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Mainstream Environmentalists Call Captain Watson, ‘Pathetic’ Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Aug 5, 2012, 05:53 pm
Activist Whaler.jpgTaliban eco-terrorist Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is boasting that he’s “above the law” and holds a “human right” to jump bail in Germany, avoid lawsuit depositions and commit “acid attacks” on Japanese whalers. Nonetheless, not everyone supports the eco-terrorism movement.

Ezra Levant, a pro-Green columnist for the Left-leaning Toronto Sun, said, “this pirate is pathetic. Paul Watson is a criminal who has embraced his darker side and needs to be prosecuted.”

Ezra Levant compares Captain Watson to a Somali pirate, who attempts to hijack Japanese whalers to enforce bounties.

According to the Toronto Sun, “Watson got his start long ago, assaulting a police officer in 1979 at a violent protest against the seal hunt. He was sentenced to 10 days in Quebec jail and fined $8,000. See, Watson believes that animals have rights – they shouldn’t be clubbed. But he’s fine clubbing people, including cops.”

Watson also publicly declared his support for forced abortions and eugenics, along with murdering billions of people to keep the global population under 1 billion, when he was on the board of the Sierra Club, as reported by the Toronto Sun.

To read the entire article from the Toronto Sun, link here:

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UPDATE: Canadian readers have just informed the Dallas Blog that Ezra Levant does not support the Green Movement. He's been described as the "Glenn Beck of Canada."

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Comments (18)add comment
written by nolan , August 05, 2012

Ezra a "pro-green columnist" for the "left leaning Sun"? Talk about not checking your facts.

written by Exactitude , August 05, 2012

this Canadian guy is not a captain anymore than Obama is. Watson must be in Canada somewhere being hidden by his leftist supporters like the NDP.

written by Winston , August 05, 2012

Ezra levant is a conservative and Toronto sun is not a leftist paper. Where do you get your info from?

written by JohnnieOil , August 05, 2012

Your correct that Watson is a nutbar Eco-terrorist but Ezra is a right leaning, free speech supporting, anti green weenie personality, you are wrong on that part. You need to google him or read his book Ethical Oil or watch his show on SunTV in Canada

written by All , August 05, 2012

So Ezra Levant, who chainsawed a tree on his show to celebrate Earth Day is a Green and the Toronto Sun which supports every conservative candidate is left leaning? Who knew?

written by P. D. Carswell , August 05, 2012

Ezra Levant is famous in Canada for being a mouthy, left-wing socialist writer for the equally socialist rag The Toronto Sun. His TV rants (on leftwing Sun Media) are famous for putting down hard-working taxpayers in favour of welfare bums.

written by Nope , August 05, 2012

Tom, please back up your claims.

"Butyric acid is found in milk, Parmesan cheese, and vomit." It is less acidic than a banana.

Please find and post your sources for the "clubbing people" claim and the "forced abortions and eugenics" claim. Don't just re-post things from another reporter. Do your job.

written by E , August 05, 2012

Your a joke

written by C. Kane , August 06, 2012

Stop hiding behind your blog and spouting lies in your libelous rag. You have no clue what you are speaking about. Apparently everything is bigger in Texas, including the idiots.

written by Kash , August 06, 2012

Ezra Levant is a conservative TV host and author. He is not a green party hack or pro-green columnist. Toronto Sun is not left wing either. Get ur facts, right morons.

written by elvis tye , August 06, 2012

i have seen all the videos where Sea Shepherd confronting the Jap whalers.

Not a thing has been done to injure or hurt the whaler crews. The Japanese whalers' harpoon and factory ships are much bigger and faster than the Sea Shepherds'. If the Japanese stop hunting whales and leave the whale sanctuary, they will be left alone.

So how can Sea Shepherd be called terrorists and criminal ?

Go watch all the videos on Whale Wars before making any statements on others.

written by bob Tarzwell , August 06, 2012

you should get your facts right before opening your mouth. very bad reporting

written by Mr. Gabriel , August 06, 2012

Good update! Ezra Levant is just about as far right and as un-Green as you can be in Canada.

written by Tommy , August 06, 2012

Your story is just completely made up fabricated non-sense. You should be ashamed of yourself Tom ! Tut Tut !...

written by Bulldozer , August 06, 2012

The Toronto Sun is "Left-leaning?" Did you seriously write that? Sun Media is boldly conservative and if they read that, they'd likely projectile vomit. Not that I support a paper who write their shameless articles for those with a 3rd grade education. But really...

written by Daly de Gagne , August 06, 2012

The Toronto Sun and the Sun tv cable news operation share the same space in the political spectrum as Fox News. Ezra Levant, like Rush Limbaugh, is considered an entertainer by most knowledgeable Canadians, and not a real journalist. How could you have described Levant and The Sun as completely opposite of what they are in real life?

Levant is the guy who literally wrote the book about so-called "ethical oil," and is known for his contempt for the environmental movement.

written by Ocean Protector , August 06, 2012

You sir are simply pathetic!

written by Roberto Nibali , August 08, 2012

Of all the true things that could be written about "Captain" Watson or Ezra Levant, you in your "journalistic" wisdom chose to get all the facts wrong and conjure up a mixture of unparalleled fairytales. Previous comments to mine have already hinted at your blatant mistakes in this pathetic blog entry. I recommend you remove this post as quickly as you have written this piece of crap, since it's a waste of electronic space and an insult to human intellect and the world of honest journalism. Thank you.

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