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Alex Jones Demands Listeners Disobey US Laws Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Jul 1, 2012, 06:30 PM
Conspiracy theorist radio host, Alex Jones, an alleged leader of a so-called Bilderburger group, has posted a “secession” letter on his Website demanding that all his listeners disregard U.S. laws and stop paying their taxes, since Mr. Jones seeks to launch a so-called “revolution” against the U.S. Constitution and the American government

Mr. Jones writes, “government (of whatever form) cannot righteously rule without consent of the governed. Without your consent, this entity cannot rightfully claim or require any contractual obligation on you. No individual or collective entity can declare legitimate authority over your life or property without your explicit consent. Without your consent, their claims of ruling you can then only be backed by threatening violence upon you, further illustrating their illegitimacy. And no, you cannot be rightfully born into such arrangement, just as you cannot be rightfully born a slave. Make your claim to individual sovereignty, clear by declaring your personal secession.”

Mr. Jones then posts an “efoods” link so that so-called secessionists can stock up on food during militia rebellions. Mr. Jones even provides a link for readers to assist them with purchasing guns and ammo. Mr. Jones even post ads that show his alleged Marxist leanings and encourages readers to purchase books to learn more about Socialism and why he appears to endorse a 'Red Obama.'

Although, Mr. Jones has called for all his listeners to disobey U.S. laws and stop paying their taxes, he has not yet been audited by the IRS, leaving some to ask, “are these Bilderburg allegations about Mr. Jones really true?”

To read the Alex Jones secessionist letter, link here:

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Comments (35)add comment
written by AustinStreets , July 02, 2012

Look at the garbage in this so-called article.

written by john_lubbock , July 02, 2012

This article is absolute trash.

written by UNPeacekeeper , July 02, 2012

Does Bilderburger Jones own the 'efoods' company to convince his 'Red Rebels' to buy his products? That sounds like Capitalist exploitation if I ever saw it. I may support his endorsement of a 'Red Obama,' but he must stop his hypocrisy. How can he be considered a true Venezuelan Chavista when he's selling his products to his listeners. When is Obama going to do a tax audit to teach him a bitter lesson about his flagrant exploitation the gullible masses. I will cite from Alex Jones during his Top Secret speech to the UN, "Long Live Socialism and Death to Capitalist Rogues!"

written by CapitalistMan , July 02, 2012

Mr. Jones is a menace to free market ideals. Now, he's selling endorsement books telling his Communist followers to vote for the Marxist Obama. His seccessionist scheme sounds a lot like the 'hundred flowers blooming scheme' hatched by the Socialist White House and his Alex Jones Bilderburger goons.

written by FreedomLover , July 02, 2012

Long live freedom, death to Alex Jones' socialism!!!

written by TexasMilitia , July 02, 2012

Alex Jones is a treacherous snake, he told me he was going to launch a militia war to support the U.S. Constitution. Now, he's about to start another Communist Revolution. I'm calling for all militias in the U.S. to disavow their support for Alex Jones. He's a Marxist using militia support to make America a Red Nation.

written by RedChe , July 02, 2012

The Marxist Revolution has begun, our fearless leader Alex Jones must show us the way. It's about time he stopped pretending to be a capitalist.

written by MarxPhilosopher , July 02, 2012

UN Peacekeeper don't attack Mr. Jones. After lengthy discussions with him we agreed that he must inspire the communist revolution through the Marxist dialectic. He must exploit the masses as a capitalist. He must be a con-artist and expopriate cash from his listeners by selling them low-grade and useless products on his Websites and radio shows, because we need the money from Republicans to pay for our weapons. The poor masses need to feel robbed by a man claiming to be a capitalist to move forward on the Marxist dialectic and push for a proletarian revolution.

written by UNPeacekeeper , July 02, 2012

That's a good idea. Long live Mr. Red Alex Jones!

written by BarryO , July 02, 2012

Mr. Jones should better hope I get re-elected. I'm the only person who's stopping the IRS from auditing his ass. Mr. Romney isn't one of his fans.

written by Dr.Paul2012 , July 02, 2012

Are the people writing comments on this bull***t article retarded? Alex Jones is Anti-Communist! He hates Obama because of his Socialist ideas! If you go to you see for yourself that's he's calling for the return of the constitution and capitalism! the amount of misinformed morons commenting on this article are proof that Obama's brainwashing programs are working.

written by Clutch , July 02, 2012

What the Fu*k is wrong with you idiots! Alex Jones is ANTI-COMMUNIST! He hates Obama! go to, Alex had a Dictator Obama Poster contest, in which he urged listeners to make Poster about the Evils of Obama and then put them up all over the country. Tom McGregor is nothing but a misinformed puppet for the Obama Administration. Also, Jones protested the Bilderberg group he's not a member, do some actual research before you write bullshit articles!

written by Gwitz , July 02, 2012

Talk about misinformation, distortion of facts and outright lies Mr. McGregor. The secessionist letter was written by Roger Young posted on The site which linked to. You would appear to be a Slander-Hack operative and apparently your readers aren't that bright or they would fact check your BS. Easy to see why the country is in the state it's in.

written by Mr.Constitution , July 02, 2012

The people who wrote this article and most the people that have commented on it apparently have no idea who Alex is and have never listened to the show. I do suggest that the author listen to the show and maybe they'll understand Alex doesn't support Obama or Marxism in any way. And by the way, no believes a word you said MarxPhilosopher.

written by WolfSlayer , July 02, 2012

Have you heard the tale of the wolf in sheep's clothing? Of course, Alex Jones is a Commie Lover and a stooge for Obama, why else would he sell Red Obama books?

written by HundredFlowers , July 02, 2012

Chairman Mao launched the Cultural Revolution by suggesting the Chinese should express dissent by saying he wanted "a hundred flowers to bloom." He then set a trap to expose his enemies and destroyed them. Sounds like Alex Jones is a gardener for Marxist Obama.

written by PoliticalColors , July 02, 2012

Take a look at the color of these 2 websites: and Obama and Mr. Jones use the same color scheme for their Websites, which looks purple and blue. As we all know this color symbolizes support for the Democratic Party and Gay Pride.

written by Homophobe , July 02, 2012

I always thought Alex Jones and Barack Hussein Obama were gay lovers.

written by FormerJoneser , July 02, 2012

Alex Jones is now designing Obama campaign Websites! I can't believe I used to listen to him. He and Obama are damn communists.

written by eFoodsHater , July 02, 2012

Wow you got a point about the politics of color, so I carefully reviewed the Infowars Home page. Did you know that Alex uses Commie Red boxes in his 'LEARN MORE' links for eFoods? He even uses Commie Red links for free downloads of his iPhone app. Alex is nothing but a puppet for Obama.

written by disgusted , July 03, 2012

What a total load of trash. After reading your HIT PIECE, it's obvious that you don't actually listen to Alex Jones. You've intentionally twisted his words to try and deceive your readers. This article is a perfect example of what's wrong with the (fake) media. When you feel threaten by "Truth to Power" statements you fire back with hideous lies and deliberate deception. Nice try, but all you have really done is make a complete "A_ _" out of yourself.

written by FormerJoneser , July 03, 2012

Take a look at this Red Obama book Mr. Jones wants his listeners to read God Almighty, now he's endorsing pro-Stalin healthcare plans and Commie professors. I can't believe I used to listen to that fool.

written by sheepleherder , July 03, 2012

well if you SHEEPLE actually had a few brain cells to rub together you might start thinking for yourself, but since you don't ill let you in on something... Alex Jones preaches nothing but constitutional values, has "bullhorned" the Bilderburgers to point out the wrong things they're doing, shows nothing but disgust at this new SOCIALISTIC (red) form of healthcare called OBAMACARE, and has never said we should have a violent revolution... I've already noticed you have been pointed out to be a dumb ass muddrucker that can't even get his post straight, you got the journalist of the article wrong, the obvious intentions of so your either a dumb-ass journalist that should get a different career or a half-wit agent that'll be just as screwed as the rest of us when SHTF...

written by eFoodsHater , July 03, 2012

Look at this link of Mr. Jones using a Commie Red bullhorn:

written by FreedomLover , July 03, 2012

Doesn't RWNJ on Mr. Jones bullhorn stand for Radical World of New Jersey and that's where you can find the secret headquarters of the Communist International, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission and the Rockefeller Commission. Why is Mr. Jones promoting these nefarious organizations on his bullhorn?

written by antiRWNJ , July 03, 2012

Sounds like the defenders of Alex Jones on the Dallas Blog are nothing more than moles and spies for the RWNJ and commie sympathizers. I don't know about you but I support the US Constitution and free markets. I hate Red Obama and don't support his RWNJ cronies such as Alex Jones

written by dylan deleon , July 03, 2012

this is all lies first alex isnt in bildaburg what is that plus a leader come on this all lies all of you that just read this an belive it are called sheeple really this man Tom McGregor i bet supports a red obama an communisum an i bet all these people antiRWNJ FreedomLover eFoodsHater
formerJoneser Homophobe
HundredFlowers PoliticalColors MarxPhilosopher CapitalistMan UNPeacekeeper are all payed trools look at the names an how it always refects what they say they are liars i expected better from texas really dallas really all you idiots that think this is true do so research an you'll find this man is complete bull****!!!!! ALEX JONES IS NOT A COMMUNIST he's just a regular guy who tell truth about what reall is going on come on do you think he would be getting attacked like this if he an obama were in cahotiz no

written by greg25 , July 03, 2012

You are all right. Just keep drinking your flouride water and give up your rights to the great Obama and his ever so friendly United Nations associates so they can take care of you and your family. U just have to wait till theyre done in Syria god knows theyre busy trying to save the earth.

written by BildebergerRebel , July 03, 2012

So Alex Jones gave a speech at the UN supporting communism and trashtalking capitalism. I never heard of this RWNJ group but they are a bunch of New World Order thugs.

written by ConspiracyTheorist , July 03, 2012

These commie goons are already starting their misinformation socialist propaganda scheme. Check out this Website: I gues that means Marxist Jones and Obama are really angry at the Dallas Blog.

written by DallasRepublican , July 03, 2012

If Red Obama and Bildeberger Alex Jones hate the Dallas Blog then I will read it every day. Never heard of Tom McGregor or Alex Jones before today, but at least Tom doesn't post gay pride colors on his Website.

written by TexasIndependence , July 04, 2012

Time to bankrupt Commie Lovers! Stop listening to Alex Jones.

written by MrUnicorn , July 04, 2012

Just wait until you see sparkles, glitter and rainbow colors all over the inforwars website. Jones really loves to sparkle since he's so fabulous at the gay bars in Austin.

written by NewFan , July 04, 2012

The Dallas Blog is correct, Alex is just running a false flag cover scheme to make sure Obama gets re-elected to the White House. After reading this article, I decided to stop listening to Alex Jones and I will now support the Dallas Blog, since it's a true Republican Website. I'm an American patriot and so is Tom McGregor of the Dallas blog.

written by TexasVoter , July 04, 2012

I agree with NewFan. Alex Jones is making himself look like a damn fool so Obama can say, "don't vote GOP, because you don't want Alex Jones and his crazed fanatics to seize control of the White House." Jones is a stooge for Obama

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