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White House Claims Geithner 'Never worked on Wall Street' Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Sun, Oct 2, 2011, 09:54 pm

In a response to a scathing book about the Obama administration, White House officials are now claiming that Geithner never worked on Wall Street and is allegedly not a “tool of the banks.”

Politico reports that, “it is beyond ridiculous to suggest that Geithner, who has spent decades as a devoted public servant, would ever be disloyal to the president. Equally absurd is the notion that Geithner, who has never worked on Wall Street, is a tool of the banks.”

However, this claim appears to contradict an Oct 9, 2009 Washington Post story: “as the federal government propped up the housing market and braced for the collapse of General Motors, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner capped a busy week this spring with phone conversations with three men. The first was with Lloyd Blankfield, the chief executive of Goldman Sachs. The second was Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of J.P. Morgan Chase. The third was President Obama.”

The Politico article is blasting a book written by Ron Suskind, called ‘Confidence Men.’

To read the entire article from Politico, link here:  To read the Washington Post story, link here:  To purchase Ron Suskind’ss book, “Confidence Men,” link here:

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Comments (3)add comment
written by Ken Dickson , October 04, 2011

Geithner is totally inept, plus a "tax cheat"! This is Obama's man to guide monetary policy!

written by rosiegirl , October 07, 2011

Geithner "never worked" would be correct. Also, "never paid his taxes" would also be correct.

written by jimbon , October 12, 2011

Timothy Geithner is clueless

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