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Business Trumps Politics for China-Taiwan Relations Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Oct 11, 2012, 05:18 PM

Action Taiwan.jpgBEIJING:  Relations between Beijing and Taipei appear to have entered a permanent thaw with better business and trade ties. Taiwan "President" Ma Ying-jeou delivered a speech in Taipei on Wednesday to introduce measures that would encourage more investments from the mainland.

A few days earlier, Frank Hsieh Changting, a power broker of the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party, visited the mainland for the first time and he was greeted by high-level Beijing officials including: State Councilor Dai Bingguo, Chen Yunlin, chairman of the Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits, and Wang Yi, director of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, among others, according to the Asia Times.

The sudden warming of Beijing-Taipei ties occur at an opportune moment when Taiwan is struggling with annual economic growth rates at around 2 percent, while the mainland appears headed for a "soft landing" in its overall economic outlook. It seems that as the saying goes, "a friend in need is a friend indeed."

Due to a continued widespread global economic slowdown, improved cross-Straits ties have become a greater necessity and a stronger friendship could enhance Beijing's "soft power" image abroad. Emphasizing business relations to overcome ideological differences mark a transformational shift for both sides, since Ma suggested he would overlook political issues to push ahead with better cross-Straits economic ties.

To read the entire article from the China Daily, link here:

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written by Brock Freeman , October 12, 2012

It's sad to see an American blog, supposing to represent "News and Viewpoints from Dallas and the Metroplex" instead post a propaganda piece from the China Daily, the admitted mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party.

Just a few days ago, Taiwan's intelligence chief noted that 1/3 of Taiwanese companies in China are facing closure this year. ECFA, the trade agreement with China, has also proven a bust, helping only to flood the markets in Taiwan with cheap China goods, putting more businesses out of business and people out of work.

Additionally, while continuing like a broken record to chant "warming relations" or "permanent thaw" the Chinese government continues to point almost 2,000 missiles at Taiwan threatening the Taiwanese people's hard won democracy and human rights.

We as Americans must stand by our democratic allies the Taiwanese, telling the truth that the freedom, democracy, and human rights bought with blood must never by exchanged for profit.

Brock Freeman
American Citizens for Taiwan

written by jens , October 12, 2012

this is copied from china daily??? ha, a propaganda engine owned by the communist party dancing like real news? how much did they pay this website to post this?

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