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If We Need You, We’ll Call You Print E-mail
by James Reza    Wed, Mar 14, 2012, 09:33 AM

I get a kick every time something horrific occurs in a public school like the one recently in Ohio or a few years ago in Colorado, when some demented kid or kids go on a shooting rampage killing several kids and sometimes teachers, or when one or several kids get killed in an auto accident, leaving the student body along with the teaching staff stunned and asking, “Why?”  Then to ease the trauma, and bad experience of the students, the school administrators instead of bringing in religious clergymen to talk to the students, bring in counselors to try to explain to them why sometimes these tragic things occur.

One has to wonder why all these horrific and tragic situations are constantly occurring in our schools.  But then, all one has to do is see how our government, particularly the Obama Administration, along with the ACLU, are constantly assaulting our religious institutions, and most recently my own Catholic Church while stopping schools from mentioning God in their school activities.  I’m well aware that Madalyn Murry O’Hair, an atheist, was instrumental in her Supreme Court ruling (Murray v. Curlett) lawsuit, which led to a landmark ruling which ended official Bible-reading in American public schools in 1963. In 1995, Ms. O’Hair was kidnapped and murdered, along with her son Jon Murray and granddaughter Robin Murry O’Hair, by her former American Atheist office manager David Roland Waters.  I’ve heard of “Poetic Justice” but these O’Hair murders take the cake!

Unable to have Bible readings in school hasn’t stopped there.  Now anti-religious groups backed by our government has tried to stop sports teams from praying during sports events, or even at a graduation.  Some schools don’t even allow students to give Christmas Cards during the Yuletide Season and the list just goes on and on.  Then, when a tragedy occurs like I just mentioned, students, parents, and teachers quickly get together to pray or hold a candlelight vigil in whatever school the tragic event occurred.  I often wonder why the government doesn’t try to stop a public school from assembling to have a prayer or candle vigil.  To me it’s like the government is trying to look like the good guys during a crisis and are saying, “Keep out God, however, if we’ll need you, we’ll call you!”  These anti-God government groups often remind me of criminals who are on death row.  Once caught and sentenced to death, most finally ask for forgiveness and suddenly turn to God when they are going to have their lives snuffed out.  One wonders why they didn’t look for God and his teachings when they were free men or women.  Then it dawns on me that most criminals were probably never exposed to Him even when they were in school.  “But that’s their parent’s job James,” some might say.  True, but if their parents were not practicing whatever religion, at least in school during a sporting event, or a graduation, or whatever, they could have at least heard some form of prayer if the schools were allowed to do so.  “What‘s the harm in that?” I ask myself.  In high school in the 50s, I, a Catholic, along with Baptist, Methodist, Jehovah Witness, and Episcopalian students would all bow our heads to hear scripture being read over the PA.  I don’t think those Biblical reading did us any harm.

As a kid, I never saw my mom or dad in church, or even praying at home.  It wasn’t until mom nearly died with TB that she and dad turned to God.  Luckily, I was enrolled in a Catholic school and for 8 years the nuns taught us kids our Catholic faith and made us learn and recite our prayers daily.  I’m a big time sinner, and am well aware of what God’s commandments want me to do.  Having said that, I often wonder why sort of individual I would have turned out to be had I not been exposed to God’s teachings, probably worse I imagine. I’m not perfect and many times as I’m about to do something that I know offends God I can hear my beloved teacher, Sister Lawrencia, whispering in my ear, “James, you know better than that!”

As I see all this anti-God movement in our country by our government and other radical anti-religious groups I wonder where our country is heading.  Some groups have even tried to take the slogan “In God We Trust” out of our currency.  Aware that secularists believed that America should be a secular state or a godless state, the framers of the Constitution did not want religion to influence public policy. Simply put, politics and religion don’t mix.  Government and religion should be kept as far apart as possible.  Yet, the United States Constitution addresses the issue of religion in two places: in the First Amendment, and the Article VI prohibition on religious tests as a condition for holding public office.  The First Amendment prohibits the federal government from making a law “respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  This provision was later expanded to state and local government, through the Incorporation of the Fourteenth Amendment.  Which leads me to this question, as so stated in the First Amendment, why is President Obama trying to force Catholic run institutions (schools, hospitals, universities, etc.) to offer women abortion prescriptions and anti contraceptives which are totally against the Catholic Church?  The First Amendment clearly states that President Obama has no business telling my church, or any other church for that matter, how they should or should not worship.  Furthermore, he has no authority to impose his pro-abortion mandates on any church, including my Catholic Church.

I leave with this questions, why is it that Congress can pray before every session?  And why do Presidents, and other government officials put their hand on a Bible and swear to uphold the laws of the United States?  I often wonder why don’t they use the Koran?   And finally, if elected government officials can pray in their assemblies, why can’t school children say a prayer in school?


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written by ElHombre , March 15, 2012

Aw. Poor little Senor Reza. So insecure in his faith that he demands that the gov't interefere with everyone else's beliefs just to make him sleep a little easier.

"I often wonder why don’t they use the Koran?"

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) used a Koran once belonging to Thomas Jefferson during his oath-taking reenactment. All part of the freedom of choice that scares you.

He didn't use one during his official swearing in because members of Congress are sworn in all together AND NO BOOK WHATSOEVER IS USED FOR ANY OF THEM.

Doesn't it hurt being that wilfully ignorant?

written by Ratzi , March 15, 2012

James, I'll make you a deal. If you promise not to pray in my school, I'll promise not to think in your church.

written by Charlie Alvarado , March 15, 2012

"Doesn't it hurt being that wilfully ignorant?"

Probably not; as far as he's concerned. But if he really knows he's making false statements, and trying to mislead others, then he is the worst offender of the Bible and his/our religion.

On this board he has broken many of God's commandments, especially, "thou salt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

And every thing that the Supreme court has ruled constitutional, OR unconstitutional, he blames on those that are not of his party.
Every thing which is ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court "MUST" be followed by Congress and those elected to government office.
Besides, the Supreme Court didn't rule prayer in our schools unconstitutional, it ruled State/Government sponsored prayer unconstitutional. And that was over 50 years ago.


Court finds religious instruction in public schools a violation of the establishment clause and therefore unconstitutional


Government may not censor a motion picture because it is offensive to religious beliefs.


Any kind of prayer, composed by public school districts, even nondenominational prayer, is unconstitutional government sponsorship of religion


Court finds Bible reading over school intercom unconstitutional and Murray v. Curlett, 374 U.S. 203 (1963) - Court finds forcing a child to participate in Bible reading and prayer unconstitutional.

Why does he blame our president? If you don't like something, get your congress person to fight to amend the constitution. Stop your Girl Dogging.

written by john David , March 15, 2012

The government wants Separation of Church and State but no separation of State from Church. A lot of evangelical Christians appear to condone the same -- they must because there certainly aren't many evangelical clergy complaining. If the conservatives are not willing to stand their ground, dingbats like El Cabron above will appear in the majority.

written by Joe Skalamera , March 16, 2012

El Hombre can sling the manure, but can you take it when it is slung back at you? You appear to be one without deepth nor conviction, You are a swallow man with a weak message that probably just likes to hear himself talk. What are your issues? God, Government, Religion, Immigration, Energy? Try putting some meat on the table so that I can feast on your obvious ignorance. Is that all you got! Ignorant people cannot think for they try to cover up their ignorance with disrespectful comments. C'mon big man...what do you have? There are a multitude of issues that need to be discussed so let's go. Put it out there like James does instead of just laying back and flinging your ziggers. Where do you stand on this issue, if you can explain it intelligently then we can dialogue. Bring it on! Joe Skalamera - Kissimmee, Florida

written by Pope1944 , March 16, 2012

True, but the end of the oath still says "so help me God". It's clear with this congress that God is busy doing something else.

written by joshua , March 16, 2012

I prefer James' world the the pathetic narcissitic do nothing world of ElHombre.

written by Pope1944 , March 17, 2012

Charlie, I finally understand: "Every thing which is ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court "MUST" be followed by Congress and those elected to government office."
You are confused Charlie. The Supremes can rule that laws are constitutional unconstitutional and if Congress doesn't like the ruling they can make a new law. Now you and I both know that in many cases the Supremes have decided that they have the power to write laws and they have created legislation from the bench. This of course has trickled down to appeals courts and lower level courts. Even to the point where a local judge has decided who she will and will not marry. Now it's clear that this ultimately falls to us, the voters, to clear this up. And here's how to do it: join my movement. It's called "If they are in vote them out, if they try to get back in keep them out." Our only hope in redeeming our society is to start over.

written by Charlie Alvarado , March 17, 2012

I know that the confusion comes from you "P."
Once the SC rules on the constitutoinality of any thing brought before them, (which they agreed to hear) it becomes the law of the land.
Congress can pass any law they want, and the president can sign it into law, but if anyone takes it before the SC, and they rule against it, the law is kaput/nada/nothing.

However, the real problem has been that those laws which the above author blames on our president, have been on the books (upheld or overturned by the SC) for many moons/decades/ages/años.

One more time. The SC doesn't make "ANY" laws. They don't butt in if they don't like the law. However, if congress passes a law that someone doesn't like, and takes it before the SC, the SC can decide if it's constitutional or not. They can over-ride congress.
And yes, as long as those laws are in the books and ruled constitutional,"EVERYONE"
must abide by them.
I have stated over and over that I would vote against some of the laws, but as long as they remain in he books, they're the law of the land.
By the way "P," it's not Easter yet.

written by ElHombre , March 18, 2012

Awww... Poor widdle conservatives got their feelings hurt because some nasty 'lil person points out what ignorant garbage Mr. Reza posts out to the public at large.

If you publicly release something that is a load of fearful, ignorant garbage, then I will laughingly point out that what is released is not, in fact, words of wisdom but a load of fearful, ignorant garbage. Please keep this in mind BEFORE posting ignorant crap. At the very least it will free up your valuable time and you might even learn something. For a change.

written by ElHombre , March 18, 2012

Here's a line that perfectly illustrates what you should keep in mind before publicly saying what's on your mind:

'Ff you want people to respect your ideas, get better ideas.'

-John Scalzi

written by Paula Perry , March 18, 2012

Excellent column, as usual, my friend.

written by ElHombre , March 19, 2012

"...why is President Obama trying to force Catholic run institutions (schools, hospitals, universities, etc.) to offer women abortion prescriptions and anti contraceptives which are totally against the Catholic Church?"

To begin, it is worth noting that if the Catholic church had pissed away every chance to update their views on women over the many centuries, perhaps they wouldn't have had to engage in criminal coverups of pedophile priests now. That necessary reminder out of the way, the what-should-be-obvious-to-anyone-with-a-shred-of-compassion-in-their-soul answer to Mr. Reza's question:

Because the health of women should trump the desire of the male leaders of a particular religious group which desires to see women suffer needlessly. And it realy is as simple as that.

Now that the only excuse to hide the reasoning behind 'religious freedom' defense is back in the garbage, would conservatives kindly keep their business out of women's vaginas? It's unseemly and makes people wonder when we're going to find you dead in a hotel room after ODing from meth while wearing two wet suits with a dildo up yer keister.

written by Charlie Alvarado , March 19, 2012

God did not want to create robots that would do everything He wanted them to do. So He created us with "FREE-WILL." Then He gave us the "Ten Commandments" so that we could follow "HIS" will.

When America was founded, the constitution (rights) was created along with it.
Everyone blames someone for women (couples) who want to prevent pregnancy. And although I'm a Catholic, and against abortion and breaking the Bible's laws, in our country we have certain rights which the Bible bans.
Nobody who complains has "EVER" tried to change those rights. It's only when they want to accuse another that they start passing the buck and blame. And the author of this column is one huge example of that.

Why don't they try to educate/change instead of blame. Who's using contraceptives? Next post.

written by Charlie Alvarado , March 19, 2012

(Reuters) -- "Some 98 percent of sexually active Catholic women have used contraceptive methods banned by the church, research published on Wednesday showed."

"A new report from the Guttmacher Institute, the nonprofit sexual health research organization, shows that only 2 percent of Catholic women, even those who regularly attend church, rely on natural family planning."

"The latest data shows practices of Catholic women are in line with women of other religious affiliations"

"This is true for Evangelicals and Mainline Protestants, and it is true for Catholics, despite the Catholic hierarchy's strenuous opposition to contraception,"

"Nearly 70 percent of Catholic women use sterilization, the birth control pill or an IUD, according to the Guttmacher Institute research."

"The numbers are slightly higher among women who identify as Evangelicals or Mainline Protestants, research showed."

"The findings nearly match previous NSFG data from 2002, which showed that 97 percent of Catholic women were using birth control, and are consistent with a trend tracked over the last decade by Catholics for Choice."
You dudes are barking up the wrong tree.


written by ElHombre , March 19, 2012

Found a few examples of gov't telling religions to obey the law:

Native Americans using peyote as part of their religious ceremonies were fired from gov't jobs. The firings were upheld by the Supreme Court.

Sikhs wear their hair long under turbans. These turbans prevent them from wearing hard hats at construction sites. US law specifies the wearing of hard hats at construction sites. A court case upheld the gov't position asa an injury would lead to a lawsuit.

And here's one for you Islamaphobes! Muslim law allows men to have more than one wife. Not in the US, they can't. Note this also applies to Mormons, so your religious paranoia gets a two-fer!

written by Sanders Kaufman , April 25, 2012

"I get a kick every time something horrific occurs in a public school".

That's a very common sentiment among Republicans.
After the Columbine shooting, they even staged a huge carnival in the town - celebrating the freedom enjoyed by the killers.

That's why it's pointless to debate these people. The only thing they respond to is violence - against their person and their property.

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