ordinary campaign; this is critical time in the country. There’s more energy and passion. People are getting behind this campaign.”

To read the entire article from the Columbus Dispatch, link here:

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written by wavettore , October 15, 2012

Once again, the next US presidential election will be fixed. Mitt Romney will be elected even though Barack Obama would have received more votes in the 2012 election. The political assassination will be perpetrated by Bush hiding behind Crossroads GPS, the most influential group of Neocons.

The Neocons will have Mitt Romney elected to first use him and then let him fall easy prey. All blames and responsibilities will fall on the new Mormon president for the events already planned.

The new World War of Religion is already a done deal behind the backs of all people which will be forced to fight for their own Countries in their obligation as citizens.

Since 9/11 it's the War on Terror.
One "false flag" attack so called by error.
Blair, Bush, and Israel had a Pact in store.
Their next surprise is knocking at your door.
A hidden vile Idea from those who want "more".
will use you and your Belief for the next World War.
As "chosen people" gain while Humankind loses.
Greed wins not by the swords but by the words of Moses.
Daring is to tell you when, better then to tell you rhymes.
could not side with either one to get ready for our times.
to look beyond and past today to seek for a solution.
one only hope is there for you and spells Wavevolution

A new type of Revolution wins with the ultimate weapon:
Your Mind

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