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Retired Navy Seals to Battle Obama Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Aug 7, 2012, 05:22 PM
6 Award.jpgOn Wednesday, a new super PAC, which includes retired special operations personnel and other veterans, announced they would raise money to sponsor ads against President Barack Obama’s $1 billion re-election bid.

USA Today reports that, “the group, Special Operations for America, filed paperwork Monday with the Federal Election Commission. It is headed by retired Navy SEAL Commander Ryan Zinke. During his 23-year career, Zinke spent time in the Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6, the same team that killed Osama bin Laden in a commando raid last year.”

Zinke claimed that he an other members of the special operations community feel outraged that SEAL Team 6 has been identified as the commando unit, which conducted the raid, contending that it places its members and their families at risk. Zinke believes that Obama has politicized his role as commander in chief to win re-election.

According to USA Today, “Zinke, a Republican state senator from Montana, said the group also objects to deep military cuts and increases in health care costs to veterans. While he agreed there’s room for cuts in military spending, he said the $1.1 trillion in cuts over 10 years that could start at the end of the year are too deep.”

Zinke said, “who was at risk? Was it the president? Or was it the young SEAL with the wife and kid at home? That’s arrogance.”

To read the entire article from USA Today, link here:

UPDATE: The Dallas Blog attempted to post a message from a man claiming to be a Navy SEAL, who participated in the raid on Osama bin Laden in Pakistan last year. However, our Website faced numerous sudden and unexplained technical difficulties to copy-and-paste his message. Hopefully, we can post the message in the near future.

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written by Fred Boenig , August 09, 2012

Gee Tom,
I have 3 kids in the military,had 4 but my youngest was lost in the Khyber Pass in 2010 working with Special Forces and Ret Col Wes Rehorn, Currently my second oldest is on his second deployment with the 173rd. Its strange that no one gets a hugh part of the cuts come from LEAVING AFGHANISTAN. That yes we need to support our troops, but we don't need to be in all these countries. My friend at Dover (mortician) visited our family for dinner and told of the day the Seals came back from the Helio Crash, no press was allowed, but the Pres, visited with the Seals families then stood at attention for 4 hours while the performed the dignified transfers. She stated NO PRESIDENT has ever done that. He was not the one that put the Seal team 6's families in the public it was the families themselves. They came out and put themselves in the news.

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