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Speaking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth Print E-mail
by James Reza    Mon, Jul 16, 2012, 08:27 AM

This 4th of July I attended an open door concert where my grandsons and other young music students were performing with their instructor’s band.  The event was held in North Fort Worth, a predominately Hispanic community where I grew up and lived until 1984.  North Fort Worth is a stronghold for Democrats.  Thus, after the young aspiring musicians displayed their musical talents two Democrat politicians bidding for the newly formed 33rd congressional seat spoke to the large gathering of Hispanics.  The politicians in question were Domingo Garcia, a former State Rep. from Dallas and Marc Veasey, a black, and State Rep from Fort Worth.  Both men will face off on July 31 when voters from the 33rd congressional district will decided which of the two will represent them.

Before addressing the sizeable crowd, both politicians mingled with those in attendance.  As I talked to many of my old neighborhood buddies, Mr. Garcia suddenly walked up to me.  He extended his hand, which I shook, and he then told me he always read my columns when I wrote for years in the Dallas Morning News.  I quickly told him I was already drafting a column about comments he made in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, which brought a smile to his face.  He said, “tell the folks about me James,” and quickly left to get on the stage with Mr. Veasey.  Though I don’t have a dog in this hunt (33rd congressional race), I nonetheless listened with some interest to their political comments. Though predictable, to me anyway, what both men would tell the crowd, Mr. Garcia quickly injected a blurb about Obama’s recent almost amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens from Mexico and how he applauded the President’s actions.  What puzzled me was Mr. Garcia’s comment about President Obama’s illegal immigrant mandate was that only a handful of the large mostly American Hispanic crowd applauded.  Mr. Veasey’s comments in my humble opinion were more inspiring in that he pleaded with Hispanics to encourage their kids to stay in school and hopefully continued on to college.  Other comments I found disingenuous by both men were when they told the crowd how they would work hard to bring jobs to the area.  My friends, I was born and lived in that area for 47 years. In my 47 years living in North Fort Worth the biggest employers there were Swift & Co. and Armour’s, two huge meatpacking plants and other small meatpackers (Rosenthal and City Packing) where many Hispanics, blacks and whites worked.  After these meatpackers closed Hispanics, whites and blacks who lived in North Side sought work elsewhere.  Since then, I’ve yet to see large job creating companies like the packinghouses bring their businesses to the North Side. Thus, these two politicians promising jobs to the voters of the 33rd congressional district was political pandering fabrications.

As for Mr. Veasey encouraging Hispanics at the concert to stay in school, he has to take into account that black students also have a terrible record of staying in school.  According to the Huffington Post, minority students dropped out at disproportionately higher rates than their white counterparts.  In the last three years since 2009, 4.8% of blacks and 5.8% of Hispanics between 15 and 24 dropped out of grades 10-12, compared with 2.4% for white students.  In a USA Report it stated that white high school graduates are more likely than black or Hispanic peers to enroll in college.  The report stated that 47.3% of white high school graduates ages 18 to 24 attend college, vs. 41.1% of black and 35% of Hispanic high school graduates.  The USA report further stated that among students who entered college since 1996, 36.4% of blacks and 42% of Hispanics earned a bachelor’s degree within six years, vs. 58% of whites and get this — 62.3% of Asian Americans! Before Mr. Veasey chides Hispanics on their kid’s dismal education stats, he should recognize the dismal stats of blacks as well.

In his comments to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Mr. Garcia stated, “Fort Worth’s Stop Six, and Poly neighborhoods (heavy populated black areas) look like ghettos!”  He further stated that politicians representing those neighborhoods are more worried about money for themselves than about their constituent’s best interests.  Folks, seldom do I agree with a Democrat, but here I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Garcia.  Sadly, and unbeknown to Mr. Garcia, is that those aforementioned areas are now heavily populated by Hispanics, mostly from Mexico.  Also unknown to Mr. Garcia, is that those once almost all black communities were once thriving robust business areas operated by black entrepreneurs.  As a young man in the 50s I practically, due to racism, loved that area due to the black man’s music.  Whites didn’t allow me in their clubs and Hispanics from other Hispanic neighborhoods would threaten me because I was from North Side.  Thus, I hung out in the Poly area.  Never, did blacks threaten me, asked me for a hand out or stole anything from my car.  If I was hungry or needed gas, I’d stop at a black owned restaurant or gas station.  However, in the 1960s, President Johnson with his Great Society Program tried to eradicate poverty by leveling the playing field with government freebees.  My friends, within five years to this very day, as Mr. Garcia so stated, turned not only the Poly and Stop Six black areas in Fort Worth into ghettos, but other black and Hispanic communities throughout the United States as well.  And after more than 50 years black and Hispanic communities in the United States are high crime rate areas and sadly those who live there are still as poor or poorer than ever before.  All due in part to liberal Democrat government programs that Mr. Garcia and Mr. Veasey have championed and will probably continue to support!

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written by Penny , July 16, 2012

Tarrant county has been controlled the GOP for decades, the state has been controlled by the GOP for decades, but the high crime rate in certain neighborhoods is all the fault of "liberal government programs"?

written by George , July 16, 2012

Speaking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth,
Sounds like the Jesuits in Chicago, Fr. Schmidt, S.J. and Fr. Kesicki, S.J.

written by Charlie Alvarado , July 17, 2012

"Speaking Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth,
Sounds like the Jesuits in Chicago, Fr. Schmidt, S.J. and Fr. Kesicki, S.J."

George, to me it sounds as if James is guilty of that. Actually, it sounds as if it's coming from more than the sides, with the top and bottom included.

written by Joe Skalamera , July 20, 2012

Folks, there's enough blame to go around for everyone. The fact is that we all been sold out by the evolution of a political process that caters to special interests...whether they be Wall Street, unions,foreign governments, etc. Over the past 50-60 years the participants of the political process have made laws or signed treaties that exported our industires, our jobs, our wealth and our technologies. Just look around you and tell me one place in this country where you will find the degree of hope that existed in the 1950's. WHERE?Point, counter point! James, you "speak out of both sides of your mouth," and Ms. Penny, George and our friend Charlie...well they speak but say nothing positive; they criticize but offer no solutions of their own...and they never will! See, this is what the power-brokers want..."divide and conquer"..."a house divided against itself will not stand!" Both Mr. Garcia and Mr. Veasey are ill-informed and they really don't give a darn as long as they get your vote. They will say anything...same as Mr. Obama...that community organizer who must have failed Business 101, or why else is his college transcripts "sealed...unavailable to view!" His cronies are going after Romney for tax returns and everything about Obama is "sealed!" His complete lack of business acumen is so very obvious (except to liberals). Obama is a communist, socialist, anti-American pawn in the hands of the power-brokers. And all of you "Oh the world is wonderful" liberals are going to get what you deserve if Mr. "I did drugs in high school...what's the point..." Slick Barry gets re-elected; unfortunately you are taking the rest of us and all our children down with you. BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION and one that we should all agree on: TERM LIMITS for ALL BALANCED BUDGET ADMENDMENT ...SCHOOL VOUCHER SYSTEM to replace our completely broken educational system...COMPLETE REVISION OF THE TAX CODE using the "KISS" formula: 3 Tax Categories and a NATIONAL SALES TAX..ELIMINATION of POLITICAL PERKS for those "representatives of the people." Everyone of them from Barry on down should be required to participate n Medicare, Social Security and Oh that so wonderful ObamaCare is good enough for us...then Mr. Obama and his family should not be SPECIFICALLY exempt as it is written in that dictate. Same with Senator Reid, Senator McCain, Congresswoman Pelosi, Congresswoman Bachman, etc. etc. Why, tell me please, Why are they so entitled to special treatment...special retirement...special medical insurance? WHY? You all should take some history courses at your local community college with a concentration on past empires..."Power Corrupts...Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely" Matthew it. Love from Florida...Joe

written by Charlie Alvarado , July 21, 2012

"Just look around you and tell me one place in this country where you will find the degree of hope that existed in the 1950's. WHERE?"
As I look back to those days, I can see your point Joe. However, I wasn't politically involve after I got out of the Marine Corps in 1956. At that time you needed to pay to vote. Here in Texas they called it a poll Tax. So "THAT HAS CHANGED."
But you people are the problem because you're against everything good for our country if it involves money. You want protection but you don't want it for all Americans when you can afford it for yourselves.
I don't know how James got most poor musicians, in this area, to back his views, when we have to hold benefits for them when they get into financial trouble.
"Point, counter point! James, you "speak out of both sides of your mouth,"
WOW!, if we both see that, why can't we agree on all of the needs for America?
"and Ms. Penny, George and our friend Charlie...well they speak but say nothing positive; they criticize but offer no solutions"
"SAY WHAT?" There’s no criticism in what you say? Joe, the problem is that you never agree with what's right. If our president does something, you'll always try to criticize him. It doesn't matter if your choice for president would the same thing.
"Power Corrupts"
Then why do you want the powerful to get "MORE POWER?"

written by Charlie Alvarado , July 21, 2012

I was 29 years old when this happened. I can't remember voting for anything yet. And I was born here and served my country.

24: Poll taxes abolished


The 20th century had entered its second half. The 14th and 15th amendments assuring equal protection and voting rights were a century old, and still, in some corners of the nation, local laws were used to keep black voters away from the ballot box. Poll taxes, which kept the "POOR" out of the voting booth, dated to colonial times. Indeed, some property or tax requirement was employed in almost every early state of the union until they were gradually phased out at the state level in the 19th century or, until they were given the boot by federal courts.

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