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Jesuit Leader’s Roommate Molests Disabled Boy Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Mar 21, 2012, 03:20 am
Rev. Thomas Smolich was recently appointed as president of all 17,000 Jesuit priests based in the United States of America. His former roommate in California was Fr. Mariano, who was sued and arrested for sexually abusing a disabled boy in his bedroom at the Provincial for the Jesuits at the Sacred Heart Center in Los Gatos.

Fr. Smolich has a long history of protecting sex predators. He provided free food and lodging for several accused and convicted Jesuit rapists and child molesters at the Sacred Heart Center, including: Fr. Conner, Fr. Jerold Linner, Fr. Edward Burke and Fr. Moniz.

The Jesuits settled a lawsuit “concerning the death of a wheelchair bound member at the facility.

Fr. Smolich’s new residence in Baltimore will be located near the St. Luke’s Treatment Center in Maryland, which provides psychiatric treatment for hundreds of Jesuit priests who have shown a serial pattern sex abuse behavior.

Neverthless, SNAP, an organization which claims to help victims of clergy sex abuse, has remained strangely silent on the appointment of Fr. Smolich as the new Jesuit leader.

To learn more about Rev. Thomas Smolich, link here:

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written by George , March 21, 2012

Smolich is just one of the evil Jesuits covering up the Jesuit sex abuse. You need to dig deeper into the Chicago province, St. Luke's in Maryland, St.John Vianney Center in PA, Virtus and Loyola Academy to mention a few places to start. When this gets exposed, you will understand why there is no such thing as a "Good Priest", especially a Jesuit.

written by LoyolaAlum , March 21, 2012

Fr. Thomas Smolich said that Jesuit Fr. Jerold Lindner may well be the sickest human being. Source: Smolich’s deposition in a wrongful death lawsuit by a Jesuit parent.

written by julia , March 21, 2012

it appears that in the catholic church along with the jesuit (society of jesus) order of the catholc church that priests who cover up, enable, aid and abett predator priests are often rewarded with a higher position.

i think snap did put out a news release on this appointment a day or so ago.

the jesuits have been covering up their many abuses of children and adults for its history.

written by ElHombre , March 21, 2012

I wonder what this man's views on contraception are?

written by joshua , March 25, 2012

hey, it happened in Los Gatos California...much worse goes on all over the state, and is legal.

written by Joe , May 12, 2012

Wow! there are 17,000 jesuits in the U.S.?

the author can't even get a simple fact right. one must wonder who paid him to write the article.

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