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$4 Gas Coming Soon Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Mon, Mar 26, 2012, 06:24 PM
In Texas in the next few days, gasoline prices are likely to surge to a record high. In Houston, it edged up 3 cents to $3.85 over the weekend, which brings it just 11 cents off the record of $3.96 in July 2008, as disclosed by AAA gas gauge. Over the past month, prices have risen 32 cents in Houston.

The Houston Chronicle reports that, “the national average is up a penny to $3.89 over the weekend and the Texas price edged up 2 cents to $3.78, according to AAA. Tom Kloza, the chief analyst for Oil Price Information Services, said the prices are likely to see another rise in the coming weeks as refineries switch to summer blend.”

Kloza said, “prices for those summer blends indicate that we’ll move another 10 to 25 cents a gallon higher between now and April.”

Summer blend prices are higher due to President Barack Obama EPA regulations he imposes on the gasoline industry.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “those rises will almost certainly put Houston prices at, very near or over the 2008 record price, and prices are expected to continue a slow rise until May, Kloza said.”

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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written by Ned Brown , March 27, 2012

Meanwhile, the lying IDIOT, Obama, pronounces to the world that he has drilled a lot of wells and he has laid a lot of pipeline : is this sorry IDIOT capable of even having the most elementary understanding of truth; and what, if any, sort of real work can this DOLT actually do. When the guy became US president people compared him to Carter; but that is "way wrong" : compared to Obama, even Carter seems competent.

written by G S , March 27, 2012

You ain't seen nothen yet! If Obama wins his "last election" and is free of all constraints he'll be free to engineer $8 gas.

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