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SNAP Expels Victim from Abuse Conference Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Jul 29, 2012, 05:32 PM
Anderson Blaine.jpgA man victimized by grievous sex abuse by a Jesuit priest decades ago in Chicago attempted to join a SNAP (Survivors’ Network of the Abused by Priests) conference in Rosemont, Illinois to speak with a Jesuit priest to discuss his concerns.

Unfortunately, SNAP administrator, Barbara Dorris, ordered the victim to depart from the premises of a hotel lobby. She even assigned hotel security to escort him out of the building.

The Dallas Blog received an email from the victim and requested we post his concerns about the dangerous alliance between the Jesuits and SNAP. Here’s a copy-and-paste of his email:


Yesterday, my plan was to meet up with Pat Wall and possibly Mr. Garabedian and Robert Hoatson at the Hilton in Rosemont, where S.N.A.P. is hosting their annual convention. I arranged to have Mary Pat Cashman, a woman lawyer I know from grade school, meet me there. She was interested in attending the convention for personal reasons. As I was waiting for Mary Pat to arrive, I did get the opportunity to talk with "Fr. Tom Doyle," (one of the speakers at the convention I know), however, Barbara Dorris and Peter Isely, officers of S.N.A.P., came up to me in the hotel lobby hallway and insisted that I leave and that I was not welcome in the hotel. The hotel security told the two of them that they could not make me leave unless I did something that would disrupt their convention, that I was within my rights to wait in the hotel to meet up with guests who were staying at the hotel. I waited until Mary Pat arrived, after I told her what these two did to me, she, (a lawyer), then approached Isely, and she was also told that she was not welcome either and that I knew why I wasn't welcome. This was the very 1st time I have ever spoke to Isely, he doesn't know me other than seeing me at McGuire's Wisconsin trial. I remained in the hotel lobby from 4:30 p.m. until Mary Pat arrive shortly before 7:00 p.m. and we decided to leave after she confronted Isely around 8:00 p.m. The Jesuits and S.N.A.P. are very similar,  very selective, discriminating, demonstrates no compassion and both of them have "blackballed" me.


I never realized that just my presence could bother so many. This year, Friday was S.N.A.P.'s opening day of their convention. Two years ago, this Barbara Dorris did the same to me on the last day of their convention. Back then the hotel security did escort me out of the hotel.


Interesting to note, two years ago, Barbara Blaine had personally invited me to attend the convention, this time, I was invited to the hotel to meet up with several lawyers and meet up with some of the convention's speakers that I know. It appears all of these people are full of bull**** and are very well connected with each other.


I did notice Jeff Anderson arrive with his group consisting of 3 women and Barbara Dorris did observe my friendly  conversation with Fr. Tom Doyle" before asking me to leave.


I am now in the process to reschedule the meeting with Mr. Garabedian and Robert Hoatson for tonight or tomorrow. They have now canceled meeting with me. Sounds very suspicious to me.


Mr. Garabedian is the lawyer representing about 20 of the Haiti kids that have filed sex abuse claims against the Jesuits and two weeks ago showed interest in representing me against the Jesuits and Gschwend. Robert Hoatson, runs a similar organization to S.N.A.P. in Boston and is close to Garabedian, he is the one who suggested that the three of us meet at the Hilton in Rosemont, IL,  as they were going to attend the convention. 


I just wonder how many clergy victims they have signed up today.


To learn more about the victim, link here:

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written by George , July 30, 2012

Fr. Thomas Doyle is not a Jesuit nor is he the priest that the man victimized man wants brought to justice.

written by Thomas Doyle , July 30, 2012

I am the "Tom Doyle" refered to in this post above. First, paragraphs that describe or summarize the post the writer identifies me as the Jesuit priest who had abused the person. The name of the jesuit is Donald McGuire, not Tom Doyle. Second, his message states that while he was speaking with me he was appproached and asked to leave the hotel. I was indeed speaking with this man but I was not present when he was approached and asked to leave. I do not know when this happened or how it happened.

written by DPierre , July 31, 2012

One minor problem with this: Fr. Tom Doyle is not a Jesuit; he is a Dominican.

written by therese , August 09, 2012

SNAP has had problems with Jesuit cases for a long, long time, and I don't know why. I know many Jesuits who are fearful of SNAP.

The Chicago Jesuit province is using the same m.o. with this victim as it used with me, but my contact with the Archdiocese of Chicago complaining about the Jesuits made the Jesuits take another look recently.

Since this victim is dealing with the Jesuits in Chicago, I wonder what it would be like if we approached the Jesuits in tandem, not discussing our details with each other, but showing up, on the phone, or whatever at roughly the same time. Their abuse investigator NOW is a retired cop, Marjorie O'Dea. She wasn't there last time I dealt with Chicago Jesuits.

LATER we can compare whether we were treated the same, had the same procedures, and tell jokes in the inside way victims can do with each other.

Also, to the victim: that lawyer for the Jesuits threatened me too, for something else. Just ignore it.

I am contacting Chicago Jesuits, Marjorie O'Dea, in about a week. What if this victim did soon?

In six months, let's have coffee and talk about it, since we will know the same "church people". You'll be my brother for life, somehow who went through the same sh*t.

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