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Russia Hopes to Surpass US Military if Obama Re-Elected Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Sep 28, 2012, 09:55 PM
Army Putin.jpgCurious to know the real reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed President Barack Obama’s re-election bid? Well, Pravda, a State-owned Russian newspaper, explains.

According to Pravda, “Russia tries to catch up with USA’s level of hypersonic weapons. A super holding will be established on the basis of the group of companies Tactical Missiles and Military-Industrial Corporation (NPO Mashinostroyenia). The new organization will operate in the field of hypersonic technologies and their development, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Russia thus tries to keep up with the West, where supersonic missiles will form the basis of strike and missile defense systems.”

The Russian defense firm was established in 2002 through the Zvezda federal state unitary enterprise, which manufactures highly-efficient missiles, guided bombs and air, land and sea-based arms systems.

As reported by Pravda, “Russia is inferior to America in the field of the development of hypersonic technologies. The Pentagon generously spends money on the program of the development of hypersonic aircraft. During the past ten years, the Pentagon has spent $2 billion on the program.”

President Barack Obama pledged to reduce U.S. Defense spending drastically if he’s re-elected to the White House.

To read the entire article from Pravda, link here:

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written by K. D. , September 30, 2012

Mr. Obama's promises have come to pass...the U. S. is no longer a military power, much less an economic power & we are probably in greater danger from foreign attack than any time since WWII!

This country had better wake up or we will hear the "thud" of "jack boots" or "camel hooves" on the streets of D. C.!

written by Russian , September 30, 2012

Pravda WAS a state-owned newspaper 21 years ago. is a small privately owned web site.

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