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'Romney is god,' Says Mormon in China Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Nov 8, 2011, 05:05 pm

BEIJING:  While participating in the filming as an extra for a TV commercial for Lining Sports in China, I met a few interesting folks. The most intriguing appeared to be a Mormon Utah businessman, who calls himself Steve. He praised former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and encouraged Americans to vote for him as president. Perhaps, he got too enthusiastic when he said, “Mitt Romney can become a god.”

In efforts to buy votes for Romney, Steve bought drinks for American voters to explain his support. He was drinking beer, too and when asked if Mormons were permitted to drink alcohol he said, “no.” Yet, he claimed to have visited Mr. Romney’s home, and insists that he built a bar inside his mansion.

He spoke to a Democrat from Cleveland and contended that Romney is a “mainstream politician” so he supports abortion rights, gay marriage and ObamaCare, but he can’t say that right now since he needs to win the GOP nomination before he can support his liberal agenda.

Steve insisted he supports the Pro-Choice agenda since his wife is a Chinese abortionist who travels the rural countryside making sure China’s one-child policy gets enforced. His endorsement speech was frequently interrupted due to phone calls from his eight mistresses.

When the Dallas Blog asked Steve about his apparent hypocrisies and if he felt any sense of guilt, he explained, “I feel no guilt, we Mormons follow a ‘personal reflection’ faith, so if we think certain Mormon rules, which we call ‘guidelines,’ do not seem to be practical, then we don’t have to follow the guidelines.”

Steve added, “Mormons are highly-connected and many of them are working to obtain more power and money. The most successful Mormon is the richest person, not the most faithful. Our goal is to get a Mormon in the White House, so that’s why Romney is a flip-flopper on the campaign trail. The end justifies the means.”

Steve revealed Mormons seek wealth to grab power. They want many rich Mormons so they can establish an elaborate political fundraising network for Mormon politicians, both in the Republican and Democratic parties. He calls these fundraisers, “prophets.”

Steve’s endorsement event ended abruptly when Australian students invited him to a party which would involve fragrantly disobeying the Mormon guidelines. He willingly accepted the invitation.

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Comments (6)add comment
written by lluxj , November 09, 2011

This article doesn't say anything about Romney. It says something about Steve and a great deal about Tim McGregor

written by Alex , November 09, 2011

What a joke of a post. Seriously, I can't believe you actually attached your name to such nonsense. Get a life.

written by DerekW , November 09, 2011

"Steve" is no Mormon. Gimme a break!

written by Helaman Hurtado , November 10, 2011

Why post a Blog when you yourself know that "Steve" is not a Mormon? We take our vows seriously. Mitt Romney is for rights for all Americans, but marriage is not a right. We believe that marriage is a symbolic union made in front of God. That is why we do not believe in "gay marriage" because you can't add a sin to union from God.

written by BrianC , November 11, 2011

Not only does Steve bear essentially zero resemblance to any Mormon you'll ever actually meet (even the wayward ones), he appears to be a sloppily crafted figment of Mr. McGregor's misguided imagination. Or was having much fun pulling his exceedingly gullible leg. Either way, Dallas Blog does serious damage to its credibility by giving Mr. McGregor a platform to post on this or, it would seem, any topic.

written by drballard , November 15, 2011

this article is so full of s*** I don't know where to begin. Mormons are uptight prudes, but have 8 mistresses. Mormons are teetotalers, but drink beer. Please pick a stereotype and stick with it- you aren't clever enough to write ironically

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