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The Future Misery of Obamacare Print E-mail
by Paul Perry    Mon, Sep 12, 2011, 02:14 PM

Various pundits often state that there have been no significant tax increases during the tenure of President Barack Hussein Obama.

That, folks, is simply a lie. At best, it is propaganda oozing from brain-washed people who no longer know the truth from a lie. Many and varied taxes were passed in order to pay for the so-called ObamaCare plan.

Most have not taken effect yet, so you have not noticed them embedded in higher medical and insurance costs. Nevertheless, these tax increases were passed by a then Democrat Party-controlled Congress and signed into law by a very happy president. After all, he campaigned on spreading your money around.

There were 21 tax increases passed under our current president’s regime during the time that both houses of Congress were controlled by the Democrats, according to Americans for Tax Reform and other sources.

Here are some samples of those tax increases. Interestingly, most do not take effect until after the coming presidential elections in 2012. The public will not have time to feel the pain before they vote in the elections next year.

Unlike most things in Washington, that was no doubt done by design – sneaky of them.

The Employer Mandate Tax will increase taxes on employers who do not offer health insurance. The tax will amount to an assessment of $2000 to $3000 per employee, depending on the details. This tax takes effect in 2014.

In 2013, we will start to punish people for success by imposing a surtax on investment income. That’s right: Save all your life, invest your money and the national socialists in Washington will tax you an extra 3.8 percent in your golden years.

Starting in 2018, there will be a 40 percent excise tax on comprehensive healthcare plans. So, if you can actually afford top quality healthcare, prepare to be gouged.

In 2013, we will start paying more for medical devices. There will be a 2.3 percent tax on all medical devices priced at over $100. Some call it the pacemaker tax.

A special tax on health insurance companies goes into effect in 2014. It will be phased in gradually and go into full effect in 2018. I guess government really doesn’t like the competition.

A little over two weeks into his administration, President Obama signed into law a 156 percent increase in tobacco taxes. The average smoker’s income is about $36,000 a year. The price of a pack of smokes rose 61 cents. Clearly this tax is not just aimed at the rich, who Obama claims as his usual tax target. Unlike the others, this tax increase is in effect.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi once said of ObamaCare, "We will have to pass it to see what’s in it." The same also can be said of kidney stones. Both will prove to be unpleasant at the least.

Credit the Democrats; very few Republicans voted for any of this. More detail can be found on the Americans for Tax Reform web page and in the Congressional Record.

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written by Ken Dickson , September 13, 2011

The pain is yet to come! We thought "slick willie" was slick? You haven't seen anything yet!

It will take decades to undo what this guy has done to America! Have you seen what the EPA is doing to texas re the coal-fired generating plants? Remember. Obama said he was going to "break" coal producers & raise power rates! Think of him when you pay your electric bill or fill up your tank! He promised you!

written by rosiegirl , September 15, 2011

Dallas County just POSTED the OUTRAGIOUS increases for county workers and RETIREES healthcare cost raises in over three years, no COLA for SS benefits...and the COUNTY adds thousands of dollars to the costs of employees insurance coverage...add that to the nearly DOUBLING of MEDICARE premiums in 2014, with no COLA for retirees SS benefits...and you will see that the OBAMA CARE deal is a major screwing for the poor and middle americans...WHY?? The County is clearly trying to force DCC retirees onto Medicare...just in time to get their premiums raised THERE too...but so that DCC can offload ITS RESPONSIBILITIES to DCC workers that were PROMISED benefits upon close of their SERVICE to the county.

Thanks Judge Jenking you fool, and JWP, you crook.

written by Buckmeister , October 14, 2011

Anybody who does not want to pay their fare share of taxes in this Country is downright unamerican and if they don't like it they should go back to Hungary or Serbia or wherever the hell they came from. Go Rangers.

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