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San Fran Doctor Seeks Sugar Ban to Minors Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Feb 2, 2012, 08:24 PM
A doctor in San Francisco contends that the gravest health risks to humanity are tobacco, alcohol and of course sugar. He believes that when it comes to the so-called "3-evils" to health, sugar is equally as dangerous as smoking and drinking hard liquor.

According to the BBC News, "sugar is as damaging and addictive as alcohol or tobacco and should be regulated, claim US health experts. According to a University of California team, new policies such as taxes are needed to control soaring consumption of sugar and sweeteners."

Prof. Robert Lustig of the University of California at San Francisco is pushing for sugar to be placed under regulation by the ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms law enforcement agency. He writes his proposal in the science journal, Nature.

Prof. Lustig also proposes a new ban on sugar sales to minors, which must be strictly enforced so as to prevent children from eating candy.

As reported by the BBC, "the researchers acknowledge that they may face 'an uphill political against a powerful sugar lobby.'"

Prof. Lustig calls for measures to ensure children are prevented from eating sugar, such as luring them with "condom dispensers at public bathrooms" to distract with sexual activities to keep them from thinking about sugar.

To read the entire article from the BBC News, link here:

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Comments (6)add comment
written by Ken Dickson , February 03, 2012

What an idiot! Can't these types just leave humanity alone to carry on life as it wants without taxes & additional stupidity of government?

This is not even worth printing!

written by G S , February 03, 2012

San Franscians have a great fear that someone out there is enjoying life.

written by rosiegirl , February 03, 2012

wait until someone proves that sugar prevents AIDS....then what will this San Francisco Flash have to say about

written by r tighe , February 04, 2012

the idiotic mindset behind this story has gotten a foothold and this sort of thing could actually happen. "Powerful sugar lobby"? right!

written by Shannon Edward Gleaton , February 04, 2012

This is the dumbest s*** thing I ever heard.the goverment needs to stay out of our buisnes .they will ban water next.

written by R. Taylor MD , February 09, 2012

Mr. McGregor should get his facts right. Dr. Lustig said nothing about putting condom machines in bathrooms to lure children from sugar. He stated that selling condoms in public schools was a national policy debate that was akin to debating whether sugar should be regulated. Can Mr. McGregor even read?

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