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Eco-Outlaw Paul Watson Publicity Stunt May Backfire Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Aug 1, 2012, 06:06 PM
Ab Chubby.jpgEco-terrorist Captain Paul Watson is founder of the Sea Shepherd, a Taliban-style environmentalist group that sails the ocean blue to attack Japanese whaling ships. He recently jumped bail in Germany and is hiding out in an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, his co-conspirators, including the International Environment Mission in Ecuador, have exploited Paul Watson’s outlaw status as a shameless publicity stunt to promote eco-terrorism as a so-called “human right” and to market global fundraising drives.

However, former crewmembers of Captain Watson have told the Dallas Blog that Watson is a “liar,” and for good reason. Apparently, Watson has a long history of allegedly scheming to boost his image to enrich his bank account.

However, Mr. Watson’s latest scheme may backfire since the Japanese government has issued the warrant for his arrest. This grants Tokyo the legal right to seize all assets of Captain Watson, along with his co-conspirators.

Even retired TV game show host, Bob Barker, who bought ships for Paul Watson, faces the risk of his assets getting seized by the Japanese government. In an ironic twist of fate, Tokyo could use the seized assets to pay for government-sponsored ships that hunt whales for scientific purposes.

It seems as if Tokyo, not Captain Watson, would get the last laugh in regards to this latest publicity stunt.

To learn more about Captain Paul Watson, link here:

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Comments (39)add comment
written by Marvelous Mike , August 02, 2012

Wow you sure spout a load of crap! How can the Japanese seize the assets of a non-Japanese citizen???

written by Josh Bathier , August 02, 2012

Sorry I couldn't read past "Taliban-style environmentalist group" - what an idiotic article.

written by Captain Planet , August 02, 2012

How can you make a link between the Taliban; a group responsible for thousands of innocent civilian causalities and Captain Paul Watson?

What do you propose we do about this dilemma Mr. McGregor? Allow fishing to the point of extinction? I hope that you can realize this is not the solution to a better planet.

written by cpt. obvious , August 02, 2012

you mean that fat glutenous man is also capable of lying in order to stuff his face?! no!

written by Megan , August 02, 2012

I normally don't leave comments on blogs, but this post is just so absurd I couldn't resist. It seems clear to me you are writing about something you have zero knowledge about.

To compare Paul Watson to the Taliban is an insult to Americans, and downplays the acts of the Taliban which killed several Americans on 9/11. The Taliban murder human beings. Paul Watson doesn't hurt anyone, not even animals. If we were fortunate enough for the Taliban to act this way, the twin towers would still be standing. Whether you are a fan of Paul Watson or not makes no difference, it is disgusting to flatter terrorists, especially the Taliban, by comparing them to Paul.

Also, have you seen Paul Watson? Do you see him wearing designer clothes, driving a Mercedes and living in a mansion? I am pretty sure his campaigns and donations all go to the WHALES. Serisouly, educate yourself before reporting these things. To say he schemes to "enrich his bank account" is simply untrue.

By the way, I find it highly unlikely that anyone would allow Japan to seize his assets simply because they placed a warrant. There is a court process, in which you need to be convicted. They can't just go putting out warrants on anyone and seizing their belongings. Further, I truly laughed out loud at your theory they will also seize Bob Barker's belongings.

Thanks for the post, it was amusing. But seriously, you need a new job.

written by LGreene , August 02, 2012

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Another potential issue is if any SSCS resources are use to assist Paul Watson, it could result in the SSCS losing their 501C(3) charity status. They could also have the IRS looking closely at their operations. I don't think the US charity tax code would allow donations to be used to support a fugitive from justice.

written by M. Stewart , August 02, 2012

Taliban-style? Really? As a so-called "journalist" — and, boy, do I use that term loosely — I would suggest you get your facts straight before blogging about them. You need to retract and change your characterizations before you get your ass sued. Apparently, everything really IS bigger in Texas...including the idiots.

written by AnimuX , August 02, 2012

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society gets high ratings from charity evaluators for putting the vast majority of its donations toward operational expenses rather than overhead.

Watson has been at this since 1975 -- since the very first action ever taken against whalers -- against the Soviet Union in the North Pacific! He even got chased out of Siberia by a Soviet warship after exposing the Russians were slaughtering protected whales and using the meat to feed mink farms. He's not in it for the money.

Sea Shepherd is not Taliban-like. They don't kill people. They don't hold people hostage or torture people. The group is not a religious organization either.

Japan's whale poaching operations are a big government pay off for corrupt officials. These bureaucrats ensure the whaling gets funded by tax dollars and when they leave office they take high paid jobs in the effectively nationalized whaling industry.

Watson left Germany because Japan is calling in favors to grab him. A corrupt government (Japan) is attempting to arrest and extradite a foreign citizen over incidents for which it has no national jurisdiction.

written by UpDownUnder , August 02, 2012

Oops, sorry but that doesn't give japan the right to seize anything.... try again

written by Butterball , August 02, 2012

Taliban-style? Really? You're a little out there Mr. McGregor

written by Intelligent Human , August 02, 2012

Holy crap, I can't even begin to find words as to how massivly incorrect, hateful and bias this spewing of venom is. Apparently the entire concept of ethical journalism escapes you. But FOX News might have a job for you, they can always use another clueless, mean windbag...

Paul Watson is literally a hero working tirelessly for all of mankind and ocean wildlife. He avidly follows the law and is one of the fairest, most compassionate people I know of, who shows amazing restraint and fairness under impossible opposition and situations. The govt of Japan is very dishonest and brings shame to it's people, especially the victims of Fukushima which will continue to suffer since the govt took money that was supposed to help them recover, and gave it to the whalers to continue their illegal activities. For every head of Sea Shepherd that they try to cut off, a thousand will rise in it's place. Sea Shepherd is here to stay and will forever protect our oceans.

written by libby stubbs , August 02, 2012

this is a totally disgusting article, how dare you print rubbish like this? You should be ashamed of your self....Using terrorist and Taliban in the same sentence describing this amazing man is beyond VILE.
And I bet your don't show my comments!

written by Ellen , August 02, 2012

The alleged 'quotes' from the former crew members are clearly libellous. Yours too, Mr Mcgregor, for repeating them here.

written by Lucy Robinson , August 02, 2012

Your blog leads me to believe you didn't do your homework before you wrote. What makes you think Paul owns the boats or other assets? Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is run like every other 501c3. Look it up.

The rest of your article is just laughable.

written by Elle Cat Bracey , August 02, 2012

Hardly Taliban style, has he attempted to blow up aeroplanes, demolish buildings and blow up tube trains all with INNOCENT people on board? No. Bad style of sensationalising a news story about a man who's actions are for the good of innocent creatures

written by Jamie McCroskey , August 02, 2012

Tom McGregor you might want to go and check your facts so you dont look stupid as there is no warrant for him in japan and the Japanese can NOT seize assets of Paul Watson or sea shepherd. The whaling fleet try to take sscs to court and lost

written by Tricia Vile , August 02, 2012

My GAWD this is the dumbest thing I have ever read. Paul Watson is a HERO and Tokyo will never touch him.

written by Casandra , August 02, 2012

wow Taliban??? really ???? get a dictionary first of all and look up that word...

written by confused , August 02, 2012

A "Taliban-style environmentalist group"... does this mean Homeland Security will raid the offices of 'Animal Planet' because they are sponsoring terrorists via the cable show 'Whale Wars'?

written by Ocean Protector , August 02, 2012

Are you totally demented Mr. McGregor? Looks like you are are indeed!

Obviously you are a typical Texan right winger, gun-ho hunter, oil lover, climate change non-believer, etc, etc...,but to say that SSCS is "like the Taliban", then you MUST be IMMEDIATELY taken to Guantanamo and then never be seen again...EVER!

written by Ocean Protector , August 02, 2012

Mr. Mcgregor, you are a joke and a disgraceful human been!

I lost friends on 9/11, your "Taliban" remark is beyond stupidity and ignorance! Plain and simple!

Now, get your gun and go kill some deers, or wild boars, or whatever you like to kill just for the fun of it!

written by ednakano , August 02, 2012

SSCS is eco-terrorist.

written by Truthseeker , August 02, 2012

I think this says it all, " is a common carrier for anyone not employed by or affiliated with and as such is not responsible for the factual accuracy or reliability of any statements made in posts of any type by other individuals."

written by Clay , August 02, 2012

You sir are a idiot! I killed Taliban in Afghanistan. You think I am at that level? We are a law enforcement orgnization who upholds international law. No Sea Shepherd has ever been legitimate charged with a crime.
I'm embaressed to be an American Vetren because of you.

written by kitsu-nate , August 03, 2012

this article= fallacies and propoganda!!!!

written by Joo Joo Beans , August 03, 2012

News flash! Japanese whaling is built on lies! Yes its true, The Japanese whalers pretend that they are "researching" whales so that they can kill whales, in order to supply their high end restaurants with whale meat! Now you would not believe this, but some people fall for their lies, and also fall for the eco-terrorist tag. It looks like sOme pople here have fallen for their trap! Oh and one last thing, I love Paul watson, he is my hero and I would like to have ten thousand of his babies.

written by Hank Melville - ex SSCS founder. , August 03, 2012

Jamie McCroskey did NOT make the statements attributed to her.
The good Kaptains cult minions are playing tricks on you.

written by libby stubbs , August 03, 2012

Well, you got the comments I expected, perhaps you should stick to subjects you know about.

written by Marietta Askell Krochen , August 03, 2012

A "Taliban-style environmentalist group"...

c'est du grand n'importe quoi cet article !!
stupid article !! O_o

written by LGreene , August 03, 2012

"We are a law enforcement orgnization who upholds international law."

No you are not.

"No Sea Shepherd has ever been legitimate charged with a crime."


"I'm embaressed to be an American Vetren because of you."

I am also embarrased that you are an American Veteran.

written by Jamie McCroskey , August 03, 2012

Hank Melville or should I say Rick Spraycar!/spraycar we all know that you are not ex SSCS founder but what do you expect from a sad pathetic little man

written by Anonymous AA , August 04, 2012

I bet Mr McGregor that based off urb lack of knowing how 2 research that these so called former sscs volunteers, which I am sure they would even talk to u cause this is just a blog, aren't even with sscs ? Where r these so called former crew members u talk of? Oh wait I bet u lie it Pete and that u saw some news bit. So I am guessing u lied about "Pete B" talking 2u.

total crap article, should be pulled or updated to tell the truth and once uve done actual research with legitimate credit besides some man who would do/say anything to get out of a Japanese jail and for freedom.

written by Anonymous AA , August 04, 2012

Wow what crap! Total horse sh++. you sir need to get it facts right and do research. One thing id like to note S.S.C.S financial info is public if u did ur research u would see Paul doesn't make crap and nearly every bit of their donations go back to their campaigns..

I am sure, since u r a nobody cause this is just a blog that no former crew member talked to u. IM sure u saw or heard recent comments from someone named "pete" who would have done/ said anything to get out of jail..of course this is also a man who lies so UN not sure your source the other medias source is creditable that u claimed talked to u from..

Sscs does wonderful things and uses no violence and breaks no laws. Yet the whalers r illegally hunting in a sanctuary, using weapons like hooks, metal pools, metal objects to throw at them, aa well as their ships as a weapon but They r the victims? Wow.

Btw - they cannot seize property in America nor can Bob Barker or others have their assets seized. Sigh dumb d dumb dumb Dumb..

written by Randy L. , August 04, 2012

Gods, The United Nations has empowered SSCS along with any private group to go forth and enforce the laws and rules The UN has put forth. The stuff SSCS says here can be easily found in writing. Can anything the critics here say be found in writing? NO! And Futhermore, I live in Texas. So if anyone knows where this dude lives, Ill go egg his house and him if he comes outside. Eggs are non-leathel.

written by Whalesaredumb , August 05, 2012

another awesome victory for Japanes whalers lol. In your eye sea scropes!

written by Whalesaredumb , August 05, 2012

another awesome victory for Japanese whalers lol. In your eye sea scropes!

written by LGreene , August 05, 2012

What a load of cr@p Randy L.

The UN hasn't given the SSCS any powers. That is a lie that Watson and the SSCS tell the gullible sheep like you.

The UN World Charter for Nature doesn't give anyone any power. It is a General Assembly resolution and only Security Council resolution have any power.

Oh and that FACT is in writing, the writing of the UN and courts worldwide that have ruled on the power of UN resolutions. Unlike the claims of the SSCS that are only in writing on SSCS and supporter websites.

I also like that you propose defending a bunch of vegans by throwing eggs. Might want to rethink that.

Now Anonymous AA, $120,000 is hardly trivial, it is almost 3 times what the average US makes.

Whaling isn't illegal. And if the SSCS don't break laws why have so many of they convicted of crimes? I mean Watson is already a convicted felon.

written by Warrior , September 08, 2012

What a piece of crap! Paul Watson is "eco-terrorist"??? ROFL. If anything, Paul Watson is a hero, and one of greatest heroes of our times. In my view he is the greatest human being living in this time. He is highly intelligent, highly compassionate, highly articulate, highly energetic, and so on.. But rednecks like you cannot understand anything of this. You cannot understand what compassion means at all, to begin with. Comparing Watson with Talibans is the most stupid thing of all you wrote. Talibans are unthinking people who stick firmly to their dogma. Watson is a pure opposite: he attacks and destroys dogmas: your ancient, anthropocentric, speciesist dogmas. Anyone who sticks with untruthful, ancient dogmas is Taliban, including you.

written by MyOhMyOhMyOhMy , April 01, 2013

Hank Ahab real name is Rick Spraycar. He has dozens of fake profiles for stalking Paul Watson.

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