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US Navy ‘Vulnerable’ to Iran’s Secret Weapons Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Aug 3, 2012, 08:01 PM
Against Navy.jpgPresident Barack Obama may feel more emboldened to launch pre-emptive strikes against Iran if the Assad Syrian regime is toppled. Nonetheless, the Iranian government insists that a US-led war against Iran could expose weaknesses of US Navy military prowess.

Pravda reports that, “U.S. naval forces deployed in the Persian Gulf are vulnerable to the military power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as stated by the university professor and political analyst, Seyed Mohammad Marandi.”

During an interview on the Iranian network, Press TV, Marandi said, “the U.S. Navy is very vulnerable to Iran’s missile defense system, which has very advanced land and naval capabilities, and could react quickly, using them against any attack by U.S. forces.”

According to Pravda, “the Persian analyst made these statements after the Israeli daily Haaretz announced that National Secuirty Adviser of the U.S., Tom Donilon, had informed the Israeli regime on the ‘contingency plans’ in Washington for a possible attack against Iran. According to the document, Donilon, told the plan to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, during his visit to Tel Aviv two weeks ago.”

Marandi said that conflict would mean that, “the price of oil will actually reach the clouds.”

To read the entire article from Pravda, link here:

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