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Chinese Factory Workers Launch Large-Scale Strikes Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Tue, Jun 28, 2011, 02:01 AM

Age Korea.bmpBEIJING:  More labor strikes are erupting in China, and apparently abusive behavior by South Korean managers appears to have become a primary cause for the disruptions.

The Dong-A-Ilbo reports that, "'anger can no longer be suppressed.' A Hong Kong newspaper has reported a strike at a handbag manufacturer in Guangzhou of China's Guangdong Province run by a Korean under the headline, 'anger can no longer be suppressed.'"

In a phone interview with the Dong-A-Ilbo Thursday, a company source denied allegations stemming from the report.

According to the Dong-A-Ilbo, “the South China Morning Post said more than 4,000 workers at the factory went on strike Monday demanding a wage increase and improvement of labor conditions. They claimed that at least two workers were assaulted by security staff.

One employee from Hunan Province, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “we receive 1,900 yuan (293 dollars) in monthly pay for working 12 hours a day, including four hours of overtime, but the company deducts 200 yuan (30.9 dollars) for social insurance and 100 yuan (15.46 dollars for meals,’” adding, “meals are like garbage.”

To read the entire article from the Dong-A-Ilbo, link here:

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written by Sir Percy , June 28, 2011

Some of the big riots in China were started as disagreements between migrant workers and either their employers or the local governments. Most recent case was alleged a Sichuan migrant father and son workers were attacked by employer in Chaozhou, Guangtong Province(Canton) as they were asking for back pays. Next day, it was alleged a Sichuan pregnant woman was roughed up by local traffic police then the locals and the Sichuan migrants got into fights and violence. Some people not from Sichuan were also being attacked by mistakes by the locals. Also, a few years ago, the Uyghur riots were also sparked by migrant Uyghur workers disputes and fights with locals, . Even though they are all Chinese but there is quite a bit of difference in language and culture in Guangdong or other province. Some times migrant workers feel they are almost in a foreign country and must band together to help each other.
I suggest that the Chinese Central Government to establish special Arbitration Offices in each district where a significant number migrant workers are being employed. These workers will receive certain protections and fair treatments when they are away from their home towns. This also offers a channel to resolve their grievances before it become more volatile. If the complaint can not be satisfactorily resolved by both sides, court system is still available.

written by ElHombre , June 29, 2011

Let's hope for he sake of the owners of those places that there are right-to-work laws in place in China and that they will be enforced. Those strikers don't know how good they have it! [/sarcasm]

written by Sir Percy , June 29, 2011

China may want to consider if a traveling central government court or arbitration system is feasible so legal help can be more accessible to people in smaller cities or even better by using teleconference centers?

written by Sir Percy , June 30, 2011

My earlier comments about "difference in language", I meant "differences in Dialects".

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