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Romney Graduates Gets 4.0 in Harvard Socialism Courses Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Jan 5, 2012, 05:24 PM

Harvard University has a reputation for training future liberal politicians. Many of its professors endorse Marxist philosophy, Cuban Communist indoctrination and other Socialist economic theories.

Well, when former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was a student at Harvard, he got a 4.0 grade point average and even appointed “captain” of a study group to ponder such leftist ideology.

The New York Times reports that, “Mr. Romney threw his energy into being the best. Nearly all business school students formed study groups to help them digest the constant flow of cases, but Mr. Romney recruited a murderer’s row of some of the most distinguished students in the class. ‘He and I said, hey let’s handpick some superstars,’ Howard Serkin, a classmate.”

Mr. Romney formed an all-male team to study Harvard’s courses with a liberal bent for hours each day. They would sit at a semicircular table outside the classroom and briefed one another on reading materials. He provided a so-called “mutual protection” plan, because any of them could be called on in class and their performance could affect their grades. Mr. Romney was elected “team captain,” pushing and motivating others to perform their best.

The New York Times quotes Mr. Serkin as saying that, “he wanted to make straight A’s. He wanted our study group to be No. 1.”

To read the entire article from the New York Times, link here:

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written by R. Thomas , January 06, 2012

So... after reading your post, and then the article you link to I'm at a loss for how you manage to characterize Romney's time at Harvard as you do. The article goes to great lengths to point out that Romney avoided the "liberal" ideologies you insinuate he embraced (without cluing your reader into the fact that you're merely surmising that they were liberal). The picture you paint becomes even more puzzling with this direct quote from the article: "And unlike Barack Obama, who attended Harvard Law School more than a decade later, Mr. Romney was not someone who fundamentally questioned how the world worked or talked much about social or policy topics. Though the campus pulsed with emotionally charged political issues, none more urgent than the Vietnam War, Mr. Romney somehow managed to avoid them."

Anyways, I still appreciate your work. Thank you.

written by Penny , January 06, 2012

This would the Harvard that graced the nation with such "liberals" as Bush, Scalia, Kissinger, Bork, Alito, Rehnquist and Jeffrey Skilling, no?

written by George , January 07, 2012

The Republician Party doesn't have one good prospect for president.

written by Chuckles , February 02, 2012

Children of Harvard: Mitt Romney = Jeff Skilling. Bain Capital = Enron. Obtain loans for weak company using strong company name, then steal the money

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