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Could Obama Re-elected Boost GOP? Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Apr 8, 2012, 06:18 PM
President Barack Obama and his Leftist agenda represent all that’s wrong about the Democratic Party. To make matters worse, the Republicans’ likely nominee for President is Mitt Romney, who holds similar political views with Obama, but he’s worse since his neo-Conservative foreign policy agenda is more dangerous than Hillary Clinton’s or George W. Bush.

Accordingly, it may not be a tragedy for Obama to get re-elected to the White House since a second-term President must contend with unexpected scandals, disgruntled American voters and loss of support from their political party, since they are now considered to be lame-duck Presidents.

In the last 10 years, the best thing that happened to the Democratic Party was that George W. Bush won re-election to the White House in 2004. Hence, Obama successfully campaigned as the anti-Bush candidate. He had no problem sweeping into power with this campaign strategy.

He was elected as the “change” candidate and didn’t have to provide specific details about his revolutionary agenda. However, Obama is just a “showpiece” for the Democratic Party as Hillary Clinton holds real control of the White House.

When Obama’s second-term falls apart, it will spell doom for Hillary when she runs for the White House in 2016.No matter how hard Hillary tries to distance herself from Obama, she can’t. But is a terrible second-term presidency for Obama inevitable?

Most likely, since no powerful Chicago Democratic politician can rise to prominence without making friends with a few people who have a dubious past. Therefore, scandals may erupt out of Chicago when corrupt individuals realize that Obama no longer serves a useful purpose for them.

Besides, many rumors are already swirling about the true status of Obama’s marital relationship with First Lady Michelle Obama and sooner or later somebody is going to come out.

Many Democrats are boasting that they can’t wait to see Obama get re-elected so the President can really push forward his agenda and no longer compromise to Republicans. They anxiously wait for the “Real Obama” to get re-elected. I say that’s good so the GOP can watch the disaster that will befall the Democratic Party and the Republicans can sweep into power in 2014 and 2016.

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written by Ken Dickson , April 09, 2012

Lord, Help this nation!

written by George , April 09, 2012

So Obama's Father Served in WWII.
Another slap in the face to U.S. Veterans.
Obama's father served in WW II, really?

Of all the things I've seen or heard about Obama on the internet, NONE has hit me like this!! How can we not believe some of the charges about citizenship, religion, etc., after hearing what he says on this?
Obama said his father served in WW II? Barack's father served in WW II?

He said so in a speech. Here is an 18 second video:
CNN News clip:

Is he a compulsive liar? Were there no reporters who checked or double checked these statements and called the party on this? They did for everyone else. Why not him?
Like it or not, here are the facts:
Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (Obama's father) Born: 4/4/36 Died: 11/24/82 at the age of 46.
He was 5 years old when WW II started, and less than 9 1/2 yrs old when it ended.

Lolo Soetoro (Obama's step father) Born: January 2,1935 Died: 3/2/87 at the age of 52.
He was 6 years old when WW II started, and 10 years old when it ended.
He must have been the youngest Veteran in the war.

Watch the video. RIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!!

And the media doesn't say anything. If you doubt it, Google both of these guys.

It appears this guy doesn't know how to tell the truth -- or he doesn't care about telling the truth! -- or perhaps he doesn't know when he isn't telling the truth (which is also a very scary angle). Talk about STOLEN VALOR!!!
Had this been Bush, the Media would still be on this!

The CNN clip of Obama is surprising. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that this lie wasn’t uncovered, questioned or debated before the Nov. 2008 election.
Oh well, he must have just "forgotten" the facts, again.
Or perhaps he really doesn't even know the difference between truth and fabrication?

written by leslie johnson , April 09, 2012

Obama Stole the 2008 Election!

In 2008 Senator Hillary Clinton, by all accounts, except caucuses, won the Primary Election and, therefore, should have been the 2008 Democratic Nominee. That didn't happen, due largely to illegitimate and illegal acts including recounting threats, intimidation, lies, stolen documents, falsified documents, busing in voters in exchange for paying for "dinners," etc.

We believe this infamous campaign of "change" from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stalk them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices and stop their right to vote

The DNC and the Obama Campaign need to be held accountable for the catastrophe of the 2008 Democratic Primary. A groundswell of support has risen throughout the United States to take back our country from one Barack Hussein Obama who literally stole the election.

Will you rise up to help eject the usurper Obama out of office via the election in November, a call for resignation, or, even as a last resort, impeachment?

We Will Not be Silent: A Documentary

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