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UN Official Explains UN Wall of Silence Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Thu, Oct 6, 2011, 05:59 pm

A high-level United Nation’s official, who asked to be cited anonymously, explains why all UN officials, even those who are retired, will never talk on-the-record to the media. This UN official is involved with the UN’s Sudan Mission and is greatly disturbed by President Obama overlooking alleged human rights abuses by the Sudanese government.

Here are excerpts of his comments, with deletions placed which might identify him and his high-powered position:

You won't get any body from the UN willing to speak on the record - FACT !!! 

As much as I would love for you to go ahead and publish the content of my email from this morning in its entirity, doing so would be prejudicial to my future status as an international Civil Servant and employee of the United Nations Organization as a whole !!! Not to mention ….
UN Staff Rules are very clear on members voicing Political opinions in Public forums or making journalistic contributions which may be construed as contrary to the best interests of the organization.
Question is what to do ??  For sure none of the content in Paras 1-5 can be used, it's too personal.

WE CAN go with the Sudan visa issue, however I'm not sure that you want to go in that direction.  Couple of minor tweeks and it can be done very quickly.

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written by Ken Dickson , October 07, 2011

As long as the US funds this bunch of crooks, they will keep silent!

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