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Local College Bans Pork, Goes Too Far Print E-mail
by Pepper Givens    Mon, Aug 13, 2012, 11:55 PM
I read an article the other day about how the president of Paul Quinn College banned pork from the school's campus. That's right. Paul Quinn College students won't be served any pork products at the school cafeteria anymore. That means no bacon at breakfast, no ham at lunch, and no pork chops at dinner for students living on-campus.

If you ask me, this pork ban seems a little extreme. When questioned about it, the president of Paul Quinn said he was doing it for the health of the student body. Excessive eating of pork can lead to things like high blood pressure and obesity, but so can a lot of things. This pork ban reminds me a little bit of all the soda bans that are popping up around the country.

It's good for people to eat healthy. Don't get me wrong. I'm a self-proclaimed health nut. I probably exercise more than Paul Ryan, and I eat healthier than anyone I know. I heard that the president of Paul Quinn has also started up a big organic garden on campus where the field for Paul Quinn's old football team used to be, which I think is a great idea. Additionally, the college president has cleaned up the cafeteria's menu in general to provide students with healthier eating choices, which I think is a smart move. I'm just not so sure that what people can't eat and drink should be a college president's decision or the government's decision.

I think colleges should definitely give students access to healthy foods, but they should give them access to regular, old-fashioned American foods too. Most college-aged students grew up eating bacon, ham, and other pork products. It's probably a little strange for Paul Quinn students to be forced to completely cut those food products out of their diet if they choose to eat the bulk of their meals on campus.

I guess, in the end, Paul Quinn College can do whatever it wants, as long as its students don't object. It's a private institution, after all. It just seems like there's a trend of people trying to force their healthy habits on other people in the form of bans. This type of thing worries me, especially when it becomes a government issue.

What will people start banning next? Cleaning products? I think we should encourage people to make healthy, intelligent choices, not force them to. What do you think?

Pepper Givens is an online blogger and freelance writer who focuses much of her content on promoting online colleges in Texas, as that is her home state. She also covers other educational and lifestyle topics and welcomes your questions and comments.
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