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Obama’s Dog Trainer Earns $102,000/Year Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Dec 11, 2011, 07:04 pm

Some say life is for the dogs. So in that regards, President Barack Obama has used taxpayers’ money to pay the salary of a dog trainer , who doesn’t even work full-time, but is just on retainer in case of so-called ‘dog-training’ emergencies. The part-time dog trainer generates $102,000 of yearly income.

Interesting facts about Obama were compiled by Rich Carroll, who had written an article entitled, “Barack Obama’s 32 Month Report Card.” He obtained information by citing from U.S. Energy Information, Wall Street Journal, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Standard & Poor’s Case Schiller, Federal Reserve, US Treasury, and Heritage Foundation.

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written by Ken Dickson , December 12, 2011

This is an example of someone who is not "proud to be an American" who fools the public into electing them to be president! What an outrage! This is the guy who 44% thinks he is doing a good job as president? Give us a breakfor stupidity!

written by rosiegirl , December 13, 2011 they have a "Dog Trainer" for Obama. Takes care of Michelle...but what about "Bo?"

written by A. Noyd , December 13, 2011

Do you mean that Obama uses taxpayers' money because he pays a trainer out of his salary (which is paid by taxpayers)?? You carefully separate the comment about the trainer being on a retainer from the statement that the trainer generates $102,000 annually, intentionally misleading readers with an inflammatory insinuation that Obama actually pays the trainer $102,000 annually with taxpayers' money! And then to go on and lead readers to believe that this is an *interesting fact* is unconscionable. I am no Obama fan, but he's done enough stupid things that are real to prove he's a bad president without distorting the truth.

written by jjww , January 22, 2012

What portion of that $102,000 salary is Obama paying and where is the money coming from? Could we possibly get the whole truth and not bits and pieces that fit an author's political agenda?

written by kingman , January 25, 2012

It's this kind of reporting distortion that does a great injustice to the people of America.

written by Punky , February 22, 2012

trust me, that nig-nog and his ebony-ho ain't spending a nickle of their own money for the dog trainer! He's destroying everything that's right about this country!

written by Goparefools , February 23, 2012

Actually, punky, racist pieces of sh it like you are ruining America.

written by DCB1961 , March 08, 2012

What has this President done right for all of America? I am curious. He seems to only care about part of America.

written by DCB1961 , March 08, 2012

If you disagree with me, does that make you a racist? Or only if you are white?

written by Edgar , March 09, 2012

Obama is an idiot who is stand for the division of America and class warfare.
Those, who play the racist part to defend Obama (Goparefools) do so, becuse when they look at Obama they only see a black man and not the idiocrasys that he stands for.

written by sol , March 17, 2012

Why is it that anybody who says anything against this president is a racist.I am so fed up with how stupid you liberals are.You have to use the racist card when you have no way to explain the things that you do

written by mymach69 , March 22, 2012

OMG! Well folks, think back to when he was running for President... he said if we wanted "change" we should vote for him. Well the smucks that voted for him are getting their change and the rest of us have our mouths open in terror because of his "change" which is ruining our country. Get him the hell out of Dodge before we are destitute and living day to day. Don't vote for a person's color, look at what they have done in the past and how they've voted, then make a decision

written by lip , March 27, 2012

Yet another piece of "reporting" that does nothing but fan the flames of hate. Both the Obamas make plenty of $ outside of his presidential salary (look at their earnings for the year). The $102K comes from that, not from the taxpayers as this "story" is trying to insinuate.

written by CrazyPhukinSteve , April 04, 2012

written by sol , March 18, 2012

"Why is it that anybody who says anything against this president is a racist.I am so fed up with how stupid you liberals are.You have to use the racist card when you have no way to explain the things that you do"

I think it has something to do with calling him a "nig-nog and his ebony-ho " lol

written by Lorbee , April 09, 2012

I detest him but agree with the poster who said he does enough wrong that we don't have to invent things that are not true. GOD help us all if the liberals and blacks and stupid occupiers put this clown back in for 4 more years. Then let's hear you defend him as unemployment rises, which will happen more and more when he insists businesses offer healthcare they cannot afford, putting them out of business and growing the unemployment number. PLEASE see the big picture -- this socialist do-nothing fool is going to BURY US. Isn't $8 a gallon gasoline beginning to see a bit more believable by now??

written by AZPEDRO , April 09, 2012

Even if President Obama paid $102,000 for a part time dog trainer out of his own pocket, it just proves that he is out of control when it comes to spending. Compared with some of the other wild spending we have seen by the Obama team, $102,000 is just a ball marker.

written by leo , April 13, 2012

it was my understanding the president's wages range between 200-250k a year. you telling me he pays this guy HALF his yearly salary just to train his dog part time? if this is true then there's no way in hello dolly he's paying this out of pocket. please someone prove me wrong. i don't need to feel more disgust than i already do for this man and his wife.

written by Nick , April 18, 2012

Obama makes $400,000 per year. This woman made (she's dead) $102,000 per year. But only a small portion of that cames from the Obamas. The President was simply a client of an entrepreneur offering a service. Also, Bush also paid for services for his dog. This is a non-story that has been worded in such a way as to illicit outrage from the unwashed masses. That woman was not paid $102,000 by the taxpayers. Facts can be stubborn things.

written by dirkfromaz , April 25, 2012

i feel sorry for bo...hope he's not in the white house septic tank

written by Bananaqueen , August 15, 2012

Good point Leo!

written by Bananaqueen , August 15, 2012

With so many people out of work, ANY BODY who pays $102,000 for someone to train their dog is a travesty any way you want to slice it. Teachers, coal workers, our police and military probably make on a good day about $50,000 but the man in Washington can spend that kind of money for his dog. Wish someone would publish a chart showing the actual cost to the taxpayer for all the golf games, the date nights, the clothes, the secretaries for his wife and let's not forget the birthday party he had for his daughter that racked up close to a million dollars. Hope he pays his share of taxes when the taxes the rich. At least the rich deserve the money they've made.

written by Milo , July 10, 2013

Has anyone actually thought that maybe the trainer makes 102,000 on her business? Not that Obama paid her 102,000. The article is taken out of context. My sister is a dog trainer and has a business , her incone is 80,000. She has many clients and has classes. I bet you that Obama dog trainer is the same way and that the media is trying to twist a story

written by Justin Case , August 04, 2015

This is the kind of crap I've come to expect from inbred Texans who have out paced Illinois in producing corrupt politicians.

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