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John Wiley Price’s Gavel Grab Raises Psychological Questions Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Jul 9, 2012, 02:06 AM
Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, a Democrat, frantically grabbed at the gavel of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins during a heated debate between County Commissioners Maurine Dickey and Mike Cantrell.

Mr. Price is under investigation by the FBI over alleged corruption charges, so the incidents could raise questions over his state of mind.

Is Mr. Price showing megalomaniac characteristics by asserting his authority over a symbol of authority? Judge Jenkins was holding a gavel, which could metaphorically represent judicial authority over criminal wrongdoers.

The gavel might be perceived as a so-called ‘tool of repression’ in the mind of Mr. Price, as he fears that a judge may soon determine his fate and the pounding of a gavel represents some feelings of guilt.

Hence, John Wiley Price could feel the need to rebel against his future fate and show the world he refuses to show fear in the midst of overwhelming evidence that he may indeed be guilty of the crimes that the FBI is investigating him for. So, his gavel grab has become a metaphysical act of rebellion.

Perhaps, psychological concepts of justice may seem somewhat strange for Mr. Price, since he could perceive himself as a man who is above the law. The pounding of the gavel could have ignited visions of a harsh judge imposing swift justice on Mr. Price, if he goes to trial.

So, what was John Wiley Price really thinking during the gavel tussle? Can psychologists comprehend his true mindset?

To learn more about Dallas County Commissioner’s John Wiley Price’s gavel grabbing incident, link here:

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Comments (3)add comment
written by That One , July 10, 2012

His mindset was, "Hey, this is good Dickey theater here. Let it keep going."

Nothing more complicated than that. Not sure why there's so much coverage on this.

written by joshua , July 11, 2012

the coverage is the equivalent of news articles about an out of control gorilla in the zoo.

written by joshua , July 12, 2012

JWP's eyesight is failing...he thought he was giving Jenkins a friendly squeeze on a woodie.

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