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Interpol Warns Paul Watson, ‘Dangerous’ Fugitive Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Aug 7, 2012, 07:06 PM
About Watson.jpgInterpol has just issued a code ‘Red Alert’ on eco-terrorist Captain Paul Watson (aka Osama bin Watson). It is warning the public that Captain Watson has jumped bail and may resort to extreme violence upon attempts to capture him.

Captain Watson faces attempted murder charges for allegedly assaulting Costa Rican fishermen with a deadly weapon (seal club). He’s eluding a lawsuit deposition that was scheduled for an Annapolis, Md. Court. He has also been accused of launching terrorist acid attacks against Japanese scientists.

Interpol fears that Mr. Watson poses a dangerous threat to the public when placing him on ‘Red Alert’ status. They fear he’s preparing retaliatory measures against innocent civilians.

According to the Toronto Sun, “Interpol issued a red notice for international eco-fugitive Paul Watson on Tuesday at the request of Costa Rican authorities, making him a wanted man worldwide.”

Nonetheless, President Brarack Obama continues to protect Paul Watson and his ragtag group of al-Qaeda eco-terrorists.

As reported by the Toronto Sun, “known for ramming boats and throwing nausea-inducing acid at whalers, the SSCS (Sea Shepherd Conservation Society) lost its charitable status in Canada, but it remains a registered charity in the U.S.”

Interpol is warning the public: If you do see Paul Watson; please alert law enforcement authorities immediately and don’t try to capture him alone. Capt. Watson is a violent man, who considers himself above the law. He’s a dangerous fugitive of justice.

To read the entire article from the Toronto Sun, link here:

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Comments (41)add comment
written by Wow... , August 08, 2012

Dafuq did I just read? This is the most extremely biased article I believe I have ever read.

written by Shepherd Lady , August 08, 2012

Paul Watson is a man who has devoted his life to saving the seas from terrorists like the Japanese whalers! Yes, they are the terrorists! They are the ones who shot him, rammed and split his ship in two, and threatened the lives of the crew on board. They are slaughtering intelligent life by the thousands to insure Japanese rights to Antarctica's energy in the future. Captain has placed his life on the line to stop mindless slaughter and abuse of seals, pilot whales, and other sealife at the hands of barbarians. He is not a violent man, has never hurt another person, and deserves medals of honor. Paul will not be caught, because his "flock" is made up of thousands of people around the world who believe in his work -and believe in him. Rotten butter is not dangerous, and fouling lines are not lethal either. You had better do some research and stop throwing around emotive language which simply serves to cover your ignorance about SSCS and its leader.

written by mark11 , August 08, 2012

People shouldn't post online while drunk. It tends to lead to blatant lies and.

written by Jamie , August 08, 2012

Please get more attention placed on the sscs non-profit charity status in the USA, that needs to be cancelled A.S.A.P. Keep up the great work!

written by steve mccroskey , August 08, 2012

what a load of crap

written by Jamie Steiner , August 08, 2012

this is not true I love Paul Watson he is a hero

written by Nicolai Gottlieb Stoff , August 08, 2012

It's incredible how much crap and lies you can put into your blog, NONE of the things you write is true!!!But ok your place of living explain it all !! Maybe it was time for you to get some education and learn to read instead of guessing

written by Michael , August 08, 2012

Thanks McGregor for revealing yourself! After reading this article and seeing how you distort and pervert the truth, I will never believe a word from you again.

written by Joo Joo Beans , August 08, 2012

Wow what a load of horse shit! How much are they paying you to write that idiotic fairy story? Did you ring propaganda buster Tony before publishing? sounds like this came straight out of his dolphin eating mouth. 100 per cent libelous!

written by jeff , August 08, 2012

really a fail of a report. paul watson has never injured anybody and is no threat to anybody. this is one of the most biased, bullshit articles/blogs i have ever seen. shame on you...

written by Pro whaling troll. , August 08, 2012

I have never read a more slanted piece of horse hockey in my life. You should be made to walk the plank. Not even I would publish anything as idiotic and I spend all day talking idiot.

written by Sven , August 08, 2012

Paul Watson may be a joke, but he's not as ridiculous as this article. Tom McGregor, you are an idiot.

written by Anne , August 08, 2012

Biased? Interesting call, because what I read contained facts. Sentence, by sentence the only "Opinion" based comment in this article was "(aka Osama bin Watson". I think the problem exists with Paul Watson Supporters, they have been exposed to lies so long, that they no longer recognize facts. Sad! Mr. Watson has often stated he would gladly go to court and be held at a trial, so the issues could be put on trial. Typical though, that he was only blowing smoke, as when it comes down to it, he runs like a scarred child!

written by EX Crew , August 08, 2012

It's all TRUE , believe it.Watson has abused the innocent for forty years.. time to face the music Watson you gutless criminal coward.

written by anti shit , August 08, 2012

This is just insane and what a liar!!!
Paul Watson isn't dangerous at all, Interpol never claimed so.
Get your story straith before publishing

written by I x bm f , August 08, 2012

Talk about biased journalism. This is unbelievable. When Captain Paul Watson was detained, no one reported about the injustice by Germany, Costa Rica and Japan. I did not read anything above how SSCS works on saving the Oceans and how destructive our governments seem to be towards our oceans and people that protect them.
Captain Paul Watson is a Hero and more Respect should be given, especially by people that call themselves journalists. I find this article unfair and misleading.

written by bat , August 08, 2012

Mais où va t'on? sérieusement? Paul Watson n'est pas cet homme dangereux que vous décrivez !!
Renseignez vous donc un peu plus avant de faire du sensationnalisme ...
La maison brûle, les amis, et les grands de ce monde regardent ailleurs... Désolée, je poste en français, car c'est plus simple pour moi d'exprimer ma révolte par rapport à cette injustice ... dans le film Sharwater, la preuve a été faite qu'il n'a blessé personne. Alors quoi ? on laisse faire les contrebandiers en toute impunité ?? Laissez Paul Watson et Sea Shepherd faire respecter les grandes lois qui régissent le monde marin. Si les grands mammifères marins disparaissent, nous disparaitront ... Méditez bien cette phrase.

written by Tricia Vile , August 08, 2012

Paul Watson has never harmed anyone. He is a HERO. Something you will never know anything about...

written by } , August 08, 2012

what a load of poo

written by Intelligent Human , August 08, 2012

Holy crap, I can't even begin to find words as to how massivly incorrect, hateful and bias this spewing of venom is. Apparently the entire concept of ethical journalism escapes you. But FOX News might have a job for you, they can always use another clueless, mean windbag... Tom, you're pathetic.

Paul Watson is literally a hero working tirelessly for all of mankind and ocean wildlife. He avidly follows the law and is one of the fairest, most compassionate people I know of, who shows amazing restraint and fairness under impossible opposition and situations. The govt of Japan is very dishonest and brings shame to it's people, especially the victims of Fukushima which will continue to suffer since the govt took relief money that WE gave them and was supposed to help them recover, and gave it to the whalers to continue their illegal activities. For every head of Sea Shepherd that they try to cut off, a thousand will rise in it's place. Sea Shepherd is here to stay and will forever protect our oceans.

written by Nannetta Cook , August 08, 2012

The violent offenders are the poachers who use mafia based tactics to yank their government around like puppets on a string.

written by Rolf , August 08, 2012

wow, Must agree with the other comment, extremely biased. Paul is no saint, but sea shepherd has never injured anyone, and strive not to. also Red notice means none of what was written there...

written by redcat , August 08, 2012

Capt. Paul Watson never hurt anybody! He is a hero, trying to protect endangered sealife. The whale and dolphin abusers, killers are the criminals!

written by Dunesprite3 , August 08, 2012

Japanese Scientists??? What a joke!! The world needs more heroes like Captain Watson not the misinformed idiot who wrote this article!

written by karen , August 08, 2012

This article is ridiculous saying Paul Watson is a violent man. Laughable, if he was violent he would have gone postal many times over for the seal slaughter, the dolphin slaughter, the grind and the raping and pillaging of the whale sanctuary among many other things he fights for. Also, I guess you don't witness the high powered water guns shooting at SS all the time by the Japanese, where's your outrage over that? or how about when the Japanese chopped the Ady Gil in half and nearly killed the whole crew? No outrage there, but you carry on like Paul is the enemy, he is not the enemy, it is people like you.

written by Contrary Mary from St Johns City , August 08, 2012

He is a fugitive from the law! He IS dangerousmand should have beenbehind bars long ago.....

written by Jsb3 , August 08, 2012

Paul Watson is NOT a threat to any one except the real eco-Terrorists those people over fishing and killing everything in the ocean for profit!! Osama bin your outrageously annoying and misleading article.

written by Unreal , August 08, 2012

What an Incredibly stupid artical.

written by Lethal , August 08, 2012

Lies, lies, and more lies. I've read almost every single article involved in Paul Watson's Costa Rica's official releases regarding the subject. Never, and I mean NEVER has the term "seal club" been mentioned in a single one of these articles. Now Tom can definitely be unveiled for the liar that he is. This one is an absolute and blatant fabrication. This corrupt imbecile has no place talking about "justice." also, Interpol has not released anything about Paul being considered "dangerous." and Tom's allegations that Paul is "planning revenge against innocent civilians?" I think this is possibly the most obvious lie of them all. Pauls organization thrives from public support. Why would he attack civilians? To anybody else reading this comment, I can understand if you dislike Paul Watson, and that's fine. But do so for TRUE reasons. Don't degrade yourself by listening to this uneducated and malicious LIAR.

I would like to point out just how radical this guy is. He continuously makes al-queda based remarks about paul. However, if you visit the twitter account of @Abalkhi, I believe you will see who REALLY sounds like a terrorist nutjob. Mcgregor's writing style is actually fairly consistent to that of a Taliban sensationalist.

written by She said so , August 08, 2012

Speaking as someone from a culture that has been maligned, lied about and acts of economic treason committed against, yes, that low life Paul Watson is extremely dangerous and should be treated like every other terrorist threat! This sorry excuse for a human being has refined the act of bias only for his own agrandizement. I hope when he's caught, he's put into a tiny cell with a big guy with lust in his eyes!

written by pump ah , August 09, 2012

She said so, you sound some fake twinky eating lawyer princess, you are probably from a culture that stoned people in the olden days and tore people apart for fun, you are evil for thinking such things. My advice to you...dont breed.

written by Robert Green , August 09, 2012

Who is doing the judging here?? Look at the facts. While Captain Watson tries to save marine mammals your interest is in yourself and $$$$$$....His cause is Nobel yours is pathetic!!

written by EX Crew , August 09, 2012

Watson is a lying scumbag criminal who decided to 'run' like the nasty little coward he is, noe Interpol are looking for a fugitive from justice, he has been a bullying cowardly liar for all of his miserable life, for forty years he has threatened he has tried to harm and hurt people, he belongs behind bars, a conservationist? LOL give us a break.. he is psycopath megalomaniac who has conned thousands of people with his BS ,media whore bully boy and yes, he is dangerous , hes unstable and a lunatic , he is dangerous , he has attempted to kill people under the guise of 'defending' himself many times. Lock the mongrol up for good and throw away the key, he is a con artist and a cult leader.

written by L. Anderson , August 13, 2012

McGregor is seriously mentally ill to be writing this garbage. This news is not fit to line my kitty's litter box. Anyone who knows Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd knows that the safety of others is priority one. Too bad the Japanese don't feel the same. They've used LRADs, concussion grenades, grappling hooks, poles, thrown nuts and bolts and used all manner of violence against the ships and crew, and crew members have been injured. A Japanese ship sliced a Sea Shepherd vessel in half, nearly killing the 6 crew onboard. Has Japan ever even faced questioning about the incident? NO. While Paul Watson tries to uphold the law to defend our oceans, Japan keeps buying off governments so they can continue to rape and plunder the seas at will.

written by L. Atkins , August 13, 2012

Tom McGregor, you are a sad little man.

written by She said so , August 15, 2012

pump ah, you are so funny...I don't think I've ever eaten a twinky in my life, but I do come from a culture that lives very close to the ocean and land. Baby seals (whitecoats) haven't been harvested for over 40 years. Seal clubs are non-existant. Rifles have been used for sealing for a long time now. I grew up eating seal meat when we could get it, it's absolutely delicious! I was raised with the ideology "You kill only what you eat, and eat only what you would kill." As to coming from a culture that stoned or tore people to pieces in the olden days, yes, I am a Christian. Have you read the bible? There are some really riveting stories about those sorts of things in that particular book. Watson is all about the money and his own self importance. I've met the jerk.

written by EX Crew , August 16, 2012

What a lot of horseshit names here, all from facebook all fake.Jamie Steiner ? LOL well well Jamie , juju bean, and the rest you, you all HATE watson so me thinks someone is using your names to vilify you. Watitsname is a disgraceful nasty old BS full of it lowlife scumbag creep.HE deserves a lifetime in the slammer for LYING FOR HATE FOR RACISM FOR BEING A CON MAN A THIEF for BULLYING FOR CONNING hes a meat eating fraud, a raving PSYCHO ..attempted murder is just one of his happy little sidelines ...lock the f$%^er up.

written by EX Crew , August 16, 2012


written by whalesuck , August 18, 2012

Aren't you people a little too old to have heros?

written by Karl Hungus , August 20, 2012

Find this q-tip

written by Mandy , September 14, 2012

Maybe whaling is wrong but Paul Watson isn't going to do anything about it. He is such a bumbling piece of comedy! For years people gave him money and he just cruised the seas without even attempting to stop a whaling vessel. Then when the show started being filmed he had to actually start trying. Turns out he can't do anything right. I love Whale Wars because I love to laugh at what a screw-up he is.

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