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Is There Voter Fraud? Print E-mail
by James Reza    Wed, May 16, 2012, 03:26 PM

When I was around 19 or 20, I’d hang out with guys who were several years older than me.  Most of my older friends drank beer and often invited me to drink with them.  As we ordered beer, guys who knew I was underage would slip me their driver’s license under the table as the waitress checked to see if we were old enough to drink beer.  Back in the 50s, driver’s license didn’t have your mug on the license.  Thus, I drank lots of beer at bars prior to being 21. When I turned 21 and celebrated my birthday at the Patio Bar, Andy, the proprietor said, “James, you sorry butt, you could have had my bar closed if I was caught selling beer to you!” We all laughed and continued celebrating my birthday.

Today, anyone under 21 will have a tougher time than I did ordering alcohol drinks without a valid drivers license photo ID.  And, though I got away for several years drinking underage, I confess that it was a dumb thing to do, and sadly many underage individuals today still do it by whatever means (false IDs, get older friends to buy, etc.).

I just recently received my voter registration card and will be voting this week on the upcoming Texas primary elections.  From what I’ve read, Texas should have already had their primary elections on March 6, but were delayed due to some gripes by the Democrats over election district maps drawn last year by the Texas Legislature.  On March 1, a federal court in San Antonio set the primaries for May 29 under interim, court-drawn maps.  Democrats also raised cane about voters having to have fraud proof voter cards with their photo on the card.  I believe Democrats were complaining that minorities (blacks, Hispanics, Asians and anyone not white) would have trouble following the new voting guidelines passed by the 82nd Texas Legislature when they passed Senate Bill 14, a voter identification law, which changed some of the rules for voting in Texas.  As an American Hispanic I don’t see any intimidating reasons why I personally couldn’t comply with the new rules such as having:  A valid driver’s license, election ID certificate, U.S. military ID card, U.S. citizenship certificate, or a valid U.S. passport to comply with the new rules which supposedly take effect January 1, of next year and not this coming November.  My God folks, when we go to a bank, or purchase goods with a credit card we’re always asked for identification.  Recently, I purchased some tools at a hardware store and the cashier, a Hispanic, asked me for my ID when I paid with a check.  I asked her, “Are you checking my ID because I’m Hispanic?”  She said, “No, I asked everybody who pays with a check regardless of their skin color or ethnicity for an ID.”

Seriously folks, why are Democrats afraid of with this photo ID voting card business?  Aren’t they afraid of voter fraud at the ballot box like any red blood voting American would be?  Or, do they believe that voter fraud doesn’t exist?  I personally don’t know if photo ID voting cards will curtail voter fraud, but I can’t see where it hurts minorities.  My God, don’t Democrats think blacks, Hispanics, etc. can’t read and are too stupid to vote?  Having been an election judge for 10 years in my predominately Hispanic community in the 1980s I vividly remember assisting any voter who had vision problems or was not fluent in understanding voting ballots in Spanish or English.  Speaking of Spanish ballots, in the 10 years I was an election judge I can only recall one vote cast in Spanish in my predominately Hispanic community. And the voter, a friend fluent in English, told me he did it for the hell of it!  What a terrible waste of Texas taxpayer’s dollars!

While living in North Fort Worth, a predominately Hispanic area, I was very involved in my parish and in local politics.  Though I was a Republican and was scorned for it by Hispanic Democrats who sought political office, they often solicited my help due that I was one heck of a fundraiser and I had close ties with most business owners in my turf.  Whether for my parish or politicians who I supported, most business owners would generously fund my church or political endeavors.

Two Hispanic Democrats who I helped significantly in their political battles in the late 70s were Councilman Louis Zapata, the first Hispanic councilman in Fort Worth and Justice of the Peace Manuel Valdez who was from San Antonio.  Mr. Zapata had monetary issues and Mr. Valdez was hardly known in North Fort Worth.  Thus, I, along with an alcoholic friend raised several thousand dollars with raffles to help Mr. Zapata and I undertook the challenge to introduce Mr. Valdez to many known political activists in my parish and my community.  It was during these two political involvements that I became aware of how money was spent to pay black activists within the political districts of both Hispanic politicians to secure votes for them by whatever means to ensure them black votes.  Was it done by fraudulent means? Truthfully, I don’t know, the only think I do know is that black voters knew little if anything about both politicians.  Blacks just sold their votes to the highest bidder.  Were they interested in who was a good candidate?  No, money was their motivator.

What seems so obvious to me and other concern voters is that Democrats would like nothing better than for illegal aliens to have a voice by their possible fraudulent votes in our election process.  What other reason would they be concerned about photo IDs?  American Hispanics, Blacks and Asians all are in most part English literate and possess the necessary ID papers to prove their citizenship. Illegal aliens on the other hand, can’t in most part read or write English, nor do they have the necessary ID papers to prove their citizenship.

Unaware to many Americans and Texans as well is that Mexico requires all who vote there to show their photo ID at the polls.  In Mexico, if you don’t have this voter ID photo card you don’t vote!  My fellow Texans, Mexico’s photo ID card not only has the voter’s photo on it, but a fingerprint and “the voter’s life’s history!  Wow!  Now how great is that?  I say, let’s adopt Mexico’s voter law!

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written by Pope1944 , May 20, 2012

Totally agree James. There is another Mexican law we should adopt: if you are caught there illegally you immediately deported.

written by Charlie Alvarado , May 22, 2012

I believe we should deport you "P." We/I don't know who you are. You have "NOT" identified yourself. Hiding something?
You question me, when you can verify who I am on the net; and/or with Reza.

So we should adopt Mexican laws? Perhaps it's the right thing to do. Remember, Mexicans didn't cross the border, the border crossed them.
Probably the Democrats fault again. ¿Que no?

written by Charlie Alvarado , May 22, 2012

One more thing. Voter fraud isn't done by a select type of people or party. Remember the 2000 election?

George W. Bush:
"Bush's victory over Gore in the 2000 election depended upon a number of fraudulent techniques in Florida (which he officially won by 537 votes), without which Gore would have won by tens of thousands of votes. Bush was aided by the fact that his brother Jeb was Florida Governor; his campaign co-chair Katherine Harris was the top Florida election-supervising official (secretary of state); and 4 of the 9 members of the US Supreme Court had been appointed by Bush's father (or when Bush senior was VP) – all 4 voted for Bush in the showdown, along with Justice Kennedy in the 5-4 decision. (7 of the 9 Supremes had been appointed by Republican presidents; the 2 others voted against Bush in the decision.)

written by Pope1944 , May 23, 2012

It's a nice quote about Bush but it didn't seem to sway the Supreme Court. Maybe some of the 53,000 dead people on the FL voter rolls should have voted more than once.
Oh, and Charlie I am a 68 year old American, born in Detroit, this is my second time to live in Dallas for a total of 27 years now. I have children and grandchildren just like a lot of other normal people. I was raised in a union house that was blindly Democratic and voted for whoever the union supported. Once I grew up I started to think for myself and now, like many Americans, I am reduced to voting for the lesser of two evils in most elections. I have no political party affiliation but I will admit that I have very little respect for politicians in general because they ALL lie to get elected and then do something different from what they campaigned on to get elected.
I have a college degree and attended graduate school. I still have a full time job and pay a lot of taxes.
So, I'm a pretty normal guy who thinks our country is headed for some very difficult times in the near future due to incompetent and even criminal acts by the very people we elected to "represent" us in Congress. The deficit, Social Security, Medicare, and on and on, are all in sad shape and the primary reason is "we" (meaning our governments, at all levels) spend money we don't have. I am an advocate of term limits and balanced budgets and a totally revamped tax system that requires every wage earner to pay something into the system and much, much smaller government (especially at the Federal level) and enforcing the laws we already have on the books (all of them)and reducing the amount of time politicians can run ads on television and restricting the amount they can spend (each presidential candidate will spend over $1 billion this year.
I post all over the internet and other blogs as Pope1944 so I don' see any reason to change for this blog.

written by Charlie Alvarado , May 24, 2012

Well, I surely agree with you on our corrupt congress. The reason is because you didn't blame it solely on the Democrats.
And you sound as if you're like many Americans. But I believe you lack doing many of the things which made this country great. Like putting your life on the line for our country. You don't need to, but it may have given you a sense of pride and understanding of what it means to be free.
Most of the things you complain in your post are caused by those who call themselves conservatives.

Using that user name may be a common practice for you, and it may be legal, but it doesn't make it right. But that still doesn't identify who you are. What's your real name in Dallas? Why do you agree with Reza if you posted your last post honestly.
It's a double standard to chastise someone for doing some thing that you continue to do yourself. I’m asking you with respect, stop using our religious leader’s name.

written by Charlie Alvarado , May 24, 2012

Nice quote about Bush?
I don't like to do this, but if a subject comes up, be sure to look at the facts.

Mon Feb 06, 2012 at 10:51 AM PST
There IS voter fraud! By Republicans
Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White was convicted of six felonies early this morning, and consequently lost his job [...]
After about 12 hours of deliberation, a jury convicted White of three counts of voter fraud, two counts of perjury and one count of theft.

For that matter, what is it about high-profile Republicans in general
and their rapidly growing record of voter fraud, as we have two new
reports today of two more very high profile Republicans who appear to
have committed voter fraud? One of them is GOP Presidential candidate
Mitt Romney, the other U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri.

written by Pope1944 , May 27, 2012

Dear Charlie. I wrote this really really long and erudite response to your reply, which as usual is so biased and close minded that it defies description, but I decided to scrap the whole thing. If you really think Obama has made your life better please vote for him. I will be happy to be the person who cancels your vote out.

written by Charlie Alvarado , May 28, 2012

Well Pointless, It's not about Obama making life better for me. It's about who will do better for "ALL" Americans. I don't agree with every thing he/a president does, I vote for whom I believe will not favor a certain class of people and care about "ALL" our citizens. You'd probable be better off if "YOU" voted for Obama; but you and your ilk can't see that because of someone hoodwinking you; "OR" being a hateful racist.
I'll tell you again. President Obama was elected by the Republican minded people.
I didn't vote for him in the primaries. I voted for my girl Hillary. Many Republicans were afraid of her; so they voted in the Democratic primary, voted for Obama and then you'll got plastered in the election.
But I understand about not posting some things, I do it myself. And your vote is already canceled.

written by Charlie Alvarado , May 28, 2012

If gay marriage and abortion were the only issues, I'd vote for the one who could teach them make the right choice. But you don't believe in God. This was published in the SA Express-news Friday.

Robert Richter states that anyone who uses the Bible to justify immoral lifestyles does not respect the Bible.
Although I'm against abortion and a gay lifestyle, it's a right that those people have. In America, you have a right to believe in the Bible or not.
The leader of the United States is President Barack Obama. It is not the "Pope" or the head of any church. Besides, if you believe in the Bible, you must adhere to all of it.
Read what it says about helping the poor and taxes, and how hard it is for a rich person to enter heaven.
If you're against a woman's right to choose, or gays getting married, you must try to amend our Constitution. The Supreme Court already ruled it is a woman's right to choose.
God loves every one of us. However, the United States of America has certain rights, which the Bible bans and calls “sins.” On some issues, you must exercise your right as an American or as a Christian.

Charlie Alvarado

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