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Beijing Diary: Washington Post and Dallas Blog in Xi'an Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Jul 6, 2012, 03:23 AM

BEIJING:  In an ironic twist of fate, the Washington Post and New York Times will soon publish stories written by Dallas Blog reporter, Tom McGregor. The series of articles, known as ChinaWatch, will be about the city of Xi’an, China.

 To read the first article published on the Washington Post on June 29, link here:

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Comments (7)add comment
written by AJHillbilly , July 06, 2012

What's Tom McGregor doing working for the Communist rags The Washington Post and the New York Times?

written by PamG , July 06, 2012

I didn't know the Washington Post was outsourcing Right Wing bloggers as correspondents in China. They must have hired him for less than minimum wage.

written by BilderbergerSlayer , July 06, 2012

I guess that means Tom's a Bilderberger too, just like Alex Jones.

written by BilderbergerSlayer , July 06, 2012

Tom McGregor is now Paul Krugman's co-worker. How funny!!! Just wait til Krugman takes a look at the Dallas Blog. He's going to have a heart attack. Go get him Tom!

written by ConcernedDemocrat , July 06, 2012

What next? Will Tom McGregor, the world's worst reporter, write front page stories for the Washington Post? Why would they hire someone who writes such terible, innacurate and partisan attacks against Obama.

written by GOPJim , July 06, 2012

The Washington Post wants to prove it hires reporters who are Democrats and Republicans. They have just one Republican working for them now and they ship him out of the country and to the other side of the world. Tom McGregor get ready they will probably send you to North Korea soon and you may not live to write about it.

written by Publiusx89 , July 07, 2012

Tough times for the WaPost...indeed. For a bit of Jonathan Swift-type satire, read this:!/2012/07/russia-passes-border-patrol-agent-brian.html

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