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Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than Americans! Print E-mail
by James Reza    Mon, Oct 10, 2011, 08:34 AM

A couple of weeks ago, Cecilia, my daughter, in a somber voice asked me, “Dad, can you pick up Landon (my grandson) at school?  Chris (her husband) just had a bad car accident on his way to pick him up.” As I drove to Nolan Catholic High, I saw a parade of cars on the road where Chris had his accident. Avoiding the congested road, I opt to go another route to Nolan.  After I picked up Landon I informed him of his dad’s accident and that we were going to the accident site to check on his dad.  When we arrived at the accident scene Landon and I were shocked. Chris’ car was totaled, as was the car that hit him.  It had rained and the roads being slick the driver who was speeding lost control of his car causing the bad accident.  As I assessed the accident I was surprised that Chris was not seriously hurt, thanks to his air bag, which according to police saved his life or serious body injuries.  As the police questioned Chris and the other driver I noticed that he didn’t speak a word of English nor his 3 passengers.  Folks, not only was the driver and his passengers illegal aliens, the driver didn’t have a driver’s license or car insurance.  Had the illegal alien who had no business driving killed my son in law, I think my daughter and my grandchildren would have faced a difficult time in their future lives without their dad who is a great father and provider for his family.

When I learned that the illegal alien who hit my son in law’s car had no license and insurance I became incensed, not only at the police who didn’t arrest all of them for being here illegally and causing a near fatal accident, but at the damn uncaring car dealers who advertise in their car lots “no licencia, no seguranza, no problema!” (No license, no insurance, no problem!) My fellow Americans, when are we going to send a strong message with our votes to all the worthless politicians in Washington, in our state and our cities, that we are fed up with all the illegal immigration mess!  Having lived in North Fort Worth, a predominately Hispanic community for almost 48 years I saw with my own eyes the untold number of atrocities committed by illegals and how they would return to their homeland without every being prosecuted for the misdeeds.  No matter how gruesome the crimes these illegals commit, the Mexican government will not extradite them if they are to face the death penalty.  What Mexico really means is, “feed them, give them their medical needs, incarcerate them for life, but just don’t kill them!” Folks, we shelter thousands of Mexican criminals with our tax dollars.

Last week, as I watched a crime TV series I was appalled at a crime a young illegal alien male committed no more than 30 miles from my house in Denton, Texas.  The illegal abducted a young teen girl, tortured and raped her, and then he torched her car and took off to Mexico to live with his grandparents.  Later, when he was extradited to face a jury they sentenced him to life.  After the trial ended the mother of the illegal young man went to the mother of the teen girl and asked for forgiveness.  At that moment I remembered when Gov. Perry in his TV debate stated (here I’m paraphrasing), “We help the children of illegal aliens get tuition help in their education because through no fault of their own their parents brought them here.”  When will politicians like Gov. Perry realize that not all children of illegals are here to get an education!  Many commit crimes as this young man did in Denton.  With this tuition help to the children of illegal aliens, Gov. Perry along with other politicians exacerbate the illegal alien catastrophic situation in our country.

For years I’ve donated money and voted for Gov. Perry.  But after he made those statements in his presidential debate about tuition help to Mexican students, I’m having second thoughts about him.  Having said that, all presidential candidates including President Obama pander to Hispanics thinking all Hispanics like me are enamored with illegal immigration.  Sadly, they are gravely mistaken.  I might add here that the blood of that young beautiful girl who was killed in Denton is on the hands of the politicians and employers who hire and allow these nonsense and senseless crimes by illegals to continue.

Just today I saw on the news that Alabama is coming down hard on illegal aliens in their state.  Alabama’s tough new immigration law, most of which was upheld by a federal judge last week is having its intended effect: illegal aliens are leaving the state, and their children are disappearing from schools.  Two news reports show that illegal aliens, who cost Alabama taxpayers some $300 million annually, have read the handwriting on the wall.  No more hiding, the free ride is over!  Now my friends, who do you think is trying to overturn the immigration law in Alabama?  You guess it, our own useless Federal bureaucrats in Washington.  My gosh folks, who’s side are these guys side on?  The American citizens of this country or illegal immigrants who have broken our laws!  The answer is obvious!

In a report by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety “Unlicensed to Kill”, it noted that a high percentage of illegal aliens involved in the 278,078 fatal crashes during the examined 5-year period.  It found that if illegal aliens caused just 5% of the 42,049 deaths that is over 2,000 American citizens killed during a five-year period, which is an average of 400 citizens per year.  Many however feel that the number is much higher than just 5% and sadly point out that Americans should needlessly die to save a few cents on every head of lettuce!

Ladies and gentlemen, all of us have to have a license to drive and auto insurance when we buy our plates, or stopped by a police officer.  If we harm someone with our auto, we can’t take off to Mexico or wherever like the illegals can.  When are we going to join forces to stop all this lawlessness?


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written by J. Cot , October 10, 2011

As usual you are correct.
I will not be voting for Perry this time around. He does not appear to have the safety of the citizens of the USA as a top priority; and per the results of his signed legislation this year, he appears to have little resolve to do so.

written by Bill Bevington , October 10, 2011

Cross the border illegally in Mexico - get 5 years in prison.
Cross the border illegally in North Korea - get 12 years hard labor.
Cross the border illegally in Afghanistan - get shot.
Cross the border illegally in Iran - go to jail and have a show trial.

Cross the border illegally in the United States - get free medical, food, welfare, housing, and a car.

written by Maggie , October 11, 2011

unfortuntely I'm a citizen who lives in California. Our maggot J. Brown just gave the illegals the keys to the state. State funded college education. Now we laid off 22k teachers, we are broke, taxes are going up, my grandson is going through college on a computer in his bedroom, but yea! finally some justice for people who steal in to our country in the night, hatch out kids or drag them over the border with them, and everything is free. Now it just doesn't get any better than that.

written by Pylar , October 11, 2011

"When are we going to join forces to stop all this lawlessness?" In Alabama we have joined forces and are trying to stop it, but as you said the federal government, using our tax dollars, is doing everything in their power to thwart the will of U.S. Citizens. As I am writing this there is a piece on t.v. about our community laying off EMS employees. Is this so we can furnish medical care and education to illegals?

written by Ross , October 11, 2011

Pamela Constable's article "New immigration law has families fleeing Alabama" in the Washington Post. She writes the article with sympathic viewpoint. Only in l paragraph, she mentioned the cost to the public coffer, 250millions from the citizens of Alabama. Ms Constable want you to feel for the illegals instead of promoting the law-abiding American citizen. Maybe if she lets a familiy of illegal immigrants stay in her home, care for them, feed them, clothes them, pay for their car, medical, dental and schooling, she might have some notion of our frustration with the problem (with the illegal aliens).

written by Charlie Alvarado , October 11, 2011

What a bunch of malarkey. Every time someone does any thing wrong, you haters try to blame everyone you don't like for the problem.
I am on record as someone who is against illegal immigration. Not only that, but every thing illegal.
This is what the author of the above article said:>

"When I learned that the illegal alien who hit my son in law’s car had no license and insurance I became incensed,"

He didn't get mad until he found out the other driver was illegal, no license, probably drunk, and no insurance. Hell, if it was my loved one who got hit, I'd be on his butt in a nanosecond no matter who he was. Even a politician.

But I have learned one very sorrowful thing from this writer, he makes things up; and if they just happen to be true, he tries to pass the buck where he can damage other people. Politics? Money? Probably both.

“We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws.”
President Bill Clinton, State of the Union Address, January 23, 1996

""Illegal immigration has long been a problem in the United States, especially since the latter half of the twentieth century."

Again. Who's fault is it????????

written by Charlie Alvarado , October 11, 2011

Pylar said:>

" In Alabama we have joined forces and are trying to stop it,"

Stop what Pylar? Illegal immigration? "OR" allowing wrokers to come here and do the "HARD LABOR JOBS" you don't want to do.

STEELE, Alabama — A sponsor of Alabama's tough new immigration law told desperate tomato farmers Monday that he won't change the law, even though they told him that their crops are rotting in the field and they are at risk of losing their farms.

Republican state Republican Sen. Scott Beason of Gardendale met with about 50 growers, workers, brokers and business people Monday at a tomato packing shed on Chandler Mountain in northeast Alabama. They complained that the new law, which went into effect Thursday, scared off many of their migrant workers at harvest time.
"The farmers said the some of their workers may have been in the country illegally, but they were the only ones willing to do the work."

Do you have any ideas of how to help the farmers????? Pitiful......

written by Charlie Alvarado , October 11, 2011

Not only Alabama, but all over our country.

"Now harvest time has passed and tons of pears have ripened to mush on their branches, while the ground of Mr. Ivicevich’s orchard reeks with rotting fruit. He and other growers in Lake County, about 90 miles north of San Francisco, could not find enough pickers."

What is mind boggling is that "ALL" of you live like Democrats; are "NOT" millionaires, "NOR" billionaires who got the tax breaks 12 years ago.

America's biggest problem is "NOT" immigration. It's "GREED, GREED, GREED."

written by Robinked , October 11, 2011

i also refuse to support perry (& i'm a fellow texan), but anyone who supports a lawbreaker & takes MY tax$$'s to do it is just clueless, as are most if not all of these polititians...!! AND your pol's know how u feel!

written by Charlie Alvarado , October 12, 2011

Ross said:>
"Maybe if she lets a familiy of illegal immigrants stay in her home, care for them, feed them,"

That's how you solve the illegal immigration problem Ross? That's why we can't get any results from any thing. That's how congress operates these days. No thinking, "JUST BLAMING."

James, the author, just keeps harping about immigration and blaming others, even though he has received the truth about the immigrants who work hard for their pay. They also help America's labor force. This was sent to him a very "LOOOOOOONG" time ago. His eyes remain closed.

"Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions"

"Last year, Mr. Martínez paid about $2,000 toward Social Security and $450 for Medicare through payroll taxes withheld from his wages. Yet unlike most Americans, who will receive some form of a public pension in retirement and will be eligible for Medicare as soon as they turn 65, Mr. Martínez is not entitled to benefits."

You're looking at the negative. Look at the picture. It's clearer

written by Charlie Alvarado , October 12, 2011

One more thing about Perry. I also will never vote for him.

However, our biggest problem from our southern borders is illegal drugs.
If we have any "POT-HEADS" on this board, "YOU ARE THE PROBLEM."
I don't agree with Perry, but Perry agrees with me on one thing.

However, we wouldn't need to do that if "ALL AMERICANS" abide by our drug laws. It's like supply in demand. If nobody ate meat, we wouldn't have any cows.

written by rosiegirl , October 13, 2011

uh...the illegal aliens that Perry stated that the TEXAS LEGISLATURE VOTED to give in state tuition fees to (the LEGISLATURE MADE THE LAW, NOT THE GOVERNOR) have to speak English, graduate from a US high school with 3 years of quality grades, and agree to become citizens after college. Now, that does NOT SOUND LIKE the occupants of the car that hit you friends car, JAMES.

Does not sound much like a person intent upon a criminal life, but upon TRYING to better the life handed to him by his NATIVE MEXICO or his PARENTS. Now what about a SMALL hand up for those that choose to better themselves instead of unloading child births upon our hospitals, never speaking our language, never getting any education or becoming PART of the community?

I am totally against illegal law breaking aliens from ANYWHERE being here....but THESE folks are HERE, and are working for their improvement in life. THE USE sponsors tons of students to attend our universities from all over the world...they call that "diversity" and the idea is to send them back home with American Values to their native country to create a group of "friendlys" in their culture.

written by Buckmeister , October 14, 2011

The reason we have so many illegals here is because of Reps who say one thing but do the opposite like their heros like Rush the drug addict. They let em all in to bust the unions and it worked. Now they want to export em back to Africa like the slaves they brought long ago. Good luck with that.

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