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Is Dickey's Boycott Activism or Death (D.E.A.D.) Threat? Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Jun 29, 2011, 05:51 AM

Aide Vincent.jpgWhen an aide to Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, A Democrat facing a full-scale investigation by the FBI, announces he's calling for a boycott of Dickey's Restaurant and uses the acronym 'D.E.A.D.' (Don't Eat at Dickey's) as an attack against Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey, a Republican, it makes one wonder if this sounds more like a death threat than a call to non-violent political activism.

Vincent Hall, an aide to Mr. Price, blasts Mrs. Dickey, who is the wife of Roland Dickey SR., whose family founded and still operates the coast-to-coast barbecue restaurant chain.

The Dallas Morning News quotes Mr. Hall as writing, "Commissioner Maurine Dickey has proven by her words and deeds that she has no respect for Commissioner John Wiley Price or our community. So today let's launch Project D.E.A.D."

To read the entire article from the Dallas Morning News, link here:

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Comments (17)add comment
written by Reader , June 29, 2011

It's not a death threat. It's just good advice to stay away from the truly lousy BBQ that they serve.

written by Jonathan Green , June 30, 2011

This blog has systemically promoted racist propaganda in its media reports. Since the days of the late Rufus Shaw, the Dallas Blog has always mislead Conservative whites with false propaganda against any African American that does support its cause. From our D.A. to Mr. Price, to the late Al Lipscomb. I applaud Vincent and support him, however, I would suggest to him the protest turn from Maureen Dickey and focus on riding the Dallas Blog from Dallas. The administration in control of this blog is racist, promotes it, and garner a select racist facist that supports it cause in ostracizing African Americans in the Political Arena in Dallas County. In Conclusion if you knew anything of our culture and our worship experience you would quickly understood where Vincent was coming from.

written by Jonathan Green , June 30, 2011

Hinging on a lawsuit Tom.

written by Jonathan Green , June 30, 2011

Its time we get the message out to the Black Community to protest against your sponsors its time to shut this blog down.

written by Austin , June 30, 2011

Tom, have you ever posted anything positive about any African American anywhere, any time, in any context?

written by Dr. Feelgood , June 30, 2011

written by Dr. Feelgood , June 30, 2011

To: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , "Dr. Robert Ashley" , "clint granberry" , " Jr.Tom Pauken"

I am not even going to give you the respect of sending this with bcc.

However, others are being sent this bcc. You don't deserve it.

You have the air waves in Dallas. Look at what the white people, not me have to say.

You need to expose this son of a bitch for what he is. He is Tom Pauken, Jr. He is bipolar.

And he is a racist son of a bitch.

The 4:00 spot at KLIF is a revolving chair. He has already had hours taken from him. I will get him and Jeff gone.

Ask John David Wells. We ran him off. We ran off David Gold(stein) before that.

And as for the other one, you need to educate the black community as to who this
mother****** is. Other wise all that "journalistic integrity" bull**** can be boxed up and sent somewhere else too.


And I know that not one of you is man enough to reply to this email.

Loo kin for a threat? There ain't one, **** sucking mother*******.

Since I know neither one of you c***** is going to reply, we move to phase two.

I am sure that this is crystal. CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

written by furrpiece , June 30, 2011

Let me make sure I have this straight.

Commissioner Price, who has been in trouble with the law a number of times over the years, is himself - and with others - the target(s) of both FBI and IRS investigations.

Mr. Price, a self-confirmed racist who regularly disdainfuly calls out visitors to the Commissioners Court because of their race (well...only white people), does the same thing on the radio, and even in street confrontations.

Mr. Price has been found to have $100,000 in cash in his home, located in a federal search, and was the responsible party for over a million dollars for a Kwanza Festival he put on, over $900,000 of which is reported missing and unaccounted for.

Although he represents many Dallas County residents who are poor, and many who are jobless, he has hidden with associates (and registered in their and other names) a larger uber-luxury car collection than most multi-millionaires in DFW.

Yet, one of Mr. Price's staff believes he should target Roland Dickey's substantial and very generous business which employees dozens of people, is often among the first to volunteer food and food services in emergencies, and has a great reputation for Texas Bar-B-Q. This Price associate and assistant is clear about killing Mr. Dickey's business, costing a number of minorities and those of meager means their jobs, and depriving many thousands of customers of dependably good food because he thinks Mrs. Dickey doesn't show Mr. Price or his staff sufficient respect - despite common knowledge in this community (and apparently the FBI and IRS) that Mr. Price (and many associated with him) have no respect for the laws, the rules, or other people who might disagree with him.

Despite the fact that we are in a serious economic crisis, that real unemployment is over 20% and under-employment is over 20%, Mr. Price's assistant (and therefore likely Mr. Price) want to destroy numbers of jobs, and rob Dallas and Dallas County of the substantial taxes paid by Dickey's Bar-B-Q that help to employee public employees -- like Mr. Price and his growing staff.

Oh, and they want to attack the media and online blogs for printing stories from the news media, despite the fact that the role of the media in our society is to be a watchdog over government. But, they also want to attack and discredit Tom Pauken who, heading the Texas Workforce Commission, has created in Texas over 40% of the jobs in the United States in the last three years.

Mr. Price's employee, and apparently Mr. Price, think these are good and logical ideas despite the fact that Roland Dickey and his employees have done nothing to Mr. Price.

Have I got this right?

written by Ken Dickson , June 30, 2011

I cannot believe what I have just read. This group can't understand corruption, threats, freedom to THINK ( much less speak) your mind unless you agree with them.

Dallas has been a great city, but it will become another Detroit if allowed to continue on the course of Price & Co. If this crowd of supporters do not like this blog or others for that matter, quit reading much less writing on them as you certainly know nothing of liberty!

written by Tom McGregor , June 30, 2011

Normally, I don't respond to comments. That's because I live by the philosophy that if you write a negative article about someone, don't complain if you get criticized. However, it seems that some people who insist that I not write about anything negative about Mr. Price want to supposedly "expose" me. Well, I'm certain if that were the case then you could find many foolish stories about my past and there is no denying that I have been foolish on many occassions. But I do find it problematic that because I suffer from depression, which I have revealed in an article in Ohmy News in South Korea and in an article about visiting disabled orphans in China for the Dallas Blog, that this should make me a second class citizen. That I should be treated with contempt due to my struggles with depresion. Well, I'm strongly opposed to this notion. A major reason I want to succed in life is to bring dignity to those struggling with depression. I want the world to know that you can still succeed in life even if you have depression, but it's important to not let depression control your life, but remain persistent, believe in yourself and keep hope alive. Do your best to lead a normal life. Even my Chinese coworkers in China know about my depression and been very supportive so long as I work hard for them. But, it's liberal Democrats who want to denounce me because I have depression. The irony of ironies. And another matter, yes, Tom Pauken II., is my real name. But my belief is that if I become succesful as a reporter, I want to earn recognition based solely on my own merits. That's why even at China Radio International, I requested they post all my articles under the name of Tom McGregor and they even printed business cards showing the name Tom McGregor. This policy will continue when I write a daily political column on the news website of China Radio International beginning on July 4, American Independence Day.

written by furrpiece , June 30, 2011

I believe it may be the case that Commissioner Price, and some of his associates and employees, misunderstand the "Golden Rule". They must believe it has to do with how much gold you can get, no matter how, and that life is being measured by how much gold you have - no matter how you got it.

Even though Commissioner Price shows little or no respect for Commissioner Dickey, white taxpayers and citizens, our laws, county policies and rules, and other civil forms of a structured society, he and his associates believe he and they must be respected, no matter their behavior, level of honesty, basic integrity, or respect shown for other.

News flash: Respect must be earned! It is voluntary; not mandatory. If you want respect, you earn it, and you generously accord it to others.

(Okay, now I'm getting the hysterical image of Commissioner Price channeling Rodney Dangerfield and his "I can't get no respect" routine.)

Maybe I need to switch to decaf.

written by Scott555 , June 30, 2011

I went to Dickey's today and ate BBQ as a counter-boycott.

written by furrpiece , June 30, 2011

Award-winning, long-time, columnist for the Dallas Morning News, Jacquielynn Floyd, said it well when she noted about Price,

"Look, I’m not defending the guy. He’s a shrewd, race-baiting bully with a mean mouth and a sharp eye for the main chance. The undisguised contempt he shows his political opponents, including his own county colleagues, is bad for the political process and bad for government.

"I didn’t dance for joy when the G-men raided his digs this week, but I didn’t lose any sleep over it, either."

I couldn't agree more with Ms. Floyd that Commissioner Price has little or no respect for his fellow-commissioners, or anyone else with whom he disagrees. (Honestly, he doesn't respect much of anything; probably too self-centered and arrogant.)

So, what makes he and his employees/associates think he deserves respect from the same people for whom he shows contempt, self-indulgent indulence in his disdain, intolerance, and even uncivilized rages?

I wonder if Mr. Price's employee(s) will call for boycotting the Dallas Morning News.

Maybe some of the really "sharp ones" will write Letters To The Editor that are personally viscious attacks, mean-spirited, and hateful of those with physical disabilities or brain chemistry combinations over which they have no control or any part in creating.

The Fascism of the Far Left and its darker philosopies of "kill the messenger if you can't use logic to refute the message" are apparently alive and well in Commissioner Price's realm - and particularly his office.

written by Lord Do It , July 01, 2011

We are bringing to the Churches on Sunday, we are calling an all out boycott against your sponsors. We about to shut you and the Dallas Observer Down.

written by Texas Joe , July 01, 2011

Using the Lord's name to show support for a corrupt politician. Isn't that sacrilegious? I thought Price is a member of the Nation of Islam? You need use Allah's name too, to be politically correct.

written by furrpiece , July 01, 2011

Neither The Dallas Blog nor The Dallas Observer are sponsored by churches. But, I'm curious what actual Christian pastor thinks it's a good idea to use God's House for purposes of breaking the law and trying to damage businesses which have printed the truth about a politician suspected of several felonies by the FBI and the IRS.

If a church insists on siding with any politician who is corrupt and done millions of dollars of damage to his own community over the years, then that is the choice of the pastor and the congregation.

But, most Christian congregations have a strong belief in, and reliance on, the truth. As near as I can tell, that's all The Dallas Blog and the Dallas Observer are searching for and printing; the truth.

It also appears they are joined by D Magazine and The Dallas Morning News.

That's a lot of boycotting unless you're into selective ethics and morality.

written by DSOOldhead , July 10, 2011

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Wonder who all of the "fall partners" are?

It's is not my place to judge but a lot of his sheep are leaving the flock.

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