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Mexican Marines Capture ‘Fattie,’ the Drug Lord Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Jun 21, 2012, 05:54 PM
On Thursday, Mexican marines took into custody a young man they believe is one of the sons of Mexico’s most-wanted drug kingpin, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, boss of the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “the presumed son, identified by the Navy as Jesus Alfredo Guzman Salazar, was allegedly taking on an increasing leadership role in Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel and purportedly served as the administrator of his father’s fortune, estimated by Forbes magazine at about $1 billion.”

The goofy-looking and obese Guzman Salazar, called ‘El Gordo,’ or ‘Fattie,’ was captured early Thursday during a raid by marines in Zapaopan, a wealthy suburb of the western city of Guadalajara.

Additionally, President Barack Obama has already placed confidential informants in grave danger by taking credit for the capture of Fattie. The White House indirectly disclosed that allegedly CIA agents are helping Mexican soldiers conduct drug raids. He requested that Mexican Navy spokesman, Jose Luis Vergara, disclose the Top Secret information at a news conference.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, “also captured in the raid was an alleged 19-year-old Sinaloa cartel member, Kevin Daniel Beltran Rios. The pair was caught with a grenade launcher and four grenades, two assault rifles, two pistols and $135,000 in cash.”

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (3)add comment
written by ElSangre , June 22, 2012

So Obama sent his agents to be my friend. I was always suspicious of them. It's a good thing they taught me English.

written by nolehace , June 22, 2012

again Obama is throwing his own people under the bus. His desperation is becoming legendary.

written by 333maxwell , June 23, 2012

Of course you do know that over 20 hours ago it was discovered the man is a USED CAR SALESMAN and there WERE NO GRENADES, there WERE NO 100k in cash. There is no 'Fattie' for fudge's sake.

Like everything DEA and drug war, you were lied to, and you actually appreciated it.

Scary eh? They can just bust into a car salesman's house and say he had 100k and grenades to 'justify' it and make it look oh so victorious..

And yet it was all one big lie.. and we not only BOUGHT costs us all 15 billion on just a federal level, every year. For LIES.

Ha.. have a good day. Think about it next time before you do a victory dance over ANYTHING the DEA has to say about the 'drug war' and Mexico.

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