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Michael Bromwich, Obama's Oil Czar, to Toughen Regulations Print E-mail
by Tom McGregor    Wed, Jun 22, 2011, 08:08 PM

Bromwich Drilling.bmpSeeking to increase gas prices as part of White House’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions, President Barack Obama has ordered Michael Bromwich his oil czar to impose restrictive regulations on offshore oil drilling.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “the looming rules will build on already broad changes that the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement has imposed since last year’s Gulf oil spill, said the agency director, Michael Bromwich, in a speech before the World National Oil Companies Congress in London today.”

The ocean energy bureau intends to add teeth to the workplace safety rule it imposed last October that requires oil and gas corporations to systematically identify risks at every stage of offshore exploration and utilize steps to minimize those human errors and operational hazards. The regulation for the first time is compelling companies operating in U.S. waters to enforce safety and environmental management systems like those already implemented in the North Sea.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, “Bromwich said his agency ‘will soon be issuing a second proposed SEMS-related rule, which will require third-party audits of mandatory SEMS programs.’ Brownich said the second SEMS rule also will address additional safety concerns not covered in the first attempt.”

Oil Czar Bromwich contends that the proposed rule would supposedly enhance safety for offshore workers and provide greater protection of the marine environment through added safety procedures, training programs, notification obligations and strengthened auditing procedures.

To read the entire article from the Houston Chronicle, link here:

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Comments (7)add comment
written by Ken Dickson , June 23, 2011

What a bunch of idiots! We need domestic oil production & the administration knows it!! This is another step in destroying this country!!...Reading sbout this unnecessary agency & another dictator, reflects what Obama is all about! We can stop using foreign oil if allowed to produce in the Gulf, off the East Coast, open the wells already off California, drill ANWAR, drill the BAAKIN, Rocky Mountins, South Texas , etc, employ a lot of people, lower the balance of payments deficit, etc, but with $4 gas, we need more regulation from an academic?...give me a break! This crowd needs to be unemployed OFF THE GOVERNMENT RETIREMENT LIST! They have no idea what made this country great!! All they want to do is change our way of life!!

written by Dr. Little , June 23, 2011

This ignorant clown, BAHAMA, and the equally ignorant fools he appoints here, there, and yonder, are weakening and destroying our country's economic infrastructure.

written by Clyde Hicks , June 23, 2011

Ken, you are right, but have you seen the equally and related idiocy of using 30 million barrells of our US strategic [and defense] petroleum reserve : this is in the press today, and FEARLESS LEADER Obama is out in front on it, claiming it will drive down prices. The CHICOM must be absolutely consumed with ecstasy at the really BIG payoff their comparatively small investment in promoting Obama [and corrupting US politics] has been paying for them.

written by furrpiece , June 24, 2011

Barack Obama is a puppet for George Soros. Soros has heavily invested in offshore oil in Brazil, and Obama gave them billions of our tax dollars. He is also about wiping out much of our own offshore oil industry.

We won't know what is commission is until he's out of the White House. But, he reported being worth $12 billion dollars this year. Much of that is, no doubt, "lucky investments" of undetermined nature.

One of the cornerstones of any financial recovery in this country is cheap energy. Yet, Obama and his ideological Socialist minions are doing everything they can get away with to raise the cost of energy, and make oil so expensive that average Americans can't afford to drive across the street - much less to work.

As Obama threatens our strategic defense for political purposes, more jobs are being lost, homes are being lost, and for over 12 million people, hope is fading of surviving Obama's depressing recession.

Hurting offshore drilling will only make Americans more miserable, and Soros and Obama more money.

Socialists of a feather....

written by furrpiece , June 24, 2011

(Make Obama's reported worth $12 MILLION dollars.)

written by furrpiece , June 24, 2011

Everyone knows Obama is a puppet for George Soros. That's no longer even news. But, here is a perfect example of how Obama and Soros make money on Obama's strange - and often seemingly contradictive policies.

Obama and Soros know Obama will release about two-days worth of oil into the marketplace, causing gas prices to drop like a rock - at least for a few days. They buy short on oil, betting the prices will go down. The prices go down, they make tons of money.

But, they also know prices will go back up as Obama announces more and more policies to restrict domestic drilling and production, making us even more dependent on foreign oil - which is great for Soros who makes money in this way, and who is an oil speculator wanting to sell HIS oil to the United States.

Obama and Soros wait for a day or so while oil prices are still going down, and they buy long - betting oil prices will go up. Then Obama orders minions like Bromwich to institute further administration policies to restrict oil production, the price goes up and keeps climbing, and Soros and Obamas win again!

written by Paul , June 24, 2011

where did the "Democrats Spread Texas Gov Conspiracy Theories" go?

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