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Alex Jones May Derail Ron Paul's Presidential Bid Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Dec 21, 2011, 10:01 am

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has recently been surging in popularity polls for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, but he may soon face difficulties as the public and the media take a closer look towards his friendship with the conspiracy theorist radio host, Alex Jones.

Mr. Jones has earned notoriety for allegedly making racist rants against African-Americans and Hispanics on his radio show. Yet, his perceived racism seems to be just the tip of the iceberg as many are speculating whether he’s mentally unbalanced due to his frequent tendencies to scream into the microphone while espousing absurd conspiracy theories.

Alex Jones websites appear to be quite revealing too. He posts a link to his interview with Charlie Sheen, in which the drug-addicted and alcoholic Hollywood actor claims that 9/11 was not masterminded by Osama bin Laden. Mr. Jones contends that the Homeland Security Department will enforce “enslavement” of white people. These tidbits of information were found on his website link.

He also sponsors another website called Prison Planet. Here he claims that FEMA is establishing a so-called “police state.” As a reminder, FEMA had bumbled recovery efforts during Hurricane Katrina so it appears unlikely FEMA could form a police state even if it wanted to do so.

He also insists that President Barack Obama has hired an assassin team to kill him and other U.S. citizens. Here’s another interesting Alex Jones theory, ‘the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 occurred because then President Bill Clinton wanted his anti-terrorism bill to pass.'

Some say you should judge a person’s character by the friends they keep. Well, if that’s the case then American voters will struggle to support Ron Paul.

To learn more about Alex Jones, link here: and here: and here:

UPDATE: New Details Emerge on Alex Jones

To learn more about the radio host's dubious past, link here:  here:

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Comments (54)add comment
written by Buickrack , December 21, 2011

So does that mean because of Rush' Limbaugh's Oxy problem that Newt Gingrich is somehow pro drugs? I don't really see how anything Jones says somehow automatically reflects on Ron Paul. Whether or not you agree with Jones' conspiracy theories, you have to at least give him credit for being intellectually honest. You could probably learn a thing or two by tuning into his show.

written by James Hall , December 21, 2011

Sorry, 911 was an inside job. Look at it more closely and you'll find some very disturbing details left out of the news. Its hard to take at first, but if you have a open mind you'll see though the BS. Alex is dead on the mark.

written by ThinkingLoudly , December 21, 2011

Let's see if we can find some nutjob supporters of the other candidates.

written by yrad , December 21, 2011

Besides the headline, all you talked about were other people than Ron Paul. Smear!

written by Jay , December 21, 2011

Mr. Jones has never made a single racist rant against any group. Well except for maybe dumb boot-licking, beer guzzling, wife beating redneck thugs.

written by mcindafizzy , December 21, 2011

What blog is this? The Onion? It must be one of those hoax/jokes blogs.

written by AnIdeaWhoseTimeHasCome , December 21, 2011

Just because he appears on someones talk show doesn't mean he agrees with them. Ron Paul is running for President, not Alex Jones. You should go look into what hes been talking about for the last 30 years, you may learn something.

written by fanz , December 21, 2011

LOL talk about a lesson in blowback.

Yes, please DO VISIT Alex Jones' whose DAILY SYNDICATED radio/shortwave/XM/internet stream + mirrored online videos, TV & News reaches, conservatively THREE MILLION PER DAY.

You may learn something.


Tell me you weren't being sarcastic, right?

Link! Link! Link!

written by Duane , December 21, 2011

If you are going to make allegations of racism you better be willing to provide a quote and credible link, otherwise you are no better than the conspiracy theorist you rail against. And links to anti-Jones crackpot websites having no credible info or links doesn't work either.

written by TN Guy , December 21, 2011

Tom why are you lying to your readers. You have to be an idot to not realize 9/11 is a fraud. I can't even take the time to respond to you in the correct way. Just know you dug your own grave when times get harder.

written by rosiegirl , December 21, 2011

I understand that Ron Paul is a transvestite pedaphile who has a secret membership in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Chicago Men's Gay Bathhouse along with Rham and Barry H.

Rand was born from an invitro fertilization as Ron would have nothing to do with his mother sexually as she was a cousin of Janet Reno with a love crush on Madelline Albright.

Ron has NO idea about Austrian Economics, as he believe is is about profitable breeding of Kangaroos and feeding of Wombats in the wild.

Ron Paul majored in explosive engineering and classical dance in college.

written by siteunseen , December 21, 2011

This blog is meant to derail Ron Paul's Credibility. Ron Paul isn't crazy. The fact he can put on his website how he's going to save America from a financial meltdown is consistent with sanity and moral integrity. He just wants us to keep our Liberties and doesn't want laws which infringe on those liberties. He's not for Gay Marriage and such but thinks the Federal Government should stay out of marriage..period. Ron Paul wants Health Care free, providing Tax Credits and Deductions for medical expenses. Ron Paul wants and end to Bureaucratic regulations, and excessive taxation which has ruined our Free Market for Solutions to the Energy Crisis. Ron Paul believes in the Right to Work which would end forced Labor Union Dues. Ron Paul wants to end the Federal Reserve Bank which is bankrupting America, and thus we wouldn't have to pay a Federal Income Tax due to this fact. Ron Paul wants to enforce Border Security, No Amnesty, Bolish the Welfare State, End Birthright Citizenship (which causes Aliens to migrate here in the droves), and Protect Lawful Immigration. The wish to Bomb Iran isn't about Nuclear Weapons, it's about Oil, Oil, Oil and more Oil. China has Nuclear Weapons, Russia has Nuclear Weapons and North Korea has Nuclear Weapons. Let's look at this sanely and not panic about what the press is leading us to believe. Safety at home is our biggest concern, and he intends to keep our borders and country safe from intruders. The longer we stay in these stupid wars in the Middle East the more enemies we make and the stronger Al Qaida will become, because they have more incentive to increase their base. Ex-CIA Agents have stated this fact. Ron Paul isn't stupid nor crazy. Read what he says about Right to Life also. He said: "As long as we don't Protect Life, we will never protect Liberty." Ron Paul 2012!

written by RebelRich76 , December 21, 2011

So tell us Tom McGregor, just how long have you been on the payroll of George Soros? You're so left wing that you make Obummer look like right winger. Pathetic article! But then part of the purpose of writing such absurdities is to record the blog responses and IP address' of who says what, for future use. Your 'Terms of Usage' by the way pretty much deletes anyone's First Amendment right if it's evoked.

written by Gabriel , December 21, 2011

Ha ha!!. Prove it you fed puppet. Total psyc-op. Goodd luck getin people to buy this garbage. Its almost funny! I thought this was a joke. Do some research you moron before you spell check.

written by RP20122012 , December 21, 2011

Why does the media suddenly want us to think it is bad to ask questions? Thats how you find answers and the truth. Anyone who looks into 9/11 realizes that the only conspiracy theory is what we have been told by the government.

written by Nate , December 21, 2011

Wow. The nutty 9/11 Truthers are out in full force here. Does Jones alert you guys when someone doesn't drink your Kool-Aid or something?

written by Concerned Citizen , December 21, 2011

This is great. I guess pretty soon comments will be turned off everywhere as those that KNOW what's going on continue to school you traitors that do know and are lying and those that really don't know. Alex Jones is a true patriot. You, Mr. McLiar are the exact opposite.

written by Skepticaland , December 21, 2011

Alex Jones may be a nutty over-reaching conspiracy theorist, but a racist? I used to listen to him awhile back but I never heard him make any remotely racist comments, in fact, it was the opposite. This is just bad lazy reporting.

written by Ascetic43 , December 21, 2011

This is a total hit piece. Ron paul is the only one asking the real questions, while Obama steals every civil and basic human right we have. Ron Paul and Alex Jones both know that Obama is a continuation of Bush; as a matter of fact Dick Cheney WROTE the indefinite detention bill. And I don't mean Obama took a page out of Bush's fascist playbook, I mean they literally wheeled Cheney's undead body and pulseless heart into congress to write it, and Obama signed it. Have you ever even listened to Jones or are you just repeating what you've been trained to say. Is he "racist" bc he wants to stop the flow of illegal aliens into the country? Is Ron Paul a "gun nut" because he believes in the constitution, which was the only thing separating us from being China, and is now slowly eroding? Get informed you tool. You should be ashamed to call yourself a journalist, you're either a hit man or the most under-informed moron I've read this week. Jerk.

written by Sam , December 21, 2011

Alex Jones isn't a racist, that's completely made up. What a bunch of garbage this article is. I'm not even going to waste my time addressing the rest of the untrue things this fool says in this piece of garbage article.

written by J.Jones , December 21, 2011


written by DS , December 22, 2011

lmaoo dude you suck just know soldiers are laughing at you from afganistan right now cause im one of them. a total fail on your part sir to try and damage ones credability with bullshit, your a joke and so is this article that has blown up in your face. eat s***.

written by pirate4paul , December 22, 2011

from the top. on 911 our country was attacked by terrorists. it is difficult for me to point out the origin of the attackers because half of those accused are still alive. how they managed to get out of those jets alive is a question for the gov to answer. adding to this one must ask, who placed the charges that brought down the three buildings? pilots question the flight path taken by those flying the jets because the manuevers were simply impossible. i would say that it is very possible the cia was involved. Tom McGregor you should seek another form of employement because you my friend are a terrible journalist.

written by Tyler , December 22, 2011

Woooow... this was impressive garbage. Who pays you?

written by gaspalant , December 22, 2011

The appearance of the word "racist" alerted me right away. Then to connect that to Alex Jones was preposterous. Then to connect that to Ron Paul was the final nail in the coffin. I realized the author was a propagandist. I have listened via podcast to Alex Jones for 3 years. I've never seen, heard one racist comment. If anything, the rhetoric has been deliberately inclusive. Jones questions authority and its unfair application of power/force against the less powerful, the weaker, the less in number. He has disparaged the purposeful manipulation of law and power in a manner which factually results in more accountability against citizens who fear their government than noncitizens whom may not give a damn about the country. And as far as Ron Paul willingly speaking on air before millions being tainted by such--I had to laugh. I have just watched a retorspective on Christopher Hitchens part of which featured his life long condemnation of Henry Kissinger ---the laundry list of fact based, multilayered sourcing verifying the sheer evil of Kissinger was breadthtaking. I had to wonder about all the mucky mucks over decades who relied upon his counsel, and in the end, implemented "Kissinger policies and solutions" AND should/are ultimately accountable for all the horrors of a truly evil man. No, Ron Paul has nothing to worry about there. And certainly not when the McGregors of the world can be called out on the internet for their misrepresentations and obvious bias.

written by AK , December 22, 2011

Please: even if you're 'forever' Democrat, do register Republican, so you can vote in the R. primaries for Ron Paul.

Then, if you'd like, change it back to whatever, but let's please have Dr Paul debate the current President.

written by John D. , December 22, 2011

What a disappointing stoop to worldly schemes of rhetoric and sophistry to attack a fine man like Ron Paul. You have foolishly cast the spotlight of suspicion on yourself, not Ron, Mr. McGregor. I recommend a humble apology and admission that you misfired on this one. Otherwise, you've tarnished a reputation you've well built with this readership these past years, and lost yourself previous fans such as myself.

written by wide awake , December 22, 2011

God bless the Internet, we are privy to more information than ever before. Like the full archive of the Alex Jones radio show, for examole. Please, what episode has these "racist" comments?

written by CL , December 22, 2011

Alex Jones isn't racist.

Talk about lying. Thanks for letting us know you're just another person who spreads disinformation to the public.

written by Roger Helmich , December 22, 2011

Ron Paul, Chuck Norris, Jesse Ventura, Eric "ManCow muller",Charlie Sheen, Dave Mustaine,Judge Andrew Napalotino,Jerome Corsi, Catherine Albrecht,Regan Administration official Dr Paul Craig Roberts, Col Anthony Shaffer,Gun Owners of America Larry Pratt,Police Chief Austin Texas Art Acevedo,Lou Dobbs, Vincent Bugliosi, Pat Buchanan,etc
What do these people have in common?

They all go on the Alex Jones Show

written by Ed R. , December 22, 2011

I read nothing but twisted opinion in your article Tom. This piece is almost as bad as something Rush Limbaugh would produce.

written by Ron M , December 22, 2011

I've rarely seen a more warped description of Alex Jones. I notice you didn't post any links to I n f o w a r s . c o m because, no doubt, you are afraid people will wake up to the fact that the Bill of Rights is null and void and that the government has in fact errected a police state right under our noses. Enjoy your enslavement...

written by Illuminati54 , December 22, 2011

Looks like the Ron Paul/Alex Jones echo chamber has puked into your comments area.

written by Carl , December 22, 2011

Alex does a great job reading Media and Government information - and bring it all together succinctly. He is a proud American and a defender of liberty. Everything he says can be backed up unlike this article.

written by BobbyD , December 22, 2011

Alex Jones earned notoriety for racism???


I think this Tom McGregor will earn notoriety from being RETARDED.

Alex is right about almost everything you say he isn't.

written by donkeyballs , December 23, 2011

you sir are an idiot.

written by billy , December 23, 2011

stupid. article.

written by stan m , December 23, 2011

Wow, Ron Paul's opposition is desperate. It looks like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for some kind of crap to throw against the wall, hoping it will stick. There is no glue to this article. Its empty of any facts.

written by your_mom , December 25, 2011

Lazy reporting. Please provide your readers with a source of Jones' "so-called" racism.

Also, kudos to the fellow who made the point about Limbaugh's doctor shopping scandal and his endorsement of Newt. In May, Limbaugh stated he wanted Perry to run. Why not also mention how Perry's connection to Limbaugh could derail his presidential bid?
Oh wait, Perry derailed his bid on his own...


written by Jeff J. , December 25, 2011

Nice try at character assassination, jerk!!! Neither Ron Paul or Alex Jones are racists. The only one playing the racecard are assholes like you.

written by liberta , December 25, 2011

We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

David Rockefeller

It is a known fact the rothschilds families have funded both sides of every war since 1813 including world war 1 and 2

who owns the fed reserve again?

written by what is this?? , December 26, 2011

wow... this was slanderous. totally untrue on all counts

written by Sissy , December 26, 2011

You have a few lies here about Alex Jones' views. He definitely is NOT a racist. Alex is right on so many issues. Just cause you don't agree with him doesn't make him a bad person. He is a very sweet man. If you give him a chance you would learn to like him.

written by Janet , December 27, 2011

Pathetic. No research, just made up stuff and things like 911 and Oklahoma city taken out of context. Most Americans and the vast majority of Europeans think there is far more to 911 than we were ever told. James Corbett's hilarious "9/11, A Conspiracy Theory?" takes apart the "official version" of 911, and A Nobel Lie by James Lane and Chris Emery (just released) does a superb job on bringing facts forward about the OKC bombing. People like you, Tom, who not only repress the truth but make things up are responsible for the danger we find ourselves in. God bless people like Ron Paul and Alex Jones--may we find more of them as we spiral into fascism with bills like the NDAA.

written by Joe , December 28, 2011

Glen beck and rush are racist not Alex jones
if Alex jones shouts then Glenn beck screams

written by Sjp3 , December 29, 2011

I believe you have the best of intentions but what you fail to realize is, this state, this nation, this world is under attack by a group who would gladly strip you of your legal, civil and basic human rights. The fact is, this group will succeed unless they are stopped by forceful and persistent opposition. They think less of you (and the rest of us who make up 99 percent of the population), than the filth and scum they would strive to scrape off the bottom of their shoes before entering their glass and chrome laden palaces. Unless and until you recognize this fact, you (and yours) don't stand a chance. In fact, the partaking of this chalice of willful ignorance and unwavering apathy is precisely what they are counting on. To be sure, Alex Jones is one of the few who's voice is loud and passionate enough to be heard over the signal of chaos. Who is this group? They don't identify themselves by name but they are those who hunger and thirst for wealth and power on the largest of scales. Discontent and turmoil are coming to visit. Choose your friends and allies wisely and be careful who you invite to your dinner table. Violence and grief will soon be delivered upon the helpless, the ignorant and the unprepared. Wake up and don't be among them.

written by Helen Madison's , December 29, 2011

There is a group called architects and engineers for 911 truth, it comprises of over 2000 engineers and architects who studied the twin towers disaster looking at all the evidence and concluded that it was a controlled demolition. As an engineer and my limited access to information I agree with them.

Alex Jones from what I can tell having read a lot of his writings is Not racist

people need to stop sucking from the government information tits, it is time to grow up and think for themselves. governments are not here for people, they are figure heads and tools for an elite group that control everything. most Americans and so asleep they are snoozing their way into a New World Order. There is so much evidence out there, look what has happened in 10 years, look at China for instance It Owns America financially, and will overtake American technology in 5 years or less. Americans need to think for themselves, turn off the CNN BBC fox news channels and research information. this is what Alex Jones and Ron Paul stand for, find the truth and stick to it. lastly look at the brutality of the cops on NY, Oakland and other placed against peaceful protesters from pepper spray to flash granades thrown onto peaceful faces, where were these tough cops when our country was being financially raped in 2008, not a single banker from that financial fraud has ever seen the inside of a court room,
Critical thinking sets us free, that is what Ron Paul stands for.

written by Joe , December 29, 2011

Its part of a citizen's job to do research. Otherwise whats the point in a bill of rights? My research shows that billionares who continuously make money tend to seek power in other places. And this has been going on for many generations now, so its gotten pretty bad. Imagine how disconnected from the world these people are. Growing up, seeing their parents look at us as if we're cattle. That's probably why they slowly dissolved the middle class, to draw the line a little thicker.

written by Equality_For_All , January 09, 2012

Nice to see you linking to Anti-Semitic hate sites as "experts" that "expose Alex Jones".

From one of your provided links containing the title "Alex Jones Exposed", the following text is in the header: "*Jew is not a race: it's a racist religion. The administrators are against racism which is a tool of war."

As a Jew, I am appalled that your publication would cite racist anti-Semitic hate websites as experts in your libelous screeds. Isn't it funny that you are making the claim that the subject of your juvenile poop sling-fest is a racist (without any provided evidence), yet you cite a website that has as it's opening statement, something that calls all Jews racist and declares de-facto war on them.

What next, will you be linking to the Aryan Nations and the Ku Klux Klan as your civil rights corespondents? Disgusting.

written by Equality_For_All , January 09, 2012

Further. This website that you provided a link to claims that "The Jews" caused 9/11, it criticizes Jones for NOT being a Holocaust Denier (and criticizes him for "being friendly with 'The Jews'"), he criticizes Jones for not "hating Israel and 'the Zionists'", and tries to insinuate that American Nazis are good and correct.

Seriously? This is who these people are linking to to prove that "Alex Jones is a racist". . . a pseudo Neo-Nazi website that criticizes Jones for not hating the Jews, not denying the holocaust, and being against American Nazis.

Who exactly funds this blog, the American Nazi party? Maybe I shouldn't have said I'm Jewish, maybe I'll be the next target of your racist publication.

written by Equality_For_All , January 09, 2012

What was wrong with the first comment? They go together, thank you very much.

written by Equality_For_All , January 09, 2012

BTW: I took screen shots of the link on YOUR blog just in case you try to remove it to absolve yourself without anyone noticing.

written by Dsparil , February 09, 2012

Alex Jones comes off as a lunatic and does have a tedency to go on rants. I've been a listener of his for a little over five years. I have NEVER heard the man say anything racist. I'm certainly not Jones' biggest fan as I don't tend to agree with everything he says, but I think you'll find that a lot of his claims are not absurd if you honestly study the information and follow the money. He's a media host and he's in it to make money so his fear-mongering tends to push people towards buying from his sponsors. However, if you follow up on organizations like the Bilderberg Group and follow up on who the governing banks of the Federal Reserve contribute to, you might find out he's not far off the mark. Every now and then I turn him off because I get tired of the screaming and somewhat narcissistic rants but his information is way more credible than that of mainstream media by far, despite the fact he DOES exaggerate some of the information. He's the canary in the mine that functions as somewhat of a broken clock in that he's right twice a day(actually a bit more than that but you get the idea) and if he ever stops screaming then you know something's wrong in regards to government regulations getting out of hand. As for Paul being on his show, well Paul knows what's going on with the Fed and that it's nothing but a Ponzi scheme and a racket. Jones' show espouses the same thing as does Kevin Trudeau's. Like these people or not, they're following an issue most other people don't want to touch out of fear of what other people will think of them. If you will disregard HOW Jones presents the information and simply take it for what it's worth and look it up for yourself, you'll find there's a group bit of truth to all of this.

written by Watcher , April 02, 2012

Now I know why the media can't be trusted......the media can smear good people easily....someone somewhere is laughing at us commenting on this fake article. its up to us to do oue research to know the truth.

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