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Jesuits Promote Soros’ ‘Anti-Catholic’ NGO Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Jul 9, 2012, 08:52 PM
The Jesuit Refugee Service is encouraging its donors and volunteers to support the ‘anti-Catholic’ agenda of alternative energy tycoon, George Soros, a major contributor to Pro-Choice groups and President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

The Jesuits even describe Mr. Soros’ International Crisis Group’s (ICG) Website as a useful link for “Catholic organizations.” It shows a “recruitment” and “donate” link to help Jesuit supporters join Soros’ political groups.

To make it easier for people to donate to Soros’ foundations, the Jesuit Refugee Service translates its ICG donor request into the English, French, Spanish and Italian languages.

The Jesuits also support the Missionary Service News Agency, which says, “Misna provides daily new ‘from about and for’ the ‘world’s South’, not just in the geographical sense. Journalistically, the news agency – which is often described as ‘alternative’ or as providing ‘counter-information’ – has the primary aim of integrating and sometimes also ‘correcting’ the ‘genetically modified information’ put into circulation by large global news systems that have different perceptions of the world.”

To learn more about the Jesuit Refugee Service, link here: To read ‘counter information’ from MISNA, link here:

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written by Tiva , July 10, 2012

not sure what you're referencing. The donate button and the recruitment button take you to the charity (JRS) website where you can donate to refugee causes. Dallas Jesuit High School had a great event wih JRS last April

written by Bill Marvel , July 11, 2012

What's this strange obsession you have with the Jesuits all about? Did you have an unpleasant theology teacher back in hig school?

written by SJUG , July 16, 2012

== Deposition of Fr. Smolich in Chevedden case, July 28, 2006. Now President of the US Jesuits.
[Page] 19
When Smolich was made Provincial in 1999, Jim was permanently assigned to Sacred Heart Jesuit
Center, Los Gatos
Smolich never met Jim’s 2002 to 2004 psychiatrist, Dr. Maloof
Jim’s 1998 jump was not a suicide attempt. It was the result of a conflict that Jim had with his
Dr. Susan (Jim’s psychiatrist from 1996 to 2002) was put on the Jesuit Sensitive Incidents Team and
Smolich knew Jim was seeing her as a client (conflict of interest for Dr. Susan)
Smolich did not have day-to-day care of the 435 Calif. Province Jesuits.
Smolich did not ask the Jesuit communities to send their priests with psychological problems to Los
Gatos. [Yet Jim was required to live at Los Gatos.]
Jim’s first complaint re Br. Connor was in June 2004 (not in March 2002, see page 77 below)
Smolich claims that Jim merely complained about harassment by Br. Connor.
Smolich claims that Br. Connor’s [retaliatory] jamming of Jim’s injured foot happened before Connor’s
Connor must be telling the truth about Jim because Connor even admitted to massaging one of the
dishwashers [above the waist].
Smolich did not know who to believe – Chevedden or Connor [a registered sex offender]
In March 2002 Smolich knew Jim felt strongly against living with sex offenders
The University of Santa Clara (where Jim wanted to move to) did not have a suitable “personality
perspective” for Jim – maybe Smolich means the Jesuit culture there was too gay
Jim raised his fist to Fr. Smolich because Fr. Smolich did not give Jim a yes or no answer fast enough
Jim also let out a “frustration” sound.
Jim could “scream out loud” so it was safe to house him with Br. Connor
Jim’s letter to Fr. Neuhaus was an attempt to go to the press [It was a request for advice]
[Smolich infers that since Jim’s letter to Fr. Neuhaus did not result in a news article, that Smolich has no
fear of Jim blowing the whistle.]
Groping is harassment according to Smolich
Was Jim a liar? No. [But Smolich could not decide if Jim was telling the truth about Br. Connor’s
Preventing Jim from accepting the New York Chinatown assignment was Smolich’s decision
Fr. Lindner [housed in the same building as Jim] may well be the sickest human being.
If the Jesuits allowed this to happen to a brother Jesuit, I wouls not trust them with the Jesuit Refugee Service.

written by george , July 16, 2012

A Santa Clara County jury acquitted a San Francisco man of felony assault and elder abuse for beating up a Jesuit he says brutally raped him and his brother when they were children decades ago.
The Jesuits had paid Lynch and his brother about $187,000 each after legal fees to settle a lawsuit they filed claiming Lindner had raped Lynch and made him have oral sex with his 4-year-old brother. The order also paid another camper more than $1.5 million to settle her lawsuit. In 2007, one of Lindner's nieces sued the Jesuits for Lindner's alleged sexual abuse of her as a child and settled for $786,000.
Now the Jesuits want to run a Refugee Service. One just needs to read about all the child sex abuse case around the world the Jesuits are involved to realize that they have no concern for anybody, the victims-the children and their families.

written by george , July 16, 2012

Michael Quinlan, a former CEO of McDonald's Corp. has given Loyola University Chicago $40 million for a revamped business school. To date, this donation is the largest gift Loyola University has received from an individual. This money means the Jesuit Catholic university can build a nine-story building for the business school at the university's downtown campus. The building will be named after Quinlan, who holds both undergraduate and master's degrees from Loyola. "When people ask me where did I go to college, I am very proud to tell them I am a two-time graduate of Loyola." Quinlan served on the Loyola University and McDonald's board of directors along with Fr. Brad Schaeffer, S.J. Fr. Schaeffer,S.J. resigned from the boards of Boston College, Georgetown, Loyola University, Chicago and others earlier this year after the Boston Globe exposed his "mistakes" and his cover-up with protecting the alleged victims from Fr. Donald McGuire, S.J. Is Mr. Quinlan aware of the Jesuits' sick life styles? There are about 210 Jesuits in the Chicago-Detroit province and 75 of them have "creditable" sex abuse claims against them. That is around 45% of these Jesuits, is Mr. Quinlan proud of this as well?

written by George , July 16, 2012

The lawsuit was filed by one of Douglas Perlitz's accusers. The lawsuit maintains that Fairfield University, the Jesuit order and other defendants were NEGLIGENT in hiring and SUPERVISING Perlitz in the work he did in Haiti. And it accuses other defendants, some of them not named, of AIDING Perlitz's EFFORTS TO COVER UP THE ABUSE. This is far worse than the Penn State scandal. The Jesuits go way out of their way NOT to keep children out of harms way. The Jesuits have paid out hundreds of millions to settle sex abuse claims, Alaska, Oregon, California and Illinois. The Jesuits may just have more money than Mr. Soros. Just look into their bank accounts in the Grand Cayman Island, (one of the accounts has about a 160 million US dollars) and Loyola University-Chicago's PROFITS for one year that exceed $900 million. The Jesuits need to stay far away from children.

written by George , July 16, 2012

To Bill Marvel,
The "strange obsession" with the Jesuits is that they have a pattern and practice of molesting children. JESUIT SEX ABUSE is an unpleasant experience not only for all their victims but their families as well.
The reality is the Jesuits demonstrate absolutely no compassion or remorse towards their victims. Some representatives of Jesus Christ they are . . . Now they want to reach out to even more children? Bill, when is enough, enough?

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