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Jesuits Confused about Sex Abuse Treatment Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Apr 25, 2012, 01:00 AM
Defrocked Jesuit priest and twice-convicted serial pedophile, Donald J. McGuire, was declared, “the Most Dangerous Priest in America” by the Chicago Sun-Times on November 2, 2007. McGuire was sent to the St. Luke’s Treatment Institute and evaluated by Stephen J. Rossetti, who is currently a professor at Catholic University in Washington D.C.

Yet when the Dallas Blog emailed Rossetti to ask him about his opinion of America’s most dangerous priest, he responded, I “don’t know” McGuire, in an email dated, March 23. It was a surprising response, since the Dallas Blog just reviewed documents signed by Rossetti when he evaluated McGuire at the St. Luke’s Institute.

The evaluation documents dated, May 25, 1993, and submitted to Fr. Francis J. Daly, S.J., described McGuire as a man who “did not show any signs of a psychosis … neat in appearance and cooperative throughout the evaluation process. In fact, he attempted to maintain a very cheerful attitude,” as written on page 4 of the report.

In the 11-paged document, Rossetti never accused McGuire of lying when he denied accusations of being a pedophile and even ended the letter, writing, “the staff at St. Luke’s sends its prayers and best wishes to Fr. McGuire.”

Rossetti even explained that McGuire should continue serving in his "priestly duties,” since it would benefit him “psychologically.” He did state that the Jesuits should not permit him to travel or sleep with young boys.

However, as records and evidence shows, his Jesuit superiors continued to let McGuire sleep with young boys after May 25, 1993.

Rossetti’s letter states that the Jesuits were aware of sex abuse allegations ever since 1969, when McGuire was a teacher at Loyola Academy in a suburb of Chicago.

Since Rossetti has proven himself to be so forgetful, perhaps his students at Catholic University should be more suspicious of his so-called intellectual skills. Stephen J. Rossetti is the Clinical Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Seminary and Ministerial Programs at the Catholic University of America the School of Theology and Religious Studies.

Perhaps, for verification purposes in case the Jesuits deny the legitimacy of the document, page 5 states that McGuire’s blood pressure tested 122/70.

To learn more about St. Luke’s Treatment Institute, link here:  To read about America’s Most Dangerous Priest, link here:  To learn more about the Jesuit cover-up, link here:

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written by George , April 25, 2012

Frs. Scaheffer and Daly of the Chicago Province just didn't do enough, they went way out of their way to allow and enable McGuire to sexually abuse young kids. Since these sex crimes are usually witnessless, it becomes I said, he said situation. Schaeffer needed to keep McGuire within his eye sight, but didn't WHY?
Since it wasn't his kid, who cares? The higher up the Jesuit rank, it appears that is message the Jesuits are sending. Just call Marjorie O'Day at the Chicago Province, 773-975-6876 or 773-975-6363, and ask her to send you a copy of the Jesuit sex misconduct form in addition to the request for consuling form and see for yourself. You will be shocked with the Jesuits requirements to receive financial assistance to repair the damage they brought about themselves. Schaeffer resigning from the board of Boston College was too little too late. Schaeffer could have prevented at least 7 kids from harm. He needs to resign from EVERY board he serves on.

written by CarlJoe , April 25, 2012

Rossetti called America's Most Dangerous Priest, "cooperative and cheerful." What was he smoking when he evaluated McGuire? He's just as crazy as McGuire. Why is he a professor of clinical psychiatry at Catholic University of America? Why isn't SNAP protesting to get him fired? His evaluation of McGuire ranks as the worst in the world.

written by George , April 25, 2012

Maybe someone should ask why Frs. Grummer and Keehan along with Cardinals Burke and George have turned a blind eye to the scandal. But then again, they have better things to do like raise more money to pay their lawyers, like Rotert, Collins & Toomey

written by witch , April 27, 2012

The Jesuits had a habit of sending Priests who were reported to them as being child molesters to a “treatment center” for sexual abusers, known as St. Luke’s Institute in Maryland, without reporting the crimes of child rape to authorities. This policy enabled child rapists to visit St. Luke’s Institute for short periods of time; and then be released to continue their pattern of abuse.
Let’s just logically assume that having a record of not reporting sex crimes to police-should be an indicator that one should not be running a large expensive prestigious college.
But wait- there’s more. The current Professor, and Ministry Coordinator at The Catholic University of America, in Washington DC, is Rev. Mon. Stephen Rossetti PhD, former CEO of Saint Luke’s Institute, for 13 years, where many serial pedophiles were “treated”, and not turned into police. Convicted serial rapist Fr. McGuire himself, was there for a week, and released, without any warning sent to police, or children at parishes and missionaries where Fr. McGuire continued to molest and rape more innocent children.
I contacted Fr. Rossetti myself, and asked him why he didn’t turn McGuire into police authorities, knowing Fr. McGuire was a serial molester. Fr. Stephen Rossetti responded to me on March 21, 2012 with this remark:
“….Fr McGuire was evaluated at Saint Luke Institute for one week but subsequently treated elsewhere. Saint Luke Institute is not able to tell sending organizations what to do with their individuals, but it can make clinical recommendations.”
Fr. Rossetti further stated that:
“Actually, the District Attorney of Maryland, where Saint Luke Institute is located, said in writing that the child reporting statutes of Maryland at that time did not allow one to break the Maryland law of medical confidentiality to report child sexual abuse when it happened out of State. Thus, had we reported it, we would have been violating the State laws of Maryland. Saint Luke Institute is a licensed mental health facility and thus is bound by Maryland law to maintain the confidentiality of its patients and can only break that confidentiality when State law permits us to do so.”
So there you have it. The Jesuits sent serial molesters to Maryland, and according to Fr. Rossetti, as long as the pedophiles molested kids outside Maryland, the Institute did not have to report it. Well isn’t that special. Then why wasn’t Fr. McGuire sent to a facility somewhere else where they did have to report child sexual abuse? Surely, a Professor with a degree in psychology, and a PhD, and all the trophies Fr. Rossetti had, could figure that out.
Could it be that the serial molesters were sent to Maryland intentionally because the Jesuits and the Institute there didn’t have to report it; as opposed to sending them somewhere else? Could the Jesuits be that calculating and deceptive? The answer may lie in their track record and history, especially today; when they are getting busted continuously because the courts and the public just aren’t buying their stories of cover-ups, non-reporting, and excuses as to why so many serial pedophiles were not halted in their tracks – when they should have been.
This world is a better place because Boston college Jesuit Fr. Schaeffer resigned, and I think it would be a better place if college leaders Fr. Privett, and Fr. Rossetti resigned as well; and then men or women- who have a different history of policies concerning serial molesters where put in their positions instead.

written by George , April 27, 2012

Fr. Gschwend needs to be defrocked now that Schaeffer is gone.

written by joshua , May 01, 2012


(Jesus said, "suffer the little children to come unto me"...maybe he expected the Catholic Church to turn out a bunch of priests that were only celebate with women.

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