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Egypt Better than US, Peaceniks Say Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Jun 17, 2012, 07:22 PM
Although President Barack Obama already won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Institute for Economics and Peace claims that Egypt, ranking 73rd, is a more peaceful country than the United States, ranking 82nd, according to its Global Peace Index.

China, ranking 80th, gets a higher score than Obama, too, as well as Vietnam, ranking 30th, despite the Vietnamese long-standing brutal crackdown against the Catholic Church. The index even gives Cuba, ranking 67th, a higher status than the U.S.

However, the US did get better peace scores than Turkey, ranking 122nd, India, ranking 135th, and Israel, ranking 145th, among the 153 nations listed. Iran ranks 119th, ahead of India, Turkey and Israel.

Former President Jimmy Carter claims to be a founding member of the Institute for Economics and strongly supports the Global Peace Index.

To study the Global Peace Index, link here:

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written by Wadji , June 18, 2012

It won't be any more. Shari'a is not peaceful.

written by G S , June 18, 2012

This says a lot more about the Institute for Economics and Peace than it does about the U.S. Our invovment was necessary to end the Bosnian War and to rescue Libya and to throw Iraq out of Kuwait. I'm sure all of this counts against us.

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