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UN Wants Gun Manufacturers to Fund Victims Compensation Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Fri, Aug 5, 2011, 07:38 pm

The United Nations is pushing for a treaty that gives victims of firearms violence the global human right to sue not the shooter, but the gun manufacturer. The UN treaty is calling for all firearms to be registered to a UN agency called the ‘Implementation Support Unit (ISU).” If an American gun is used by UN human rights violator, such as the government of Israel as declared by the UN Durban Convention, then the UN can trace the registry of the gun through the ISU.

According to Fox News, “under the latest (UN) draft of the treaty, every country would be required to submit a report to the ISU outlining ‘all activities undertaken in order to accomplish the implementation of this treaty, including domestic laws, regulations and administrative measures.”

The Treaty requires all nations to establish their own bureaucracies to trace any guns that have been exported. It states, “parties shall take all necessary measures to control brokering activities taking place within its territories ... to prevent the diversion of exported arms to the illicit unintended user.”

As reported by Fox News, “the vague wording leaves room for interpretation and a U.N. representative for a major U.S. gun manufacturer who spoke to on the condition of anonymity told that he believed it left room for the ISU to declare the registration of all American-made guns to prevent illegal exportation.”

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have not yet declared their full-support for the new UN mandate on American gun ownership.

To read the entire article from Fox News, link here:

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Comments (13)add comment
written by lsg , August 06, 2011

this is like sueing car manufacturers for the actions of drunk drivers!

written by An American Freeman , August 06, 2011

'From my cold, dead hands...'

written by Dan in CO , August 06, 2011

Hopefully the American people will never allow our sovereignty to be usurped by the UN. We must fight this and any other attempt that the UN makes to control our internal affairs. The UN should be dissolved.

written by Brian R. , August 06, 2011

This must never come to pass, or any notion of freedom we have now will be nothing more than a memory.

written by Marty , August 06, 2011

When the UN was first formed, it seemed as though it would simply be a forum for the world's different governments to assemble and work out their problems instead of resorting to war. However, like ALL political institutions, it has grown in power over the years and now increasingly sees itself as being THE world government. America would do itself well, and make an eloquent statement to the rest of the world, by simply getting out of it.

written by Johnny Rico , August 06, 2011

Cut off all foreign aid

written by P.Henry , August 06, 2011

Too late Don...the Conference/Council of Mayors is already in place. Biodiversity enforcement here we come!

written by larry stuart , August 06, 2011

the un is a joke, we pay all the money, they make all the stupid decisions

written by Rich , August 06, 2011

the UN a collection of dictators, tyrants, and civil rights violators financially supported mainly by the US, existing on US shores willoing to take away our freedoms.

written by hector , August 06, 2011

the un is apower that must be stop THE USA NEED TO GET OUT NOW>

written by Tavern Knight , August 06, 2011

"The United Nations is pushing for a treaty that gives victims of firearms violence the global human right to sue not the shooter, but the gun manufacturer."

The UN Secretary-General & his cronies need to go back to school. It seems that they were sleeping in class or perhaps playing hooky on the day that their teacher(s) taught the class about inaminate objects and those who use those inaminate objects.

Guns, knives, etc, by themselves cannot do anything without a person's assistance.

All the UN wants to do, is to disarm the USA - when that has happened, chaos & anarchy will reign. True liberty will be a story for our grandchildren's grandchildren to ask "What that's, Grandpa?"

written by Proffesor Isack , August 06, 2011

When is Congress going to
pull the plug on the UN.

Enough is enough.

There is absolutely no
need for the UN. Something
has to be done. No more talk,just read the atrocities of the UN. These thugs have to go. They are an ignorant group of foreigners. They only
hire Phd's with on line degrees. None of them know
how to read, write or speak.

Now is the time, when the
entire Headquarters is shut
down. Move them out. We can
not afford their new budget
request of what $8 BILLION
dollars. Is this insane or
what. Bloomberg has to give
that land back to New Yorkers.

written by Gun Owner , August 09, 2011

No, not going to happen. Wold you force shovel manufacturers to fund a victims fund every time someone uses a shovel to bury their victim? Or force car makers to fund a victims fund to pay those that are hurt by a car in the hands of a criminal?

Get real, wake up, and stop messing with my guns.

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