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Mystery UK Reporter Defends China Soap Opera Ban Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Oct 28, 2011, 11:04 PM

BEIJING:  In the Chinese media, a big debate has erupted over the Ministry of Propaganda’s new law that would severely curtail the airing of entertainment programs on TV that would begin on January 1, 2012. China’s soap opera ban has ignited criticism even from reporters working for China’s state-run media.

CCTV China aired a showed called ‘Dialogue’ that discussed the problems of the new law. The Chinese host and two guests appeared to express concerns over Beijing’s rigid censorship laws over entertainment shows.

Yet after a brief commercial break, the host introduced an obscure radio presenter from the United Kingdom, Alex McNab, who boldly claimed that China’s soap opera ban is necessary because censorship is very important. He claims that censorship is a good thing.

However, Mr. McNab refrained from using the word “censorship,” since he feels the word, “regulation” makes censorship appear less threatening.

But who is Alex McNab and why was he invited on the TV show? According to Mr. McNab’s website, he produces corporate videos in London and claims to be a TV and radio presenter. Nevertheless, when scrolling through the website, he makes no mention of the media companies or corporations that hired him.

Who is the real Alex McNab? What is he doing right now? Why does he seek to promote China’s soap opera ban? Does he support the ban to get a TV show in China to promote the nation’s “socialist” values?

To look at Alex McNab’s website, link here:

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written by joe , March 12, 2012

Tom, you know damn well who Alex is. You worked with him at China Radio International. Back when you were a China bootlicker, even more than now. It's pretty sick you'd use this "blog" to essentially target a personal vendetta. Speaks to the quality and integrity of the blog's hosts.

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