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Bachmann Campaign Team not Getting Paid Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Oct 23, 2011, 07:00 pm

GOP Presidential contender Michele Bachmann faces turmoil on the campaign trail since her aides haven’t received paychecks in the past month.

According to Politico, “the fact that Michele Bachman’s New Hampshire staffers quit today – including the state campaign manager, who confirmed the walk-off from the campaign on the record to news outlets – continues to be denied by her national campaign manager, Keith Nahigian.”

In a statement that landed even as news outlets confirmed the departures said, “we have a great team in New Hampshire and we have not been notified that anyone is leaving the campaign.”

“Yet,” as reported by Politico, “one of the staffers told ABC News that they haven’t been paid for a month.”

This topic may likely hinder Bachmann as she heads to the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Iowa tomorrow evening, a candidate cattle call in which she needs to sparkle, since most of the attention will be handed over to Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

To read the entire from Politico, link here:

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written by Dereke Wain , October 23, 2011

MacGregor's headline and blog is false. Only 2 of Bachmann's NH staff quit. I spoke to her NH office on 10/22.
Also, MacGregor has no idea or basis for knowing who is paid or not paid. His blog is a complete fabrication.

written by derek wain , October 24, 2011

No one cares about this "inside baseball" stuff. It illustrates the puerility and irrelevancy of MSM political commentary.

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