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Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd, Cowardice Under Direct Action Fire? Print E-mail
by Patric Douglas    Wed, Aug 8, 2012, 05:07 PM
Interpol, the worlds police, have issued a Red Notice for Paul Watson titular head of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Watson is currently on the run exhibiting a simply stunning display of abject cowardice in the face of Direct Action.

This is a wake up call to his donor base both large and small. Your conservation money, the money you had hoped would be used for change, has been taken from you by a slick conservation media machine.

Watson instead has crafted a series of inane excuses for his lack of,  "Doushitemo" (at any cost), which flies in the face of far too many of Watsons own stump speeches to his donor base where he regales them with tales of personal bravery on the high seas.

About that, as it turns out Watson is also not above
faking his own assassination attempts to bolster his claims of conservation bravery. This is an organization that, "at any cost," spends donor money to pump out slick conservation media fakery, year after year, to garner more donations.

It's a Conservation Möbius Loop of the worst kind.

After 30 years Sea Shepherd has proved an abject failure as an organization for actual and lasting changes to wildlife.

They have become
unfortunate parodies of themselves and in the minds of their donor base, "too big to fail." There's a meme out there that suggests, and is propagated by Sea Shepherd, that if they stop their Direct Actions the entire world will go to hell in a hand-basket because there are no other organizations out there to fill the void.

It's a lie.

In fact there are plenty of small boots on the ground organizations out there, thanks in large part to social media and smart phones, that need your help now. They are the real face of conservation, not the donor paid vacations in the
South Pacific with Sea Shepherds elite Shark Angels - an ongoing conservation sham where the biggest hurdle this "elite team" faces has been the lack of access to dwindling supplies of glitter lip gloss and SPF 50.

You have a choice, dig a bit deeper in your search for a conservation organization org that delivers change, or continue to support a bloated increasingly irrelevant organization that at it's core (Paul Watson) fails to live up to the ongoing hype.

Paul Watson as an conservation organization leader has shown to the world that his organization does not deserve your respect, admiration, or money.

For many out there in the conservation sphere this is not news. For the Sea Shepherd faithful who like the idea of wearing pirate shirts and being part of something grand, this is gut check time.

Support something new, try something small, grow an organization that delivers conservation change and one that you know will spend your conservation money wisely. Fact is when any organization gets to over 11 million dollars in revenue resources and it's Conservation CEO is placed on Interpols Red Notice you have to wonder...are the worlds animals really being served here?

About Shark Diver.
As a global leader in commercial shark diving and conservation initiatives Shark Diver has spent the past decade engaged for sharks around the world. Our blog highlights all aspects of both of these dynamic and shifting worlds. You can reach us directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Patric Douglas CEO
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Comments (25)add comment
written by stopNukeTerrorists , August 09, 2012

Cowardice is dropping nuke WMD bombs on a civilianpopulation..Twice.

Ask the Japanese who they truly consider a terrorist.

Never Forget.

written by anonymous coward , August 09, 2012

I'm sure there will be plenty of people quick to defend Watson, but it is hard to overlook the question he asks his own crew: "Are you prepared to die for the whales?"

His supporters are now equivalent to Sir Robin's minstrels in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" - "Sir Robin bravely ran away...."

written by Gasha Gataric , August 09, 2012

Wow, what a bunch of crap in this article.
Just watch Whale Wars and you will see who puts their life on the line for the whales. It is amazing that Japanise governmet protect "reserachers" of wish-to-kill-1000 whales
in the name of reserach and then sell the mit and make millions. Who do they think we are? Imbecils and morons? Paul Watson is doing the right thing, and aany people including me are supporting him 100%.

written by Holly , August 09, 2012

You sound like a moron. Sea Shepard has been stopping the whaling fleet from murdering innocent whales for years now. Do they stop themv100%? no, because the Japanese have more money and are determined to destroy the whale population for the sake of fattening their bellies with whale meat. It's utterly disgusting and they should be on trial in front of the world. Sea Shepard is an amazing organization because they refuse to give up or be intimidated. Paul Watson cannot save whales if he is in jail or executed. Would the world go to hell without Paul Watson? No. It has already gone to hell in my opinion. But he is a small shining light in a sea of morons like you.

written by Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni , August 09, 2012

You are the only coward, attacking a man who cannot defend himself right now, with lies and isults. Who's paying you?

written by Dave G , August 09, 2012

Very disappointed in the prejudice shown in this article. SSCS has done more to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans and the marine species that inhabit them than all other organizations combined. They have taken direct action where others have only paid lip-service. This is disinformation at its finest and I for one will not accept your biased portrayal of this environmental hero. I suspect you are just another corporate shill posting nonsense to diminish the support of SSCS. People will do anything for money, just ask the Costa Ricans.

written by uhhgt , August 09, 2012

That's the most biased price of crap article I've ever read..look at the facts and the documentation in the form of live video that is proof sea shepherd is not only legit but are the only ones actually doing anything to stop the illegal and barbaric slaughter by the REAL CRIMINALS in the southern ocean ....JAPAN!!!! WAKE UP!!

written by Joseph Kool , August 09, 2012

Ilove this blog.Finally someone whoisn't afraidto tell the truth about Watson and the Sea Sea Shepperds. An Australian surf website published an article about the sea shepperds wasn't flattering and they were bombarded with death threats and threats of violence so they relented and not only retracted their statements but were forced to let captain kangaroo post an article of lies. I'm glad Dallas blog has a spine unlike anyone from Australia.

written by Robert Green , August 09, 2012

Captain Paul Watson had dedicated his life to saving OUR worlds oceans...while all you do criticize. What are you doing for earth? Or do you exploit its resources while giving not a thought as to how to sustain mother earths resources. What noble cause have you dedicated your life to? Learn about this man like I have and stop criminalizing a dedicated hero of our planet.

written by John Kik , August 09, 2012

He is a attention whore and gullible people that watch tv give lots of money thinking it is making anything good.

Wake up people. Helping nature for real is not glamorous, it is hard work that must be done day-by-day by doing small educational things that really change the people hearts.

written by Dre , August 09, 2012

Funny he got that warrent for, wait for it, direct action against a ship engaged in shark finning. And what were you doing at the time? Sitting in dallas with your Shark Diver shirt? Exactly.

written by Bulldozer , August 09, 2012

"After 30 years Sea Shepherd has proved an abject failure as an organization for actual and lasting changes to wildlife." This comparatively miniscule group have successfully and repeatedly throttled attempts by the nation of Japan to kill quota a very significant number of whales. In addition, Sea Shepherd managed to send the shamed Japanese packing early from one of their fraudulent "research" missions. Calculated with the numerous other proven successes over the years and you have exactly the opposite of failure. I'm really beginning to think the Dallasblog "writers" failed at being taken on by The Onion and are now trying to desperately hack their way through another online avenue. THIS is failure for you.

written by reporter , August 10, 2012

What a pathetic, limp, and uninformed piece of writing. Wouldn't even call it journalism. Do a bit more research on the subject before you have a turn of "verbal diarrhoea". Get a life.

written by Dave , August 10, 2012

Captain Watson doesn't care what you think of him. Read his response to the South Park episode you reference. All that matters is that this brings more attention to the plight of the whales being killed in the Antarctic Sanctuary in violation of international law.

written by nyyjo , August 10, 2012

Where on earth did you do your research? This article is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read.

Before you publish this kind of thing it might be an idea to do some research and understand THE FULL PICTURE. Paul Watson has pioneered many great campaigns and takes DIRECT ACTION when required... There are always reasons behind why people make decisions. I suggest you look a bit deeper before you publish absolute nonsense.

written by Call yourself shark diver! , August 10, 2012

How incredibly ill informed ! I have never read such a load of nonsense in my whole life.. By someone who calls themselves " shark diver... " If you have any interest in sharks you incompetent human being, I would have thought you might have researched this a bit better.

He had very good reason to leave Germany. It's not a conspiracy. It's pretty simple. Do some reading!

Paul Watson is a pioneer and has more action and passion in his little finger than you show in this article and have probably ever had about anything in your entire life.

He has inspired people, created awareness and done so much for the oceans in his life time.

You come across in this article like an angry little man... Who has been scorned in some way by the Sea Shepherd.... I suggest another profession for you because your writing is boring, subject matter completely ill informed and under researched and you basically come across like an ignorant moron. Good luck with your career in writing. Your going to need it. You haven't made many fans writing this article I can tell you.

written by Guqfe , August 10, 2012

Thanks for this ill researched rubbish. How is the sofa business going Patrick, I have read yours are the best sofa beds in town so you never need to get off your oversized ass again. This planet has a great deal to be thankful about coz if it ain't sea shepherd, it ain't happening, dare you to do a campaign in the freezing Southern Oceans, where are you ?????

written by Julie (Stop the slaughter) Parker , August 10, 2012

Oh Hhheeellllooo, who is this article directed at? We're smart people out here ... we know a shockingly bad piece of reporting when we see one! Long live Sea Shepherd, Long live Paul Watson ... and you ... ?

written by Sarah S , August 10, 2012

wow the sea shepherds here really are a lame bunch, did they even click any of the links?

I mean how does anyone see that faked video and think 'gee that's really saving whales' answer, it didn't.

but go ahead and buy another sea shep shirt to wear at your next vegan backyard veggie grill off it if makes you feel like you are doing something kiddies!


written by Jillian , August 11, 2012

Just look at all the Sea Shepherd haters here, my, my;)

Don't blame the Shark Diver blog for speaking the ugly truth it's about time someone did!

Truth hurts sometimes.

written by Thomas Sulla , August 11, 2012

Sea Shepherds watch this video, long live the whales!

written by Nic , August 12, 2012

this is the worst article I ever read and you are a perfect candidate for the teabaggers with your lack of common sense and integrity!

written by Amer , August 12, 2012

For all we know, Watson may be a member of the global intelligence racket- ie. a security agent protecting whalers from eco-nazis. They put on a stupid show every year, is sells controversy, everybody gets rich...

written by Grant Imah , August 15, 2012

Paul Watson recently said, "Arrest me or Shut Up" and when they came to arrest him his took his overweight vegan carcass on the a coward.

What part of that don't Sea Shepherds get?

Or is he a hero for running? Peter Bethune didn't run and look at what the Sea Shepherds did to him!

written by whalesuck , August 18, 2012

I love this blog, everyone is finally starting to turn on watson even the brain dead vegans lol.

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