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Obama Gives Jobs to New Democrats Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Feb 2, 2012, 06:03 am

Are you a die-hard Republican struggling on the unemployment line during the Obama Recession? Well, President Barack Obama has the right solution for you: If you pledge to vote Democrat in future elections then the president will help you find a job. It’s called the new Obama Jobs' Bill.

Politico reports that, “Jennifer Wedel (a Republican who promised to vote Democrat) sent her husband’s resume to the White House on Monday night and, within hours, she was notified that President Barack Obama’s staff had taken steps to help find a job.”

Earlier this week, Mrs. Wedel of Fort Worth, Texas, pounded Obama with a question about jobs. Afterwards, the president promised to take a look at the unemployed semiconductor engineer’s resume, just as long as she and her husband stop voting Republican and support his $1 billion White House re-election bid.

According to Politico, “Wedel told Politico that she got a call from Alyssa Mastromonaco, a deputy White House chief of staff, who made clear that ‘Obama wanted to make sure that this got done, that this was a top priority Tuesday morning to make sure that the resume ‘got to potential employees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.”

Wedel, a former long-time Republican, announced that she and her husband will now vote for Obama in return for a job.

To read the entire article from Politico, link here:

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written by sanjay , February 02, 2012

This current Call Centre bill And American jobs Act will be also not passed , same as previous outsourcing bill which was dead .Its an Election gimmick , with nexus of corporate s (wall street ) and government to fool people , and they r damn sure that this will too not pass very damn sure , infact Morgan Stanley and jp morgan chase (these both got large amount Bailout from fed (tax money)) is going to cut more jobs in US around most of them and they will will transferred to India , they want to transfer about 92 % more jobs outside , A mortgage company OCWEN FINANCIAL which has 90 % of jobs outsourced overseas ( India and some to Uruguay ) r buying more mortgage companies like LITTON from Goldman sachs and HomeEq servicing from Braclays and together with Altisource etc and transfer there jobs to overseas too ( mostly all of them ) same with IBM and other companies . so most of american companies will be employing overseas people in future ( might be 95 % of workforce). jobs of authors , contents writers ,editors ,copy writers etc etc will also be going to be outsourced so u too get ready to find other job in Mac Donald or wall-mart And all ur jobs r here , Below in this links

written by rosiegirl , February 03, 2012


written by robert@Sh , March 16, 2012

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